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KD/Giannis vs this Celtics defense KD Giannis PPG PPG FG% FG% Clear.

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Happy #NationalNursesDay to all the nurses 🩺 Thank you for your continued hard work and sacrifice..

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🏀Guess the Score Giveaway🏀 To Enter: - Like & Retweet - Follow @GoldinCo & @KenGoldin - Comment your score prediction for tonight! Guess the score for #Celtics/#Bucks correctly and win some free wax! Guesses must be submitted by 7:30pm EST ⏰ Good Luck!! 🍀🔮.

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One of these teams will win an NBA Title Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics Miami Heat.

Gros respect à Boston pour être allé s’imposer ainsi chez le champion en titre. Une défaite les aurait mis dos au mur, les Bucks le savaient aussi bien que vous et moi, mais ces Celtics ne voulaient rien entendre et la série peut continuer de plus belle..

🚨 Great news for UK based NBA fans 🚨 Bucks vs Celtics has reached Game 7 and it’ll be on at a very friendly tip-off time tomorrow at 8:30pm. 📺 Sky Sports Arena.


THE @CELTICS HAVE TAKEN THE LEAD AFTER TRAILING BY 14! 1:49 to ABC now #NBAPlayoffs presented by Google Pixel.

Celtics fans finally understanding what we had to go through in the Finals.

Bucks-Celtics Serisini Tek Kelime ile Özetle: ... 👀 #NBAPlayoffs.

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Os insanos dois minutos finais de Celtics x Bucks nos playoffs da NBA.

If you were in my DM’s yesterday asking who I picked Celtics or Bucks in NBA but didn’t have time to watch a 2 minute video, I muted your account 😆😅.

Knicks Record vs the 4 Remaining Playoff Teams Celtics 2-2 Warriors 1-1 Mavs 2-0 Heat 1-2 Overall: 6-5.

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Boston was buzzing yesterday ECF starts tomorrow!!! Let’s Go Celtics.

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Report: Kyle Lowry unlikely to play in game 1.

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Giannis apontou 40 pontos e deixou tudo em campo na vitória sobre os Celtics 😤.

Giannis Antetokounmpo vs the Boston Celtics this series: 24 PTS - 13 REBS - 12 ASTS - 36% FG 28 PTS - 9 REBS - 7 ASTS - 41% FG 42 PTS - 12 REBS - 8 ASTS - 53% FG 34 PTS - 18 REBS - 5 ASTS - 44% FG 40 PTS - 11 REBS - 3 ASTS - 59% FG Dominant. 💪.

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@mimarbahce abi Celtics yine kazanmış şimdiden Westbrook profil resmi seçiyorum sana. Burdan time da duyuralım. Bucks gecerse bir günlüğüne profilimi Kobe yapıyorum. Celtics gecerse @mimarbahce abim profilini bir günlüğüne dünyanın en iyi point guardı Westbrook yapıyor..

Woke up feeling like the bucks have awakened the sleeping giant. Game 6 Celtics W incoming.

This weekend not it 😭 Wigg had to go to losers bracket, Celtics loss , canelo loss , Red Sox loss 😢.

Défaite des Bucks 108-116 cette nuit. - Match largement à portée de main, les Bucks auront mené durant 3 QT avant de s’écrouler dans le - Les Bucks perdent désormais l’avantage du terrain et laisse revenir les Celtics à 2-2 dans la série..

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@OnBallSteph Bet that more than half of them would root for the Then again, those Laker fans would probably be considered LeBron fans rather than actual Laker fans.

Damn just watch the end of Bucks Celtics game This why Jordan said defence wins championship.

Véi não ia ter graça esse prêmio na Leste nesse período: 08-09: LeBron 09-10: Alguém dos Celtics 10-11: LeBron 11-12: LeBron 12-13: LeBron 13-14: LeBron 14-15: LeBron 15-16: LeBron 16-17: LeBron 17-18: LeBron.

i got this green just like damn lil keed would hit super crazy when me n my lil bro would smoke fr rip.

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Tatum ultimate „I’ve arrived“ game. We get the Game 7 this series deserves..

This was nice. Celtics ✅ Mavericks + (😳) ✅ Onto Tuesday 👀🔥.

Update: there are no 2 or 3 day breaks between games even if it goes 7. Celtics will get one day rest, then play the next day, starting tomorrow night. Tues/Thurs/Sat/Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun.

Game 3 Celtics/Bucks: Defense, both teams elite, physical, freethrows are either easy baskets or turnovers should you miss. GA a bad man when it counts most, drop & go mindset w/ mistakes & next game. Cannot afford to let up, pay as you go outlook. Focus on film, fix, play..

Celtics season is over, Pats are a max 9 win team, Red Sox are dogshit. Worst I’ve ever felt as a Boston sports fan.

@djmacboi I’m conflicted cause the buckwindow agenda means the word buck prevails but I’m a masshole and I love the Celtics.

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