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Congratulations @SeanPayton. Welcome to Los Angeles as the new coach is the @chargers. There is no way Brandon Staley can keep his job after blowing this lead. There’s no coming back from this for him!.

When the Chargers went up 27-0, a bettor bet $ million on them to win the game to net $11,200. Jacksonville came back and won 31-30. @DKSportsbook has confirmed that this bet was indeed made..

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The Chargers became the first team in NFL playoff history to lose with a 5+ turnover margin. (via @EliasSports).

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Plays are up today, 5 total. With a couple 100 likes I’ll send out my max play free. 17-5 last 22 and robbed of one on Saturday with the Chargers..

Qual foi o melhor do final de semana? A maioria de vocês acredito que citaria Chargers @ Jaguars pela virada, mas acho que há argumentos justos para escolher Giants @ Vikings, que foi mais equilibrado de início ao fim.

New Episode of Stay Hot is out now! The guys give their thoughts on the Chargers absurd blown lead and the entire Wild Card Weekend so far. Apple: Spotify: Youtube:.

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Talvez seja o meu clubismo? Talvez, mas em Chargers @ Jaguars o primeiro tempo foi de e o segundo de JAX Giants @ Vikings foi trocação o jogo todo.


If Black coaches want to interview with the Chargers if they fire Brandon Staley, that is their right. But it would not be remotely surprising if Black coaches refuse Chargers’ interview requests, writes @Rosenberg_Mike.

🚨BAD BEAT ALERT!! 🚨 A bettor who placed $ on the Chargers moneyline when they were up 27-0. The bet would have won only $11k Final score: Jaguars 31-30 Chargers This is why you should be your own bookie at.

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Good news here for Cardinals fans on why the Chargers may not be an option for Payton 😊.

SPORTS POLL: Who should coach the Chargers next season? Brandon Staley, Sean Payton, Eric Bieniemy or Jim Harbaugh. VOTE:.

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Con ustedes me hago el fuerte, pero creo que nunca voy a superar lo que me hicieron los CHARGERS, nunca Buenas noches o días, lo que sea.

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“It’s gonna be hard for Staley to hire a worse OC.”.

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Brandon Staley is not winning enough with such a talented team..

Was Tua on the sidelines this weekend? Genuine question - I don’t remember shots of him. Was Jimmy G with the Niners? Von Miller with the Bills? Mike Williams with the Chargers? Sterling Shepard with the Giants. Absolute borefest stuff..

Tava 27-0 E tomaram a virada O QB adversário lançou 4 interceptações no primeiro tempo E mesmo assim o Chargers perdeu o jogo. Boa semana para todos. Menos para os torcedores do Chargers. @paulopinetree @beltraogui.

@PizzaSportsGuy @CardPurchaser Our take: SF is SOLID both sides. CHARGERS beat themselves & outcoached. BILLS played just good enough while MIAMI panicked when it counted most. GIANTS TOTAL DOMINATION. RAVENS/BENGALS solid game by both, coin flip win. #nflbalance.

@CEOTechnician If I had million lying around for betting, I would be looking for games to take the opposite bet. Take a few shots to make mil with 11K? Yes, please. Chargers would be a prime team to bet against in that situation too..


Ravens giving the bengals all they can handle. We going to keep that same energy that we are giving the bills for a tough game against the Phins? I’m telling y’all divisional games are different regardless of circumstances. Hell broncos took us to OT and beat the chargers..

@Steveo1934 @jakebohde13 They were dollar parlays, I played 2. One with Jags ML and one with Chargers hahaha so KIND OF lucky🤣🍻.

Este wey apostó millones de dólares, para ganar 11 mil dólares en el partido de chargers cuando iban 27-0. Los momios cambian y perdió todo ese dinero. 🤣 aprendaaaaaan..

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@ThatBoyKlink chargers gona charge oh well. life is pointless as this point lol i cant even get mad anymore.

Chargers fans complaining about refs is WILDDDDDDDD Like have some shame and realize refs ignored like 4 PIs (including on a pick) and many other flags i could go on about.

TL sleep? Remember when the Chargers had a lead margin that looked like this.

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Schefter explains how Chargers loss affects Brandon Staley | SportsCenter via @YouTube #Chargers something has to change.

Personalmente creo que el resultado del LAC-JAX és en un 80% responsabilidad de Chargers, que hicieron las cosas mal. Jaguars está ahí y sigue creyendo en si mismos, pero si Chargers hace bien las cosas ese partido no se lo ganan..

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@sammy______G Whatever, burrow makes “winning plays”, if he was the chargers QB he would have made more plays to actually win these games.

@adrianbb89 @spox sprichst mir aus der Seele was die Chargers angeht, danke .. und auch danke für deine tolle Arbeit die letzten Jahre <3.

#BMW #Cars Lee Motors breaks ground on new BMW Alor Setar showroom, launches EV chargers at Royal Kedah Club.

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