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Freedom is being able to go to school, church, the grocery store and not having to worry if you are going to be shot when you do. We need real action, not just BS. I voted for gun sense and safety bills in Congress, and I’ll do it in the Senate because this terror needs to end..

I think it’s the Disney impact. No one wants to watch woke BS..

Half face reveal cz m happy Jaldi se kar sewa ka mauka mile bs hame bhi har har mahadev 💗.

BS&T Photo,BS&T Photo by Sourav 9.0,Sourav 9.0 on twitter tweets BS&T Photo

Claro que ver películas de Disney un domingo en la madrugada mientras hago mi tarea y puteo a las armadas stans de BS&T por Twitter es un gran plan..

@lakgenai I figured! F*d it up for herself tho 🤷🏽‍♀️ those that know better not using that bs now.

@umobile @pierrehong93 stop saying this omg dm this dm that, bs. lepas dah dm takreti nak baca pula tu? worst cs ever.

i’m really tired of this whole “mbappe will not make any announcements” and “he will wait till the last day” bs so i’m going to make a thread on how modric forced his transfer to madrid, as spurs are also notoriously known for not letting their players leave.

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@quizandbaseball あげないっ!!!!!! BSのアンテナ線あげる(((()))).

@BungCalo Tahun lalu sy pernah cerita ke netizen indon bahw praktek tanam uterus itu dah lama, netizen indon itu aneh, jelas2 laki mrk bs bingung waria apa bukan, bahkan yg waria pun, mrk tanya ini co/ce, sy tdk tahu knp mrk bgt?.

@Jaeh_Back ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ진짜 포우엿군요... 즐겁다 괴롭다처럼 시무룩한포우도 스샷해서 번갈아쓰셔두 겹겟내요 🤧🤧.

明日16(月)BS(有料)吹替版放送予定 スターチャンネル 深夜4:50~ 『リオ・ロボ [フジテレビ「ゴールデン洋画劇場」版]』 声の出演:小林昭二、仲村秀生、北浜晴子、相模武、池田秀一 ジョン・ウェイン主演の痛快西部劇!1980年に放送されたTV吹替版!.

I come on here to occasionally post my tributes and to advertise my OF to let subs know I’m active. I don’t come here to engage with mediocre repetitive BS. Yawn fest..

Bellara complete ignorant. She has no evidence that that Right or wealthy are attempting against Boric, Fernandez. BS. Líder de Podemos vincula secuestro de escolta de Boric y asalto a Fernández a las transformaciones que impulsa el Gobierno via @emol.

@LindsideOut @dragonfly666797 That’s literally delivery. I can’t even grasp the thinking around this. It’s such BS..

idolleriniz her fırsatta insan sevgisinden bahsediyor ama sana ve favlayan 2 kişiye pek yansıtamamışlar sanırım 😔 bunun bile bs olduğundan habersiz olacak kadar küçüksün ya da bile bile yazıyorsunuz bunları 🤣🤣.

Cómo es que BS&T le va ganando a LOUDER THAN BOMBS? VAMOS L-ARMY @bts_bighit #MyBTSTracks.

kkn better be scary if not i’m calling bs to all the people who got possessed in the cinema….

@BahnKao @MA_unactC なんか自分高所恐怖症なんで途中で具合悪くなったら迷惑かけるんで見ときます!.

@PBNBOYS @tweety_tweets30 Chlo meri mummy nu dance da shaunk ni a bs eh ds riha si😁.


@odarodletnilc I am fed up with this “just get a better job” BS. 1) that takes time. 2) if you’re disabled then even getting an entry-level job is difficult. 3) someone still needs to do that job..

The only religious structure where you can find irrefutable proof even without such BS survey is in Ayodhya. If you dig under Ram Mandir you WILL find remnants of Babri Masjid..

@democrazymedia Standar bs berubah warna tiap hinggap dipohon yg dgn munafikun.

Sbnrnya kerudung BS ini bahannya oke tp ya biasa Beberapa alternatif kerudung lembut ok tanpa disetrika dgn harga lbh murce (jic ada yg nanya, ini listnya kerudung dgn BOX🙂) 1. Hijabenka: 250an 2. Jenna&Kaia: 350an 3. Heavenlight: 200an Segt dlu review sy.

@jeondeem aynen inşallah. bs&t oylayan salaklar uzaylı herhalde. fandomca ltb istiyoruz oysa.

@nvwhoami haii ini ya dia open batch sebulan sekali, bs lebih jg sih. hari ini lg open batch 6.

Seguro los que votan por BS&T son aquellos armys que no tienen twitter. No saben lo que se pierden😢.

not army peleando porque BS&T tiene más votos en ves de Louder than bombs.

BS&T Photo,BS&T Photo by regina ( ᴘʀᴏᴏꜰ )🌹,regina ( ᴘʀᴏᴏꜰ )🌹 on twitter tweets BS&T Photo

Instagram armys are voting for BS&T instead of Louder Than Bombs i fkin hate yall.

@travislfields @KaivanShroff With the massive amounts of projection you seem to have through your assumtions about me because i shot down your BS feelings about elon, I assume you must be receiving mental healthcare..

So in the end, all i could say is progress dan result org lain jgn d jadiin patokan garis keras, tp referensi. Karena pasti beda. Bs lebih cepet bs lebih lama. Coach Re said: yg sama2 anak kos aja pola hidup ny pasti beda kok.

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