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nbd just the youngest player in franchise history to be a four-time All-Star 🌟.

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Jayson Tatum tonight: 34 PTS 19 REB 6 AST 12-12 FT First Celtics player ever with that statline..

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Nike Dunk Low “Celtics” is expected to be released in 2023..

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Celtics fans are ready to welcome the Warriors to Boston 😁😁.

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As a player and coach, Chris Ford’s career spanned over a decade of Celtics basketball, and he made his mark every step of the way. (1/5).

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Jayson nous a sorti un match de TITAN face aux rivaux et champions en titre de la baie 🔥 34 PTS 19 REB (career-high) 6 PAD 3 INT 12/12 aux LFs 48 min jouées dont les 41 dernières du match Des % moyens et beaucoup de ballons perdus, mais c’est symptomatique de son engagement 😤.

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Celtics defense has been really good since there was about five minutes to play in regulation. Have to get one more stop here..

Normal sürenin son saniyesinde LeBron James faul bekledi, hakemler “devam” dedi. Fotoğraf makinesi alarak hakemin yanına gelen Patrick Beverley, pozisyonu hakeme gösterdiği için teknik faul aldı... Uzatmaya giden maçı 125-121 Boston Celtics kazandı....

@celticsturkiye_ abi biz los angeles ile doğduk los angeles ile ölürüz.

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WOLVES 128 - 126 RAPTORS Toronto arrive à perdre malgré une avance de 18 points. Ils se sabotent dans leur 4QT. La défense n’était pas au rendez-vous malgré les jolies performances de VanVleet et Barnes. Prochain match samedi contre les Celtics..

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All in all This has been a super entertaining game. Celtics lead 117-116 with 24 seconds remaining in OT #Celtics #Knicks.


Hate so say it but Celtics winning the chip this year RIP KOBE . I’m sorry #LakersNationForeverThoughCelticsSMD.

Both the Celtics 🍀 and the Bruins 🐻 lost tonight? Pinch me if this is real life..

nothing like watching The Celtics lose in overtime and then being stuck in traffic on a shuttle bus because the Green Line is down. Boston officially in its flop era.

@MeechieJacobs Ive seen kawhi give teams like the Celtics and sixers buckets THIS season multiple times. It’s never about the opponent with players of this caliber. We’ll see what happens schedule about to get harder..

The Lake show take on the Celtics and I am LIVE with @RochaENT_YT Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics | Live Play-By-Play & Reactions via @YouTube.

I hate when the Celtics play slow it’s stupid jaylen brown didn’t do anything until 6 seconds on the shot clock and just pulled up a dumb three.

W NBA weszli na inny poziom kwestionowania decyzji sędziowskich. W ostatniej akcji meczu Lakers @ Celtics sędziowie nie zauważyli faulu na LeBronie. Przed startem dogrywki Beverley poszedł do sędziów z aparatem, by zobaczyli faul. Dostał faul techniczny..

No es que sea conspiranoico PERO desde el 2020 los Celtics van 36-2 en los partidos donde Erick Lewis a sido parte del arbitraje 🤨.

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the celtics fr can’t match up against the warriors even when we’re having a shitty season 😭😭.

@zack_attack617 @celtics Great assessment. Also, one glaring constant thing is the inability of Boston’s two best players to adjust when it’s not their night in terms of teams will not allow you to shoot yourselves out of the is there,mindset of trusting the teammates ain’t.

The Boston Celtics are now 25-0 this season when leading at the end of the first quarter🤯.

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‘They outplayed us’: Steve Kerr, Warriors see fortunes reversed against Celtics at TD Garden.

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Pese a que los Celtics ganaron, creo que este señor debería tener una línea de 4 puntos.

Longest current NBA team winning streaks: Grizzlies 11 straight wins, Nuggets and Celtics 8, Kings 5..

NBA’s wildest endings of 2022-23 compilation features the Boston Celtics.

@statmuse He had 7 turnovers and a couple were huge late and shot 33 percent from the field on 27 attempts I’m a Celtics fan but I’m at least gonna keep it real.

📈Resultado do dia 19/01/2022 (Grupo gratuito) ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Over ✅ 🏀Celtics () ❌ (3 ponto de diferença, falto 1 😴) 🏀769ers✅ 🎮🇰🇷T1 Esports () ❌ (2x1 T1, quase).

The Boston Celtics grabbed a gutsy overtime victory against the visiting Golden State Warriors in a thrilling 2022 Finals rematch..

Al Horford’s big-time performance against the Warriors had Jayson Tatum questioning his age: “I joked with Al. He came out and looked like he was 25 today.” For @celticsblog, I documented Horford’s monster night in the Celtics’ win over the Warriors..

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