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Bryce Harper this season: .291/.350/.598 8 HRs 24 RBIs 159 wRC+ All with a partially torn UCL. Just different.

Bryce Harper with another 3 run 💣 at Dodger Stadium In 3 games so far in LA 3 HRs 8 extra base hits 🔥🔥 8 RBIs.

Tim Kelly
Tim Kelly

Bryce Harper so far in May: .325/.349/.725 with four home runs and eight RBIs in 40 at-bats. A few weeks ago, Joe Girardi said Thank God for the DH..

In Dodger Stadium’s 60-year history, five visiting players have 5+ XBH in a two-game span: 1) Kole Calhoun - 6 (2019) T2) Bryce Harper - 5 (2022) Martinez - 5 (2017) Aaron Rowand - 5 (2007) Pete Rose - 5 (1970).

LIVE look at the HR leaderboard: Aaron Judge: 12 Yordan Alvarez: 11 Giancarlo Stanton: 10 Byron Buxton: 10 Mike Trout: 9 Cron: 9 Anthony Rizzo: 9 Willy Adames: 9* Hunter Renfroe: 9* Bryce Harper: 9* * = HR today.

Phillies score. Nick Castellanos doubles (9) on a ground ball to left fielder Chris Taylor. Roman Quinn scores. Bryce Harper scores. Phillies: 11 Dodgers: 9 Top of the 10th | 1 out #PHIvsLAD.

Bryce Harper has accomplished something no road player ever has at Dodger Stadium: collect multiple extra-base hits and hit a homer in 3 consecutive games (h/t @jaysonst) Only Dodger player ever to do it at Dodger Stadium was Adrián González (4 in a row):.

After tonight, the Phillies have scored 29 runs in three games at Dodger Stadium. Their previous team record for most runs scored at Dodger Stadium over a three-game span was 26, set in 1976, when Gerald Ford was president and gas cost 59 cents a gallon:.

Bryce Harper, Phillies overwhelm Julio Urías in third straight win over the Dodgers.

Bryce Harper now has 91 home runs in a #Phillies uniform. More than half (56) have been solo HRs..

Phillies score. Nick Castellanos doubles (9) on a ground ball to left fielder Chris Taylor. Roman Quinn scores. Bryce Harper scores. Phillies: 12 Dodgers: 9 Top of the 10th | 1 out #PHIvsLAD.

The Vegas connection of Bryce Harper and Bryson Stott has gone 5 for 7 (3 walks) with four runs scored and five RBI. #Phillies #RingTheBell.

#Dodgers Slide Continues as Bryce Harper, #Phillies Bash LA 8-3.

¡NO le lancen a Bryce Harper! ❌ El bateador designado de los Phillies está haciendo vivir una pesadilla a los fanáticos de los Dodgers en LA 👀 Cuadrangular por tercer día consecutivo 🔥 #RingTheBell #AlwaysLA.

Phillies continue onslaught of Dodgers with four homers in 8-3 win at Dodger Stadium.

Bryce Harper has been on one this weekend at Dodger Stadium, setting a stadium mark for a visiting player. The problem for the Dodgers is he was far from the only hot bat in the Phillies’ lineup..

Nick Castellanos chopped a ball down the left-field line. Roman Quinn and Bryce Harper scored. 11-9 Phillies T10.

Phillies with two wins in a row over the dodgers! Bats came alive Friday night in Hollywood! Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber going deep & Franklin Morales gets his first major league save!#RingTheBell⚾️.

Bryce Harper at Dodger Stadium this weekend #AlwaysLA #RingTheBell.

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Updated: me watching player interviews about how great Bryce Harper is after getting our asses kicked..

Bryce Harper Photo,Bryce Harper Photo by Dary.PurchasesCards,Dary.PurchasesCards on twitter tweets Bryce Harper Photo

Bryce Harper hauling ass around the bases is one of my favorite things in Philly sports. It’s like…the only good thing right now actually..

¡NICK! Responde Castellanos con doble a la raya de 3B, y remolca a Roman Quinn y Bryce Harper, quien había salido a robar la base. 11-9..

Nick Castellanos doubles down the left-field line and the Phillies cash in their auto runner, as well as Bryce Harper, who was walked intentionally. 11-9, top of the 10th..

Bryce Harper is RAKING Last 9 games: 17/36 for a .472 batting average 5 HRs (9 on season Tied 1st in NL) 7 Doubles 12 RBIs His 24 extra base hits on the season leads all of the majors Harper to win NL MVP @BetRivers right now is 18/1.

@DontZuccMe Groundnout advanced the auto runner to 3B. IBB to Bryce Harper. Castellanos double scored both. Castellanos steals 3B and a wild throw brings him in..

So you intentionally walk Bryce harper just to give up a double to score him anyway? Should have just let him take the fucking at bat..

@DWayne_Reloaded I know enough that I wouldn’t pitch to Bryce Harper but hey I haven’t watched nearly as thoroughly as you have over the years 😂😂😂😂.

Bryce Harper: Alao had 3 XBH and 2 walks on Sep 16 of last year against the Cubs. Only other Phillies batter in modern era to do it twice is Willie Jones 1952-53..

Bryce Harper: First Phillies batter with a homer and 2 doubles at Dodger Stadium since Carlos Ruiz, Apr 21 2012 (W 7-0)..

@YancenPujols Bryce aron max harper hijo de ron sherylin siempre fue mi favorito de todos los que subieron en su mismo año, me gusta este pelotero que ha tenido que callar muchas bocas.

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