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I think the Cavs are trading the 5 to Atlanta -- but I think that is dependent on Cam Reddish being available to them with one of the Hawks picks..

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@Ahmedmattoo1 that plus a 20 year old wing. Assuming DeAndre Hunter and Cam Reddish are gone at 10, take your pick of PJ Washington, Sekou Doumbouya, Rui Hachimura, Nassir Little, etc..

@Geespn I’d take either now that you mention it. But you not feelin Cam reddish ?.

@donfrom96 They better off just using the 1st and 4th pick since they can pretty much get Zion and Cam Reddish.

@Suns Are you doing this for all possible players or is the the first installment. I am not on board for Cam reddish.

I’m waiting on four things: 1. Kyrie & J. Randle to sign w/the Nets 2. LaVar to say Lonzo+Zion>Kobe+Shaq 3. Pacers to do somethingggggg 4. Cam Reddish to surprise people!.

Yo lakers tuff but I like that pelicans core to. I think they should keep that 4 pick and get bol bol. Or maybe Cam Reddish since they need shooting.

J’ai trop hâte d’être à la Draft pour voir ce que mes Hawks vont faire. 2 picks de draft dans le Top 10, 3 dans le Top 20. L’un des 3 sera sûrement échangé contre un joueur à potentiel ; Cam Reddish serait le joueur parfait pour notre système. Bel équilibre avec Trae et Collins🙏🏾.

Only questionable thing is that #4 pick, I wanted Cam Reddish and Bron to link up 😢.

Imagine if pelicans trade back to get Atlanta’s 8th and 10th then draft cam reddish and bol bol to bring some shooting.

If I’m the Pels I’m trading down with the Suns or Bulls and drafting Jax Hayes or Cam Reddish. Might even be tempted by Sekou Doumbouya as a long term prospect.

Pelicans about to have a straight Duke team lol. Zion, Ingram, Okafor, Cam Reddish, Frank Jackson.

If they don’t draft Cam Reddish they’re ridiculously stupid.

Trade Hassan Whiteside and justice Winslow Miami for the number 4 pick and get Cam Reddish and I’ll be good !!!!.

@Noel___Coach Ahah noooo, dude I hopeee. They owe me a blue devil since we can’t get Cam Reddish anymore aha.

@itsmyshow_ Bro they gotta go get Cam Reddish to go with Trae. Trade them two picks.

@brucegamefreak @UpToTASK Cam reddish was terrible for duke but I think he has a huge upside.

@_1FamST feel like we should make it way farther but we beating ourself every time. And we might get Cam Reddish.

@Fish_TBW Cam Reddish* (also if you take him 4 he might stay unlike any other pick at 4 imo).

@J_SAND3RS I think they take either cam reddish, Deandre hunter, or Jarrett culver if they keep. I think they could possibly trade down and get bol bol or traded it for a player or two.

@NerdyyBoy23 I’d keep get a big center out of it or cam reddish off the bench with John.

Hate the idea of the Bulls drafting Coby White. Would rather gamble on Cam Reddish.

@that_spencer lonzo shot 33% last year, career high, cam reddish would be a nice addition for them though for sure.

@EthanGSN @demariojackson_ “You didn’t see me busting up cam Reddish last year?”.

Draft Central 2019 | Cam Reddish.

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I think the Cavs are trading the 5 to Atlanta -- but I think that is dependent on Cam Reddish being available to them with one of the Hawks picks..

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