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The Knicks are looking to clear $25M in cap space to go after Jalen Brunson in free agency, per @JakeLFischer.

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Did @Variety’s actors on actors with Adam thee Scott (@mradamscott). So enjoyed it :) watch/read here.

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Dude… if the Knicks wasted the 11th overall pick just to dump Kemba’s expiring contract (so they can potentially overpay Jalen Brunson)… that’s an absolute atrocity We’ll wait for more details b/c this is difficult to believe.

Quinta Brunson, Issa Rae and More Top TV Writers Share Scribe Secrets (I’m thrilled to be representing #BelAir in this one. I’m cheesing hard.) via @variety.

He’s a 10 but just used a first round pick to clear cap space to max Jalen Brunson.

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Quinta Brunson, Issa Rae and More Top TV Writers Share Scribe Secrets.

Dallas’ playoff rotation this year: - Luka - Brunson - Dinwiddie - Finney-Smith - Bullock - Kleber - Powell - Bertans - Green/Ntilikina Next year’s starting rotation: - Luka - Brunson (🤞🏼) - Dinwiddie - Tim Hardaway Jr. - Christian Wood - Finney-Smith - Bullock - Kleber - Powell.


Ne pas toucher à Brunson, Bullock, DFS, Powell, Kleber, Luka bref ne pas casser les piliers de Dallas était trop important vu le run récent. Tu joues gros sur Wood, mais le management des Mavs va se démerder pour renforcer le banc cet été. Wood dans les mains de Doncic : 👏.

Kinda feels like the Mavs are just being used as leverage at this point tbh. The vibes from that Rick Brunson interview a month or so ago weren’t very immaculate if we’re being honest. lol.

Selena Gomez, Quinta Brunson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Amy Schumer, Molly Shannon & Bridget Everett for THR’s Comedy Actress Emmy Roundtable..

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1. Ahora si renuevas a Brunson, quedarían aún 3 puestos libres. 2. Tienes para usar la TE de millones hasta justo la apertura de mercado. 3. Tienes la mid de lujo ( millones) y mínimos en el mercado. 4. Tienes la BAE (4 millones) PERO si la usas te pones en hard cap. +.

This Christian Wood trade (and if they bring back Jalen Brunson) is going to make the Mavericks the trendy NBA Finals pick for next season. This trade is a HUGE win for Dallas..

Also this comparison has been crazy to see man, Booker had urine running down his leg for 2 straight games against Luka and Jalen Brunson..

At least they should have strong enough intel to know Brunson is coming if they operated like this. But it’s Jalen Brunson. Not a star. And they could have just traded for him at a cheaper price last offseason probably. Disastrous process..

#Screenwriting Quinta Brunson, Issa Rae and More Top TV Writers Share Scribe Secrets.

“We love to live in the gray area of the storytelling where there’s no right answer. There’s no wrong answer. The most important thing was being honest” #InsecureHBO and #AbbottElementary creators Issa Rae and Quinta Brunson join @Variety’s top TV writers.

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Contando con la renovación de Brunson, yo diría que lo principal sería otro alero de tipo 3+D, y luego ya un base y un pívot de fondo de armario. Eso sería lo más equilibrado..

This Christian Wood trade (and if they bring back Jalen Brunson) is going to make the Mavericks the trendy NBA Finals pick for next season. This trade is a HUGE win for.

Josh Bowe
Josh Bowe

@dalton_trigg how is brunson at the max going to be an albatross contract, health permitting?.

@uhallgrovetop We fr have 5 players on our squad that can score at least 20+ points on any given night Luka Brunson Wood Spencer Timmy Whew🔥.

Los Mavs sufren en los minutos sin Doncic. Les cuesta generar y son tramos en los que la defensa marca el devenir. Con Wood paliarán esto. Tanto él como Brunson tendrán protagonismo rodeados de tiradores..

The Knicks org has to be aware that their fanbase will be beyond furious if NY walks away from this draft with only a little extra cap space to show for it - esp when the best case scenario (?!?) is using that cap space to pay Brunson $100+ million over four years… Unbelievable.

@Official414 Should have gone after Ayton - that move doesn’t do anything for falls@and means they’re prolly spending money on Brunson which is a big mistake.

Este es un buen cambio para los @dallasmavs y cubre una necesidad que tenían, como era cubrir la pintura y recuperar rebotes como es el caso de Woods. Ahora la prioridad es firmar y mantener a Jalen Brunson en el equipo..

@Justin_Joseph17 If Dallas gets a quality forward in the open market and retain Brunson they’re going to be a problem next season.

Donnie drafted Luka and Brunson. I like Nico though, has the balls to make moves and so far everything worked..

As long as Quinta Brunson keeps putting her whole foot into Abbott Elementary, she could be married to a muppet (like Animal not even Kermit) and I wouldn’t care..

@BaljeetBallin Jalen Brunson and Fred VanVleet. I need savvy, mentally tough, and small enough to hide well….

@soxsouthwest @NateDuncanNBA Sexton is not better than Brunson…Brunson was far better than THJ in the playoffs. He wasn’t the legit number 2 we need but he can be a number 3 on a title team and you would lose him for nothing. It’s a waste of an asset.

Q&A: ‘Abbott Elementary’ Creator Quinta Brunson On Relating To Teachers & The Rejuvenation Of Network Comedy.

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