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Ain’t no this or that. It’s AND. Roxanne AND Salt N Pepa AND Lyte AND Latifah AND Lauryn AND Kim AND Foxy AND Missy AND Trina AND Nicki AND Cardi AND Megan AND Tierra AND LK47 AND Lady London AND Che Noire AND Simz AND City Girls etc etc.

Lil Kim, Cardi B and Swizz cooking up some music 👀🔥🔥🔥.


Cardi B faz nova cirurgia plástica e fãs notam grande semelhança com Nicki Minaj -.

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I absolutely love when Cardi, who is a policy nerd, talks about economic policy. Will never forget when Grover Norquist tweeted about her..

Vote para Fandom Internacional✨ no BreakTudo Awards 2022🏆, os indicados são: Arianators – Ariana A’TIN – SB19 Bardi Gang – Cardi B Beliebers – Justin Bieber Blinks – Blackpink BTS Army – BTS Louies – Louis Tomlinson Uaena – IU 🔗 #BreakTudoAwards.

BET Music
BET Music

He says they’re a “priority” and Cardi B treats them as “hers.”.

Cardi B is now the female rapper with the most songs (10) reaching 500 million streams on Spotify surpassing Nicki Minaj (9)..

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Cardi is consistently on the right side of these conversations and I appreciate that.

@black_and_petty Cause they dgaf about her it’s about the clout. They been wanting to diss cardi without looking like a h@ter… this just solidified it tho.

REAL LIL KIM FANS ONLY, how many times kim did remix’s to songs that weren’t official but to get us ready and wake up the world? Yeah she just did with Plan B and now Cardi coming to shut it down.

Cardi got Lil Kim & Swizz Beatz in the studio. Cardi about to make things happen the right way..

@JaymoMeezy But they done have noin to do with Cardi tho they got say so over Meg but not Cardi I’m assuming lol 😂 idk.

The weekly Cardi and Nicki beef revival is tired. TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!.

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ok first nicki you’re too old to be doing shit like this😭 cardi was right all along🤣 you’re a fucking hater🤭.

Why do y’all only see when Nicki is attacking? No shade I love Megan but her ass, CARDI, Asian Doll, Lakeyah and a few other bitches be having so much to say but never directly. They love to throw rocks and hide their the “good girl” act. It’s pathetic at this point..

You don’t require half as much ass licking from the men you collaborate with. Your label mate befriended your “enemy” at the height of your beef with her, Fivio followed Cardi the week after he collaborated with you on We Go Up. Therapy is needed.

When I told y’all cardi have some people on this app behind her because there’s no way….

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never seen the tl this messy, the cardi kira beef, blackpink slander and the ‘blackpink in your area’ tweets all at the same time.

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@kirawontmiss I am so confused why you got beef with Cardi B? These are very confusing times.

Cardi tattered the name of her son on her face. 😍 but she had me 😭 with the ending!.

@forumpandlr um galo na testa foi pouco pra essa cardi b, nunca será a rainha do rap..

@rockyoworld23 @StevieDwayne You know damn well the Barbz attack Cardi more than bardi gang attacks Next time come with something better..

This is why I fuck with my girl times is really terrible out here yal. I pray the economy gets better soon because this aint life.

Can Cardi & Nicki kiss and makeup please they’re actually getting old soon their kids will be beefing.

El esposo de Cardi B le dio de regalo de cumpleaños esta mansión que roba el aliento 🤯.

Cardi et Nicki… on est très fatigué… déjà vos dernières musiques… et maintenant votre vieux beef… et vos fans….

Her and Cardi beefing again??? I’m so tired of their back and forth..

@iamcardib The real truth is cardi we struggling hustling and just trying to make ends meet but in my case I was hit by an oil fuel truck and God said it wasn’t my time so I’m still here struggling making it happen til then… I’m just here beautiful cardi.

Pleno 2022 e Nicki Minaj ainda continua jogando shade pra Cardi, a mulher no auge da carreira(finalmente mais de dez anos depois ela chegou) daí vai e continua fazendo a mesma merda que fez ela sumir a um tempo atrás, essa mania de grace jones dela que afunda ela mesma.

@forumpandlr como sempre Nicki vendo que já tá caindo no esquecimento e tacando shade na Cardi, porque a única mulher afro latina com esses traços é a Nicki, ela é a única que usa lace também, arriscaria a dizer que ela nem cópia de ninguém, ela é toda natural assim NICKI SE POUPE MULHER KAKA.

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