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oh so elon can spend $44 billion on twitter but he couldn’t have forked over like 200 bucks to save the jeremy renner app? unreal, dude.

If the Celtics don’t win this game tonight against the Bucks, the Bucks will sweep them..

Greek Freak and the Bucks handle Chicago in the first round ⚡️.

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Giannis and Jrue lead the Bucks to a HUGE road win in Game 1 🦌.

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TODAY ☘️ Round 2 Game 3 📍@Bucks ⏰ 3:30PM 📺 ABC 🎙 @985TheSportsHub #CelticPride.

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The @Bucks advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals! #FearTheDeer #NBAPlayoffs presented by Google Pixel.

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Giannis is 1 of 6 players to have multiple 20/12/12 playoff games. 🎰 @paysbig.

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After 4 years and a billionaire’s bucks, Ben Roberts-Smith’s last 10 days in court: His 1st witness is arrested, admits he’s war crime suspect; his 2nd witness admits he’s also a suspect, his vital alibi evidence is false and he wore KKK outfit; witness 3 concedes false alibi..

Advantage — Bucks? 🤔 @talkhoops on Milwaukee taking the series opener on the road:.

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The pundits and models ignored the fact that Lopez missed most of the season and that the Bucks are a different player with him..

@nathanmarzion 4, Celtics defense is really good, but big takeaway is the bucks outscored the Celtics in the second half. First half was a major outlier shooting performance by the Celtics. Entire game as a whole was an outlier shooting performance for the bucks. 3 made 3’s???.

Well, not a good game by Bucks. Lots to clean up, but no reason to panic. Shooting performance by both teams on extreme sides of the spectrum. Bucks got the split and are coming home in a good position. I still feel good about the series. We’ll get em on Saturday..

Los Milwaukee Bucks ya están en Semifinales de la Conferencia Este tras imponerse a los Chicago Bulls por un total de 4-1 #FearTheDeer.

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@Murtuzagives Oh I’m becuz I never get gifted sadly only gifted my friends and stuff 6k v bucks worth of gifts and I only bought an icon emote for myself 😔 it’s fine if u don’t gift but thanks for the chance.

Giannis hits 33 points as Milwaukee Bucks eliminate Bulls to set up Celtics clash #CitiSports.

Bucks have 8 guys you can confidently play in a playoff game even with Khris out. Only went 7 deep against the Nets last season.

“We all expect to play better.” @jaytatum0 shares his mindset following a game 1 loss to the Bucks..


@FearBigDeuce Bucks fans are such softies when it comes to Giannis, you can’t touch their beloved Greek..

To spend the kind of money Elon Musk has you would have to spend 100 dollars every second of every day no sleep, just 100 bucks every second, not a minute, 100 bucks a second for 80 years! every hour you would have to spend 360,000 you would have to buy a nice house every hour!.

Buena victoria de los #celtics. Hicieron un trabajo perfecto en la primera parte, moviendo el balón y encontrando lanzamientos abiertos. Malas decisiones en el segundo tiempo pusieron a los Bucks en juego. Tatum y Brown tendrían que tener prohibido poner el balón en el suelo..

Honestly I’m not even watching the Bulls game. Does anyone even care (excluding Bulls and Bucks fans)? 🥱.

@TacoCatXXX FTR and Briscoes because we know Briscoes winning those Impact titles. I want MCMG Vs Young Bucks. Story is right there already (Jay White mini feud with MC).

@gemgen29 Bucks vs the warriors should be a nice 4-2 series for the warriors in all this.

I keep forgetting Middleton is out so I gotta change my pick to Bucks>Celtics in 7..

Bucks winning game 1. Everyone thinks they have the bucks figured out and that they always lose G1. There is no figuring out the bucks.

@TheNBACentral worst record by a playoff team post allstar break resulted in their seed dropping and playing bucks first round.

VÍDEO | 🔥🏀 Antetokounmpo elimina a los Bulls y los Bucks se medirán a los Celtics en segunda ronda #NBA75.


Pues tenemos dos nuevos equipos en semis de conferencia!!! Los Warriors y los Bucks, yo creo que junto a Boston los equipos más en forma de esta Postemporada.

@RocksMagik I fail to understand why these failed celebrities jump into our internal matters without knowing the facts . . Just to earn some cheap bucks . . No moral$ whatsoever . ..

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