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André Onana has been removed from Cameroon’s squad. Been told that the reason is a discussion with head coach as he insisted for different style of goalkeeping, more ‘traditional’ 🇨🇲 #Qatar2022 Onana has no intention to change his style — tense situation & so he’s been excluded..

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Cameroon official statement on André Onana situation. 🚨🇨🇲 #Qatar2022.

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🚨Globo: There is hope that Neymar could be ready to take the field against Cameroon next Friday..

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Cameroon checking in with big smiles for the big stage 🤩🇨🇲 #FIFAWorldCup | #Qatar2022.

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The reason Cameroon will go absolutely nowhere in this tournament is that they have zero idea how to play on the front foot. If their counter attack fails and they still have possession, the ball immediately goes back to the goalkeeper. Terrible lack of ambition..

🇨🇲 Cameroon know how to turn up at a #FIFAWorldCup Can they also #BringTheMoves on the pitch?.

World Cup nations that criminalize LGBTQ people w/ max punishments (not including monetary fines): Iran (death penalty) Qatar (death penalty) Saudi Arabia (death penalty) Cameroon (5 years) Ghana (3 years) Morocco (3 years) Senegal (5 years) Tunisia (3 years).

Diego lost to a Cameroon team that ended the match with nine men in 1990.

Cameroon 🇨🇲 legend and federation president Samuel Eto’o out here supporting Senegal 🇸🇳. Solidarity. ✊🏾 📷: Courtesy photo.

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IOL News
IOL News

Hundreds lose jobs as FNB seizes Cameroon tycoon’s properties in SA to settle debt of R520 million.

🚨🌕| Neymar is OUT of Switzerland, doubt for Cameroon. Rodrygo could replace him in XI. @MarioCortegana #WorldCup.

So excited for my son in law. He’s in Qatar at the stadium waiting for the #Canada game to start. Also reunited with his brother from Cameroon who he hasn’t seen in years! Fulfilling a bucket list item. #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022.

USA 1950, North Korea 1966, Cameroon 1990, Senegal 2002 … Saudi Arabia 2022. International tournament football really is the greatest thing on the face of the earth..

Les « africains « qui vont pas supporter le Cameroon à la coupe du monde.

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Portugal Will Likely Finish the Group First Which Means They Avoid Brazil in Knockout Round and They will face Serbia/Switzerland/Cameroon..

African teams at World Cup so far Senegal 🇸🇳 2-0 loss. Tunisia 🇹🇳 goalless draw 0-0 Morocco 🇲🇦 goalless draw 0-0 Over to you Cameroon 🇨🇲 and Ghana 🇬🇭 tomorrow. #WorldcupQatar2022.

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Tite’s Selecao therefore take initial lead of Group G on goal difference ahead of Switzerland, who clinched a 1-0 victory against Cameroon, as per @LFC.

Probability of progressing after two games for groups G and H. Group G 🇧🇷 Brazil: 100% 🇨🇭 Switzerland: 68% 🇷🇸 Serbia: 30% 🇨🇲 Cameroon: 2% Group H 🇵🇹 Portugal: 100% 🇺🇾 Uruguay: 49% 🇬🇭 Ghana: 42% 🇰🇷 South Korea: 9% Source:.

These are rented crowds from Lake Chad and Cameroon 🇨🇲. They’re not OYO state residents. Obidient make una no dey blow trumpet 🎺. Obidients pls keep pressing dia neck 😂😂❤️. #1k #PeterObiForPresident2023 President Peter Obi.

RATIBA:#FIFAWorldCup Michuano ya Kombe la Dunia inaendelea tena leo Novemba 28 kwa mechi 4 za kuhitimisha raundi ya pili ya hatua ya makundi. KUNDI G 🇨🇲Cameroon vs 🇷🇸 Serbia 13:00 🇧🇷Brazil vs Uswisi 19:00 KUNDI H 🇰🇷Korea Kusini vs 🇬🇭Ghana 16:00 🇵🇹Ureno vs 🇺🇾Uruguay 22:00.

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Watching today • China Protests • US vs Iran at #FIFAWorldCup • Qatar - Germany massive LNG deal • NATO meeting in Bucharest • Ramming attack in West Bank • Turkey’s interior minister in UAE • UAE delegation in Cameroon • Russian army chief in Syria,met Kurdish leaders.

By the way, in year 2022, the currency of these our African countries are still being printed by France: 🇧🇯Benin 🇧🇫Burkina Faso 🇨🇲Cameroon 🇨🇫Central Africa Republic 🇹🇩Chad 🇨🇩Congo 🇨🇮Côte d’Ivoire 🇬🇦Gabon 🇮🇷Equatorial Guinea 🇬🇼Guinea-Bissau 🇲🇱Mali 🇳🇪Niger 🇸🇳Senegal 🇹🇬Togo.

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Meet Dorgelesse Nguessan. A single mother and hairdresser from Cameroon and was arrested for attending her first ever protest. Write for her rights: ✊ #W4R22 ✍️.

UNEP Goodwill Ambassador & Grammy nominee @rockydawuni introduces the 2022 “Inspiration and Action” #EarthChamps winner Cécile Ndjebet from Cameroon. Meet this year’s other winners, trailblazers of ecosystem restoration: #GenerationRestoration.

Cameroon v Serbia 🟨🟥 First one with 18+ gambleresponsibly.

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Meet the 2022 #EarthChamps winner Cécile Bibiane Ndjebet and discover how her women-led restoration efforts in Cameroon are helping to restore ecosystems, fight poverty and mitigate climate change: #GenerationRestoration.

Granit Xhaka captained Switzerland to a 1-0 win today over Cameroon. Well done, Granit! #afc.

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Nyuma y’uko Cameroon ishoje imyitozo twaganiriye na Jean-Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting atubwira uko iyi kipe yiteguye #FIFAWorldCup ndetse akomoza no kuyandi makipe y’Afurika n’ikizere ayaha muri iyi mikino. #TuriMuriQatar.

Argentina, clearly in 2nd gear, had a shock upset to a well drilled Saudi Arabian team. In 1990, they lost to Cameroon but still made the final. With that aside, the criticism of Zimmerman Morris and Yedlin is fine given that we played a Wales team that was comparable to us.


For Switzerland 🇨🇭 Vs Cameroon 🇨🇲 I predict Switzerland 3-2 Cameroon . Penalty for Cameroon ..

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