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Ashley K.
Ashley K.

@Andy Ashley from New York wants to know why it was okay for Robyn to put up boundaries and not invite Wendy to family fun day but doesn’t like Karen having boundaries with Charisse when she was at least being cordial.

Ashley K.
Ashley K.

Robyn put up boundaries when it came to Wendy and didn’t invite her to family fun day but when Karen tried to just be cordial with Charisse and not more than that it’s a problem? #RHOP.

Charisse Photo,Charisse Photo by Ashley K.,Ashley K. on twitter tweets Charisse Photo

Maybe they’ll do this at Charisse’s Champagne Lounge 🤭.

Charisse put the group together then got put out the group 😂😂 that’s not queen of Potomac behavior #RHOP.

Y’all mad at Karen for not wanting Charisse around but y’all was willing to do Wendy the same #RHOP.

I’m kinda with , I dont think Charisse was genuine. She never seems genuine! #RHOP.

Charisse always looks like she downed a whole bottle of Xanax before each episode #RHOP.

@Andy Why is a problem for Karen not wanting to be around Charisse who is a friend but its not an issue to exclude Wendy who’s a full time housewife? - Javonni from New Jersey.


I’m ready for a shakeup in the Potomac cast cause these episodes are starting to be draining! Let go of Robyn, Wendy, & Mia and don’t even invite Charisse no where else! #RHOP.

#RHOP Charisse and these wigs. Gurl, you are supposed to be that gurl. Are you broke?.

Y’all remember when they said talking about Mia’s mom history was low, but nobody had anything to say about Charisse bringing up rehab. Funny to me #RHOP.

@Andy Eric from Chicago - Robyn, you accuse Karen of not being able to admit she dislikes Charisse. Why can’t you admit you dislike Karen?.

Oh…one sentence huh? Get Charisse slow talking turtle back ass outta here #RHOP.

Gizelle and Robin, mind your own business. Karen doesn’t want to friends with Charisse. Charisse is dead weight on this show and NOT the queen of Potomac. #RHOP.

@nejspeaks charisse is the kind of person that does things for you so she can throw it in your face later on!.

do not bring charisse on the reunion to ask her about karen’s business i promise we don’t care and i promise it’s not that deep ms andy cohen and dumb & dumber #RHOP.

Charisse finally gets a confessional with a stylist that could fix her wig and lashes on the episode where she sucks the most #RHOP.

Charisse Photo,Charisse Photo by Borderline Housewife,Borderline Housewife on twitter tweets Charisse Photo

Why does Karen owe Charisse an apology? #RHOP Charisse brought up rehab, the funeral, all kinds of stuff. Karen stuck to the facts.

Karen and Charisse give me Nene and Sheree in season 1 when Sheree thought she was gonna be the star and then 😬... #RHOA #RHOP.

@sayandskotann I like that Charisse is here to shake Karen a little bit but she also need to get herself together because it’s a mess….

Mia: desperation overloaded Robyn: lying, deflecting and rude Charisse: (why is she here?) #RHOP.

Charisse if you’re so unbothered by Karen then why are you there? Cause that’s legit your story line you have nothing else #RHOP.

Karen don’t fw Charisse and for someone to continue to try and lie on your marriage , be fake at your moms funeral .. i wouldn’t speak to her either #RHOP.

Charisse is a human being.. But you and Gizelle hate Wendy and have treated her like a non-existent Okay Robyn 🙄❤️ #RHOP.

So we gon sit up here and act like Charisse didn’t also spread rumors about Monique & her husband??? Okay lmao #RHOP.

@dalilah_black Charisse needs to dress like she’s been there before cos sis how are you failing at something you’ve been to? Jackie I can give a pass.

Best Dress At #RHOPReunion 1: Candiace 2: Karen Grand Dame 3: Wendy 4: Ashley 5: Mia Worst Dress At The Reunion 1: Gizelle 2: Robyn 3: Charisse All Three Need A Stylist or Fire There Stylist because WTFF Are They Wearing 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😭😭.

Charisse Photo,Charisse Photo by Koree4Real ✊🏾📸🛩,Koree4Real ✊🏾📸🛩 on twitter tweets Charisse Photo

Now if Charisse was truly the queen of Potomac she definitely wouldn’t be “a friend of” the show. #RHOP.

Charisse grasping at straws for a storyline & continues to look like a clown. #RHOP.

Cuz Giselle and Robyn so worried and Charisse tired ass wigs and Karen. Mia horrible skin and Wendy is what they needed to worry about like they so fake #rhop.

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