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Is it in the rules you HAVE to call a charge on Cam Reddish? Literally every time?.

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@realcharder30 #1 in the last 15 or 20 years. Anthony Davis is #2. Where r u taking cam reddish in this draft charter?.

@Adamkendama1 @zamez8 ...and if Cam Reddish plays better we win by more than one. ...and if Tre Jones could actually shoot the three ball we win by more than one. ...and if Marquees Bolden would’ve played we win by more than one. Stop.

Duke beat FSU last time they played when Zion left the game with an eye injury and Cam Reddish hit the #GW shot, so this game will be close..

Smh no way cam reddish upside is far greater upside get real.

Tough Duke victory tonight. They were down 14 late in the first half. That rally sparked the team. Duke needs Cam Reddish to step up in the tournament to win it all. Big game against a sick fsu team tomorrow. Lots of good games tomorrow. Gotta love @marchmadness.

and somebody tried to tell me cam reddish was the best player on duke 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️.

Cam Reddish played terrible RJ brought his C still beat a top 5 team on a neutral court.

@Obeyy_Malik_ @KevSoSupreme That’s not the best obviously? Cam Reddish played like trash and RJ just tries to do to much. So the answer is we beat y’all not playing our best ball..

@ATMBigDawgEv Everybody entitled to their opinion but not Anthony Bennet tho bruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂...lmfao!...but Ja def. should go before RJ and Cam Reddish. Them boys ain’t it honestly. Ja should go second..

“We wanted to win this one for Zion and all of Zion missed the first two, and we wanted him to experience this and cone out with a win.” -Cam Reddish #Duke #WXII.

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Me watching Cam Reddish’s stock drop all the way to the Lakers at the bottom of the lottery..

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@mtwinkel @jerrymeyer247 LOL When Cam embarrasses Reddish in the league in four years will you still claim its because of the age difference?.

@Ye_Swell_Bamf Buuut the 3rd best pro for the suns could end up being a really good pro. And that’s with me saying saying RJ isn’t going to score 20 a game, which I think he will. And yes please let cam reddish become a scorer under lebron.

Cam Reddish only had 6 and RJ was UNC humble yaself 😂.. it could’ve got UGLY!.

@BadAssBill9 Can’t lie, I immediately assumed Duke would lose on a foul after missed both but my thing is why is Cam Reddish a lock to leave and be top 5 then? His lack of attention to detail is just crazy at times.

Cam Reddish plays basketball kinda like in the movie Thunderstruck when Kevin Durant got all his powers stolen but kept playing with the same mentality even though he had no physical talent left anymore..

The more I see Cam Reddish play, the more I think he isn’t a top 5 NBA pick. Can’t hit twos, turns it over a ton , and doesn’t do anything off the.

Pleaseeeee take Cam Reddish our the game! He’s a turnover machine. That draft stock of his is plummeting by the second..


Lmao Cam Reddish dribbles off his foot and RJ Barrett pulls up with 25 seconds on the shot imagine how much better Zion would be without such trash ass teammates.

Reddish trying to dribble behind his it off his knee, North Carolina in Johnson corner ’t make this shit up.

Cam Reddish has got to come to terms with his limitations with his handle. Huge turnover..

Cam Reddish trying to make a play off the bounce and dribbles off his own leg. Nice..

Is it in the rules you HAVE to call a charge on Cam Reddish? Literally every time?.

Cam Reddish over Duke’s last 10 games: 30 turnovers and just 17 assists. While shooting 32% from the floor..

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