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Updated: September 25th, 2021 09:38 PM IST

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Your @EASPORTSFIFA Man of the Match 💫 Joao Cancelo! 💫 🔵 0-1 💙 #ManCity |

Cancelo Twitter

@raheemszn_ Silva was literally being forced out of your club a month ago 💀 and he’s not even better than gundogan, Dias has been ass for months and Cancelo ain’t on the level of Shaw or robbo

Lol. Easy to see now that Man “went to play” in the UCL final. Man put Rodri and Cancelo on the bench against a counter-attacking Chelsea. Nonsense.

Transfers In Last Hour(Top 5): Raphinha(8647) Alonso(4144) Rüdiger(3900) Lukaku(3757) Cancelo(3662) Sat, 25 Sep 2021 16:00 (GMT) Full GW Data: Table --> Visualization -->

@abubakaraminu72 I did captain him I also got Gray,Vardy,Sarr,Antonio and Cancelo😁😎

FT: Chelsea 0-1 Man City Goals: Jesus Assists: Cancelo Goalkeeper saves: Mendy (2) Bonus: Cancelo (3) Jesus (2) Walker (1)

@EToro1704 @Blaugranesquee Y’a rien a comparer c incomparable Hakimi bouffe Cancelo Après j’comprend sa doit être dur de supporter un club avec des latéraux aussi éclatés

@exohms Rodri superb too. Thought Cancelo a little erratic but not quibbling with a thoroughly polished performance.

I can’t get over Joao Cancelo, £ plus Danilo for a fullback (who can play either flank), a midfielder and a winger all rolled into one. What a baller.

@cecibelando1 Hola Cecilia. El año pasado no use. Pero este año lo voy a usar para pagar los hospedajes (me asegure de consultar primero si aceptaban crédito de Previaje). Ya los reserve y al llegar lo cancelo

Cancelo, Bernardo, Dias and Rodri all deserve good shouts after that. But tbf every Sky Blue player on that pitch deserves good shouts.

João Cancelo a réalisé une performance impressionnante contre Chelsea à Stamford Bridge : 👌115 touches (la plupart) 🅰️ 1 passe d 🔑 2 passes clés 👟 71/87 passes précises (82%) 💨 3/3 dribbles réussis 4 interceptions (la plupart) 📈

I’ve rarely seen all 7+ performances in a game. (Maybe vs PSG 2nd leg). Dias , Laporte, Cancelo, Rodri, Bernardo, KDB, Walker &Jesus all were out of this world. Unbelievably brilliant against champions of Europe away from home. 👏🏻👏🏻💙💙


Adoro quando chega o sábado pq eu literalmente cancelo toda minha semana agitada e corrida e crio uma personalidade de sarah calma e tranquila como eu deveria ser

@ManCityPT Sorry, mas tivemos 2 portugueses muito melhor em campo. O Rúben meteu o ataque e o meio campo do Chelsea todo no bolso e salvou nos n vezes e o Bernardo não parou, esteve em todo o lado. O cancelo jogou muito, mas os outros 2 mereciam mais. Still, contente por ser um dos 3🥰

Your @EASPORTSFIFA Man of the Match 💫 Joao Cancelo! 💫 🔵 0-1 💙 #ManCity |

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Cancelo and Grealish have been class down the left in this 2nd half. Causing loads of problems.

Cancelo and Graelish are doing as they please we need a real winger to attack their side.

@Hoidy Grealish slotted right in to that City team. Constant threat alongside Cancelo down left.

Grealish and Cancelo have had good chances to put in a deadly cross but the end product has been relatively poor.

La banda izquierda entre Grealish y Cancelo es un puñal para el Chelsea, no logran pararla

👍#YNWA I miss owning Cancelo, one of my favourite players last year, love how Pep utilises him, changing the outlook on modern day fullbacks — Flynn  (@FplFlynn) Sep 25, 2021

Naa radio commentators dey tear me🤣🤣🤣 Cancelo di ama Yesu, )di ama Jack where are you🤣🤣🤣🤣

@OfficialFPL Cancelo robbed. Assist on the official feed but not on FPL. WHAT A JOKE

Cancelo Photo,Cancelo Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Io so solamente che un anno abbiamo avuto Cancelo e Spinazzola e che facevano fatica a giocare titolari.

@Romao1709 Hakimi pour moi c’était une évidence mais Cancelo on en parle pas tant que ça

@DiloneMarrero Si a lo mejor también la exportamos a los funciones del PRM que ya van 21 funcionarios demandados por corrupción entre Estafadores, Narcotraficante, ladrones y Violadores . Ahora es todo culpa del PLD. Resentido amargado .Dejame investigarte , cuando viene aver Danilo te cancelo

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