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Celtics somehow lost Al Horford and Kyrie over the summer & turned into one of the biggest winners of the offseason.

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Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT ()

Inflection point - to no one’s surprise - was when Caruso came back in and the lead immediately went from 4 to 15. Team stopped playing when up 25 but really liked what I saw when they were focused. With this W, clinched our first winning season since ‘12-13. Onto the Celtics.


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Leak 8/24(10) ()

Y’all were scaring me for a moment but we need to celebrate a winning season @Lakers great game! And great season so far #LakeShow Celtics on Sunday 💜😈

JAY 42-12💜💛 ()

All I want for my bday on Sunday beat the Celtics fuck Boston!!! 🎂🎉🔥🔥💜💛

Russell ()

Jazz o224💔 Lakers 💰 Celtics -7💔 Mavs -4💰 🏀 Wisconsin green bay ML💰 Buff +💰 Bryant 💔 3 straight days of profit.

Brett Dawson ()

Lakers 117 Grizzlies 105 F | LeBron James 32 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists; Anthony Davis 28, 13, 4, 7 blocks. The Lakers are 42-12 with the Celtics visiting for an afternoon tipoff on Sunday.

Bill Oram ()

Lakers kick off the second half with a 117-105 win over Memphis. LeBron had a game-high 32 points but Anthony Davis was the star with 28 points, 13 rebounds and 7 blocks. Lakers are 42-12. Celtics in town on Sunday.

Wizard of Odds ()

NBA Contenders T1: Lakers, Clippers, Bucks T2: Sixers, Jazz, Rockets T3: Heat, Nuggets, Celtics

Zak Noble ()

My Contender Tiers ATM: T1: Lakers, Clippers T2: Bucks T3: Rockets, Raptors, Celtics, Sixers, Heat, Philly T4: Utah, Denver

CelticsContent ()

Guess who got the number one spot #Celtics

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ᴍᴀʀᴄᴏ. ()

damn you worried about stanning bts you should be on the fucking celtics nigga

Mike Chiodo ()

T1: Bucks, Lakers, Clippers T2: Sixers, Rockets, Raptors T3: Celtics, Nuggets No one else is really worth mentioning as a title contender.

☭Jens☭ ()

T1 Bucks, Clippers T2 76ers, Lakers, Celtics, Rockets T3 Raps Nuggets T4 Thunder Mavs Pacers T5 (They are fake) Jazz Heat

Light Skinned Mamba 💜💛💜💛 ()

See this is why it’s Fuck Boston forever. Danny doesn’t do right by anyone. Even a key member in the ONLY Celtics title in 30 years

Sixers Nation 🇧🇷 (34-21) ()

Eu nem torço Raptors mas pq CARALHOS o Celtics tá acima do Raptors em todos os Power Rankings?

The Ringer ()

People that think Boston’s GM stinks … wrong. People that think Boston’s coach is overrated … wrong. #Celtics

Celtics France ☘️ ()

@DallasMavsFr J’ai regardé juste avant pour savoir où il en était et c’est juste indé

Rob manoff ()

A Celtics - Sixers lunch table would be nuts. Meanwhile Knicks fans are that weird kid eating paste for lunch

Gabo Camacho ()

@fer_tirado Eso decían los Gs Warriors en 2016 Eso decían los Céltics del Este en 2018 y en finales de conferencia ya vimos qué pasó No descarten JAMÁS a Lebron James !

Kalyb Champion ()

X-factor for every Eastern Conference Contender Bucks: Eric Bledsoe Sixers: Al Horford Raptors: OG Anunoby Celtics: Gordon Hayward Heat: Andre Iguodala Pacers: Victor Oladipo (health)

Kenz ♡ ()

Why the fuck did you put my Sixers with the Knicks and Celtics. Now ima have to sit in the bathroom

ZiggyZachRogers ()

Ion wanna say it but Celtics ain’t been better since IT left and they had great PGs

Alirv5 ()

@thebilko @talkingbawscom So many mistakes in one tweet. 1 - I agree the goal should have stood. 2 - It was not in the last minute. 3 - It was not Celtics only defeat that season. 4 - Rangers had already beaten Celtic 2-0 at Ibrox that season. 5 - How did Rangers cheat their way to 9 in a row?


The boston celtics won one title without playing against a healthy andrew bynum then showed their gratitude to ray allen for saving their ass by dangling him like a piece of meat every trade deadline but are still salty cuz ray finally left and did his garbage

COAvsGirl07 ()

My list NFL: Queefs MLB: Yankees NBA: Celtics NHL: Calgary Lames Soccer: No one gives a fuck about soccer but they all suck. NCAA BBall: Duke/N. Carolina NCAA Football: Clemson

The Kid Stays in the Picture. ()

This Celtics team and their fans are weird. What is the “BIG 3” era without acknowledging Ray Allen? Retire the number and STFU.

MC ()

@D_Craige @alisoqvg They probably don’t, tbh. They probably barely remember Celtics KG, and remember him primarily from the Nets. It’s truly a shame

_NikosAlt ()

@StoolGreenie I’m just confused as to what we do about Rondo. KG being an all time great + a ring + 6 season on the Celtics = jersey retirement. But KG started and finished his career elsewhere. Rondo started here for 9 seasons and was the best player for 2 1/2.

SB Nation ()

The Celtics should be mentioned with the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks as a legitimate threat to win the NBA championship. @celticsblog

Justin Termine ()

Celtics somehow lost Al Horford and Kyrie over the summer & turned into one of the biggest winners of the offseason.

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