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Not long after this was tweeted, police responded to the scene of a shooting at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, where they found several victims, according to the Bryan Police Department.

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Jeffrey Levin
Jeffrey Levin ()

Texas warehouse shooting: One killed, seven injured, including trooper chasing the suspect

Rinkytone ()

Cant even wait 2 hours after Biden propose minor gun control changes for another mass shooting. Texas DPS: Trooper in surgery; one killed and five injured after Bryan business shooting

Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin ()

Not long after this was tweeted, police responded to the scene of a shooting at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, where they found several victims, according to the Bryan Police Department.

ABC News
ABC News ()

DEVELOPING: There are several victims from a shooting at an office in Bryan, Texas, just outside of College Station, officials say.

CNN Breaking News
CNN Breaking News ()

Several people are injured in a shooting in Bryan, Texas, police say. The suspect is still at large.

Barbara Pinzon
Barbara Pinzon ()

@Bryan_SKabeche @PPTeamKaren Bryan para cuando colaboración con los polinesios plis la necesitamos

Joe Greenwood-Hau
Joe Greenwood-Hau ()

This, from Bryan Schonfeld and @SamWinterLevy, is superb, both: - As an intervention on unequal social and political outcomes relating to race, and - As a succinct, accessible primer on issues of causality in social research. Well worth a read:

War Lord
War Lord ()

But it can’t be a drivers license because they give them to illegals.

Jorge Calderón
Jorge Calderón ()

No me gustó cómo jugamos, pero no podemos olvidar que: Jugaron el Martes. Los que hacen jugar al equipo siempre (Alex y Bryan) venían llegando de un viaje largo. Sumemos los demás de la selección. Vienen partidos pesados y hay q saberla llevar, el colchón de puntos sirve.

Aa ()

Bryan’s family set aside a fish for me bc I couldn’t make it to their get together. They love me 🥺❤️

Dr. Tepachito🍍 😼🌮
Dr. Tepachito🍍 😼🌮 ()

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) »La iguana radiactiva se agarra a madrazos contra el sopa de macaco. •Tuvo muchos guiños a las películas antiguas, pero fuera de las batallas entretenidas la historia de los humanos sí estuvo muy meh Pd: Godzilla KOTM fue infinitamente superior✨

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Stepy ()

Ke’Bryan Hayes wins NL rookie of the year. Wander Franco wins AL rookie of the year.

Sufficient Owls🦉🎙
Sufficient Owls🦉🎙 ()

@DonovanGentry Actually between Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, Brian Tyree Henry and John C Riley’s characters, that is a hard and fast rule

Br!tney ()

angel : alright where do you want me to drop you off? me: bryan’s house angel: damn you better restock on those birth control pills 😭

𝗟𝘂𝗸𝗲¹¹ ()

@DIONEVANTE claro meu bem, ashylln ella/hellen, madeline, lizzie ou briar menina. bryan, luke, lysandre, ryan menino.

ªElena~SKabecha~ #SKuad #SK ✨❤️💙
ªElena~SKabecha~ #SKuad #SK ✨❤️💙 ()

No quiero ver pelones y tatuados a @Bryan_SKabeche y @Eddy_SKabeche 😣😣😣😂😂👁👄👁

DB ()

@Jellybean_Bryan Please I peeped her game out when you first said sumn bout it. Great all around player and an even better leader

SportsTalk 790
SportsTalk 790 ()

After giving up a base hit to Lowrie, that’ll do it for Javier as he leaves in the 4th with 2 on & 2 out. Bryan Abreu coming on #ForTheH

spy panda king
Spy panda king ()

@ProsciuttoJr @RtyfyhM Volk is more interesting than he gets credit for but yeah, Bryan kind of just repeats cliches about life like hes in Fast and furious and smoulders

Bryan Conrad
Bryan Conrad ()

@mikefreemanNFL read your article and I agree with the position relative to the responses completely. After reading the Times breakdown of the bill I have a sincere question, what are you seeing from these changes that specifically target race? Please to help me see what u do.

𝕷𝖊𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

Pcr vou fzr 20 anos mas td vez quando alguém pergunta eu acho q tenho 17 porra é essa

Deia ()

top 5 melhores vídeos do meu celular 5º- André bebado cantando queen 4º- Gustavo puxando o louvor 3º- Laura virando shot enquanto a Rafa olha julgando 2º- Isabella me levando de cavalinho no corredor 1º- Bryan dando um soco na Bruna

Ohio Covid Vaccine Bot for CVS locations
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✠ ()

terminei de estender a roupa agora, e vim ainda tive q ouvir palhaçada do bryan estendeu igual a cara dela kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ganhou logo o dele e foi dormir pra parar de ser abusado

Slasher Whore 🔪💋
Slasher Whore 🔪💋 ()

Impericon did a top 3 video with Bryan Garris where they asked him his top party music. He said it was just Da Baby and then said he doesn’t really go to parties and it lives rent free in my head and idk why

@Hits_Music ()

Top Hits music. Now Price Of Love - Bryan Ferry on

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@GOATedASSASSIN @iconicbeast3 Sounds like your more of a hater then a wwe fan. Any time there’s something on my tv screen with Roman edge and Bryan I get super excited and wwe is doing great booking it. Again, if you don’t like this storyline you should just stop watching as it’s the best since Roman vs jey

KCB ()

Also shout-out to the stream squad that got us back to 8400 subs. They knew how to handle the power of Reinhardt.

CelticsHoops ()

I don’t think this is an exaggeration when I say, Scott Perry should go to jail for how he has buried Frank Bryan Ntilikina

Marijuana Records
Marijuana Records ()

Daniel Bryan made me a fan again tonight thanks Daniel @WWEDanielBryan Yes yes yes yes!

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