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Prior to today’s game, the Yankees recalled RHP Chad Green from @swbrailriders..

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With three outs remaining in this game it’s a good time to bring this Q up: What exactly should the #Yankees do with Chad Green? And I’m being serious..

Chance Adams is going to be sent to Triple-A after throwing 3 innings tonight, but maybe Chad Green should go instead..

The Yankees said they figured out Chad Green’s problem when he was sent to the Minor Leagues. His problem must be that he can’t get good Major League hitters out..

chad green for starter in an important game was the worst shit i ever seen the yankees do this year.

Why Morton threw his third best pitch to Hicks there is beyond me but he hammered it. Let’s just say that was no Masahiro Tanaka splitter right there. That was like a Chad Green splitter..

There is no way Boone and company went into saying “Chad Green and Nestor Cortes is a recipe for winning”. In a game for first why are you punting the game!!! -NY.

I mean ya kind of gotta expect this when you throw Chad Green and Nestor Cortes Jr. out there the first three innings of a baseball game against the Rays 🤷🏻‍♂️.

This was Chad Green’s only swing and miss on the day. He allowed four balls hit over 93 mph in innings pitched, including two over 103 mph. #Yankees.

If I understand how the Law of Averages works, Chad Green will now throw 60 scoreless innings.

DJ LeMahieu – 2B Aaron Hicks – CF Luke Voit – 1B Gary Sanchez – C Kendrys Morales – DH Gleyber Torres – SS Gio Urshela – 3B Brett Gardner – LF Clint Frazier – RF RHP Chad Green.

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the bullpen (Ottavino, Kahnle, Green, and Holder) managed to keep it close despite Chad Green giving up two runs in the 8th inning. #Yankees.

A CHUVA É NOSSA ALIADA! Jogo extremamente complicado. Encardido, no detalhe. Chad Green não foi bem. Mas uma sequência excelente na parte baixa da nona entrada. Gio Urshela sendo decisivo mais uma vez e estamos na ponta da AL East. #PinstripePride #MLBnoBrasil.

@nysports000 1. Gio Urshela 2. Gio Urshela 3. Domingo German 3. Kendrys Morales 4. Kendrys Morales 5. Kendrys Morales 6. Gio Urshela 7. Tommy Kahnle 8. Domingo German 9. Kendrys Morales 10. Gio Urshela HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE GAAAAAAPP Chad Green.

I’m not going to blame Chad Green tonight, I thought he pitched well. The problem that I seen was, Clint Frazier and Aaron Hicks both shied away from the wall and waited for the bounce. And Gleyber Torres threw it into the stands. So how can this be Greens fault..

Yes yes, let’s never have Chad Green pitch Look at 2017 and 2018. Oh #Yankees ’s May. You haven’t even had a bbq for the summer yet, relax.

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If you’re saying chad green was “unlucky” im sorry but you’re a blind follower of analytics. He gave up a double and then gave up another double. There’s nothing “unlucky” about the hits he gave up. The second run, yes, unlucky. Use you’re head..

@Andrew_Rotondi Whoever made the decision to bring Chad Green back from triple a was essentially telling Boone that Green was fixed and can be trusted again. If he isn’t fixed and can’t be trusted, he shouldn’t be on the roster. This one’s on whoever said he was fixed and decided to promote him..

I was just blocked on Twitter by a guy who blindly defended Chad Green. The guy struck out the side the last time out and all was forgotten? He’s been dreadful all year. #Yankees.

@Yankees How bout we dont throw Chad Green out there in close games from now on? Deal?.

1. Not pinch hitting Maybin for Gardner 2. Chad Green in a high leverage situation 3. Kahnle for 1 out.

That’s Boone for you: how about Khanle 1 out (fully rested) Ottavino 2 outs (fully rested) Oh but Chad Green and his 15 era can go a full Boone’s an idiot.

@FuckBoone you put chad green in during a tie game when he’s barely pitched since being called back up why??? Let him prove he’s back to what he was with a few more innings when it’s not a close game. Come on man. Had Britton Chapman and if it goes to extras then go from there!.

I wonder if, like Chad Green, Miguel Andujar would benefit from a re-set at AAA. A talented kid who is now not playing 3b and seems to be trying to prove himself with each AB. #Yankees.

Roster Move: Prior to today’s game, the Yankees recalled RHP Chad Green (#57) from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre..

Prior to today’s game, the Yankees recalled RHP Chad Green from @swbrailriders..

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