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When you hear rumours that a stray buffalo might be planning to invade your 🦬 😂

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Ross Martin
Ross Martin ()

@SKitchen29 4 bones and burnt ends, potato salad and chili. Add 3 wings, Buffalo sauce Breakfast? Smoked chicken burrito, no potatoes

Garrett Popcorn
Garrett Popcorn ()

Buffalo Ranch is back! 🙌 Enjoy with these special offers. SHOP: $25 Classic Tin & Medium Bag through 4/4. In-Shop or online for pickup.* WEB: Save 15% on any purchase of Buffalo Ranch. Available through 3/31.* #GarrettPopcorn

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Jason Hagholm
Jason Hagholm ()

@ELaw32 @REALRICO_BF Barrett would be great. Clowney has some miles left on him. Buffalo also needs a run game

Just Buffalo Literary Center
Just Buffalo Literary Center ()

Applications now open for the 2021 JBLC Poetry Fellowship: a month-long residency in Buffalo, NY; $1,500 honorarium; reading at a JB event. Learn more:

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@CoStar_Cards @scardacademy grrr what, and of course i was just about to submit a shit ton of 1990 marvel

Steve Rush 💙
Steve Rush 💙 ()

Penderyn Madeira: The original Penderyn ‘house style’, initially matured in ex-bourbon barrels (Buffalo Trace) and finished in ex-Madeira wine casks. @PenderynWhisky #PenderynWhisky

J.J. Lahey 🧀 Packers News 📰
J.J. Lahey 🧀 Packers News 📰 ()

@LukeSampe I wonder what Cleveland and Buffalo offered him. The tea leaves would indicate Arizona offered the most money out of all teams he felt had a shot at a playoff run.

Mike B 🥍
Mike B 🥍 ()

@KDW7906 Yessir! I too am relieved he didn’t go to for other reasons. 😂

Ben Morrissey
Ben Morrissey ()

Wow. Surprised by this. Thought he would’ve gone to Buffalo or Cleveland, who are much closer to a Super Bowl.

Scotty Flemdawg
Scotty Flemdawg ()

“Why did JJ Watt choose the Cardinals over Green Bay, Buffalo, Chicago or Pittsburgh?”

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Christopher Sloane
Christopher Sloane ()

@Schnickl3 @DisplacedSabres As long as it stays in Buffalo! But whose pockets are deep enough?

ZeusMM ()

@RapporteurUn The words from UN and international community are like playing a harp to a buffalo for the Junta. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #HearTheVoiceOfMyanmar

Mingtober 29th♏️ 💕
Mingtober 29th♏️ 💕 ()

This why I’m fat af now. That Buffalo chicken salad use to buss

2huskies ()

@TheRealHoarse Have you ever seen them up close, Hoarse? We got caught in a buffalo jam twice on the same day. Surrounded by them. We could have reached out and touched them. I think all 1,400 of them passed in front & back of our truck. Twice! They. Are. Massive! Incredible experience.

Liam Canadian
Liam Canadian ()

Yeah but (checks Buffalo hockey bloggers’ spreadsheet) he isn’t good or something

Jeanne Arete☮️☯️
Jeanne Arete☮️☯️ ()

@MayoIsSpicyy Where the Buffalo Roam as Hunter S. Thompson on the Nixon campaign trail and more. Peter Boyle played Lazlo. LMFAO every time I watch my VHS tape 🤣🤣🤣


@mckennaconor 100% easy deal if Buffalo ask for only those 2. #1 Legit centre is hard to come by and you Kinda need one if you wanna be relevant and really go deep in the playoffs.


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Coo coo ca choo
Coo coo ca choo ()

and then this guy says to the Manager the grocery store said stock your own change and you been out of buffalo sauce for 2 weeks

Puck Princess 🧡🇨🇦💙
Puck Princess 🧡🇨🇦💙 ()

Like ... did Ralph Krueger go off the deep end or what exactly has happened? Buffalo wasn’t the league’s best team to begin with but even they have (or had) some talent. The fuck is he doing to this team?

Rick Aaron
Rick Aaron ()

There’s a town named Buffalo, Minnesota and all I can think is “Those people must HATE the Super Bowl”.

Nelly ()

one of my youth students told me he ate his pancakes with buffalo sauce because there wasn’t any syrup and I think about that a lot

Yophy Maradath Pangaribuan
Yophy Maradath Pangaribuan ()

Your politicals movements, I heard, we will stand our grounds. I try build back better our nation. Berapa banyak kita bisa dirikan lagi : Farming Cow. Buffalo. Bull. Horse. SumUt & Atjeh. Seeds of Nestle Ind🇮🇩(+🇨🇭) (affordable ™ milk). you need to update this 😉 benching 2nd

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Yareli⭐️ ()

@classicpanic @PlXLIE buffalo sauce too, don’t hate on it if u haven’t tried it 👎👎👎👎

noe 🗿
Noe 🗿 ()

@yareli12201 @PlXLIE I would rather dip them in barbecue or even straight Buffalo at this point

3trivia ()

Crime City Trivia: Buffalo, #NewYork has one of the highest crime rates in the United States

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Warren Sharp
Warren Sharp ()

Josh Allen dominated in 2020 🔥🔥 he smashed Bills records for yards & TDs looking back at his biggest throws of the year, one thing is very obvious: Buffalo did most of their damage by being AGGRESSIVE ON EARLY DOWNS 👀 look how many of these throws were on 1st or 2nd down

Dali Mpofu
Dali Mpofu ()

“Mayor(Mashaba) naively felt if he threw a few scraps at the crocodile(EFF) it would be over time the crocodile became hungrier”—Steenhuisen on dream CR coalition Feels so great when a lizard🦎 marrying a wounded buffalo🐃 calls you a CROCODILE🐊!!✊🏾✊🏾@Julius_S_Malema

Philadelphia Flyers
Philadelphia Flyers ()

🔶 FLYERS WIN 🔶 A 3-0 blanking in Buffalo. #AnytimeAnywhere | #PHIvsBUF

Buffalo Photo,Buffalo Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Dali Mpofu
Dali Mpofu ()

When you hear rumours that a stray buffalo might be planning to invade your 🦬 😂

Buffalo Photo,Buffalo Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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