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Rob Perez
Rob Perez

Been a long long time since the Bad Boys/MJ rivalry, alas, here is world-renowned Detroit Pistons PA Announcer John Mason doing the famous Chicago Bulls intro because the game is at a neutral site in France. Thought id never see the day, but handled like the true pro he is..

TROUBLE IN PARIS? Dalen Terry INTERRUPTS Zach LaVine’s media scrum. DeMar steps in during practice 😂.

A legendary collaboration. Off-White™ c/o Chicago Bulls x Just Don.

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A moment of near-perfect equilibrium. An exquisite standoff between Bulls and Bears. And one way or another, the matter will be resolved in the coming 13 trading sessions (as all will know). $SPX.

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48 vs. Rockets 48 vs. Hawks 47 vs. Pacers 46 vs. Cavs 46 vs. Suns 46 vs. Mavs 46 vs. Lakers 45 vs. Timberwolves 44 vs. Blazers 44 vs. 76ers 44 vs. Blazers 44 vs. Hornets/Pelicans 44 vs. Spurs 43 vs. Celtics 43 vs. Nuggets 42 vs. Nets 41 vs. Bulls 41 (& cont) vs. Clippers (2/2).

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Chicago Bulls 1996 NBA Finals Post game celebrations and Interview June 16, 1996 📍United Center, Chicago, Illinois #NBA    #BullsNation.

All the bulls troll the bears in BMRs yet they forget they got completely ironed out since November 2021. Market down: “in cash bro” Market up: “bought the lows bro”.

Perma Bulls and Preachers of pumps. Brace yourselves until we solidly breakout above 21,400 and close multiple candles..

For Bulls with FOMO, the next trade I am keeping an eye on will be $BTC 15 min oversold scouting a 4H higher low, watching EMA12 support. Currently a 4H stair step. For bulls looking at alts I would be watching to try and align timing of the entry for when this happens..

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Dear Bulls, If u get over excited and raise the premium of next month NF, see what happens Last 2 months, it started with 100-150 and ended badly.

🌸 specifics: 222. 333. 666. 1998. hawaii. old comedy movies. popcorn. writing at a cafe. dealing with a mutable rising. summer 2021 is relevant. a new backpack. blonde hair. chicago bulls. sunflowers. borrowing their hoodie. pisces. initials V. C. N. L. K or G. silk pillows..

Bulls are happy right now: - 200ema on daily below price action - 21ema on 4h below price action $BTC.

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Superstar Who Always Hits The Bulls Eye In Terms Of Audience Pulse Had Missed It Big Time With Selection For 2 Consecutive Films !! If You Ask Us, Padayappa/Muthu/Chandramukhi/Annamalai With Superstar Would Work Even in 2050 !!.

I just want to be turned into a bulls personal paypig by a findom so badly Findom paypig cuckold alpha worship.

$PHB sending it. LFG bulls 🚀 First target at $ achieved $ocean $fet $apt $ctxc $orai.

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TEAM NEWS 📋 | Jarvis starts as the Bulls look to bounce back at Buxton. Sponsored by Wasp Management Herefordshire 👉 #COYW | #BUXvHFC.

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Bulls insider @KCJHoop had a surprise encounter with a former Bull in Paris Bulls Talk Podcast🐂 🎶: 💻:.

On cold days like this in Yorkshire sometimes bulls freeze solid and have to be carried into the barn at night.

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@Ralvero Definitely $BTCI BULLS ARE HERE #BTC rewards Portal: @Bitcoin_Inu.

📈 $BA flag break down with inside day. MACD curling back red with bulls losing momentum and RSI well off the highs. Losing 204 BA can retest and 190. PT: 190. SL: 209.

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So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance? Top-5 in Merch Sales, Jordan Card, and Other Bulls Bullets.

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Fucked two of My bulls yesterday while I taunted a fresh little rich bitch boy in chastity Made him record the whole thing and pay bigg billss to suck all their cum out. I love My kinky LA life.

📈 $TGT A nice looking cup and handle formation on the daily with the stock showing relative strength in a weak sector. MACD and RSI both still favoring the bulls with some room to move. This becomes an interesting setup with the break of 163 can produce 168. PT: 168. SL:.

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Karnataka TV Opinion Poll gives 29/50 seats to BJP in Kittur Karnataka & 15/25 seats in Madhya Karnataka. I believe these numbers can improve with time. @sreeramjvc Bulls Eye #JVC_On_Karnataka.

@Thy_WillBeDone @WorldWideWob nah man, as an unbiased bulls fan, that was fair. just a nice play..

700 pts hourly candle in Bank Nifty. Last 70-80 hours bulls cleaned in 1 hour. 100 Sunar ki, 1 Lohar ki.

The BYAC gang will be coming to hang! @BullsApesProj Come Join Us To Learn More About The Blue Chip Project Of 2023. Bulls & Apes Project LET’S GO!.

BULLS WIN | #weoverme Dennis Nailer, senior, scored 15 points and had 4 assists in the win while Tyshaun Oliver added 13 points. Kam Pointer scored 12 points and 4 assists, and Aaron Watson and Kesean Tenard scored 10 and 9 points, respectively..

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Armstrong, Luol Deng, e Thabo Sefolosha são outros ex-jogadores do Bulls presentes..

Coby White tem 8 dos 10 pontos do Bulls no 4º quarto. Aparecendo quando mais precisa. 103-90.

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