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JJ Watt
JJ Watt

It’s no secret, I grew up loving the Canes. I had orange & green bedsheets, a “U” Flag above my bed and Miami themed shoes haha. So working out here while in town for the F1 race was very cool. I may not have been good enough to be recruited by them, but I finally made it!.

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19,513 Today marks the largest crowd in franchise history 🔥.

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Pyotr Kochetkov met with the media for the first time since joining the #Canes, with Andrei Svechnikov serving as translator..

GAMEDAY! 📍 Boston 🕧 12:30 📺 @CanesOnBally 📻 @999TheFan #LetsGoCanes Preview ».

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Runner beans are amazing. I had put the canes in yesterday but had not wrapped any of the stalks around the canes. This morning I discovered that one of the runner beans had found its cane 😯..

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Sammanfattning av matchserien mellan @NHLBruins och @Canes. #StanleyCup!.

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The three great young goalies in the Metro: I(gor) Hart Koochie.

The Canes were in Boston’s head the first two games. They step into TD Garden and lose that edge immediately. Just not demonstrating the mentality needed to do anything in the playoffs..


canes social media team gotta be one of the pettiest in the league but I’m here for it #letsgocanes.

k but when is cam ward gonna do it. i need my yearly cam ward content..

If you’re frustrated Canes ‘top’ offensive producers (Aho, Svechnikov, Teravainen) not producing in Boston, you should be. Will not help Canes in final 3 games of series if that trend continues.#LetsGoCanes #StanleyCupPlayoffs.

@KagutaMuseveni Tell NRM philosophy to stay in sugar canes and leave coffee issues🙁.

Just bought myself 30 canes, THEN, took a look how tall my tomatoes will grow and realised I’ve underestimated the height by a factor of two. Perhaps I’ll run longer poles across the tops and try and train them sideways as well as up… does that work @ActorsWhoGarden?.

@TonyTrotmann @Canes Wtf? U really wish that upon that for a hockey game. Casual canes fan🤡.

Caniacs… How are we feeling after a 5-1 & 5-2 wins? Canes are up 2-0 heading to Boston. #TakeWarning #LetsGoCanes.

@DrDicatrio Leo I love you…just keep watching the Canes play post season hockey…soon you’ll come to understand..

@minter Whenever I go to a canes game I hope and pray that Turbo scores because I love the way you shout TE-UVO TERA-VAIIIIIIII-NEN.

@ThePGACaniac @Canes Me and the hubs love you! We’re in 220! Come see us! Hahaha! Or come watch an away game with us! We ❤️🖤🤍 it!!.

Mohammad is the most common name on earth read a fucking book for once.


NHL 🏒 Canes ml (-125)💰 Canes TT over (-160)💰 Blues ml (+115) ❌ Blues TT over (-160) ❌ Kings ml (+175) ❌ Kings TT over (-120)❌ 2-4.


i need to try canes too bad the nearest one in this shithole state is in fucking charleston south carolina.

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🍖🍖⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ 🏆 2 Bones in the Books! 14 more to go! #TakeWarning #LetsGoCanes @Canes.

Wow they used his full name too on the in stadium penalty announcement. Anthony Deangelo. Maybe Anthony just woke the Canes up..

hating boston bc boston but also hating the canes from tda & md* can both teams be eliminated?.

This entire series is going to come down to a 5 minute meltdown by the @canes and an epically dumb challenge..

Empä oo NHL:ssä nähny hetkee näi laadukasta maan polttamista mitä Canes nyt tekee. Dominoi peliä ilman kiekkoa. #NHLfi.

As @asdfjklsami pointed out we do get free Chick-fil-A for the canes winning so it turns out I am in fact happy.

4th win 12 to go. 1st handshake line 3 to go. @Canes #LetsGoCanes.

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@jerseyphog I like our chances. Rangers played well against Tampa but got their asses kicked by Canes this year..

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