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Arsenal player wearing and Chelsea player wearing jersey.

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Suasana buka bersama di Stamford Bridge hari ini, Chelsea menjadi klub Liga Inggris pertama dalam sejarah yang melakukan ini. 🍱🫡.

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Chelsea leave Lyon with a 1-0 first leg lead over the reigning champs in their UWCL quarterfinal tie 👊.

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Réal Madrid and City fans shaking at the idea of facing Tuchel but we have a portion of chelsea fans that spread their legs for the Boehly clan and try to convince themselves Potter is the right fit for Chelsea. Hilarious..

hillary is definitely workshopping her trump indictment tweet as we speak. texting chelsea like so is this a slay ?.

You say “Modern Football” but look at Chelsea and Potter - we could use a bit of this ruthlessness. Especially, now that Nagelsmann is unattached..


Skskskksks they were saying the same about a certain someone at Chelsea.

Chelsea hosted the first ever open Iftar at a Premier League ground last night. 🔵 A Big Shoutout to TODD BOEHLY 🤜🤛.

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@mariamessina77 @LisaGor48011263 This is what I do or try to do. No1 is special. That’s the point. We are all equal in his.

@AMspanker No I’m for serious! Whenever I did a walk around on any plane, I’d look straight up and glare at the APU, no protecting your ears from that monstrosity.

🎥 Post match thought after that dramatic win for Chelsea 💭.


Chelsea Siap Lepas Mount Seharga 1,3 Triliun Rupiah!.

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@FrankKhalidUK It can only be Chelsea 🔵🔵🔵🔵💙💙💙💙 my love for Chelsea.

Chelsea Photo,Chelsea Photo by Chidalu Emmanuel,Chidalu Emmanuel on twitter tweets Chelsea Photo

Ziyech still employed at Chelsea after this performance … everything wrong with this club. Real club would’ve terminated his contract.

@idextratime @fansjavimiguel Itu si ansu lepasin aja ke Madrid, biar jadi bek tambahan, kalau Ferran ke Chelsea tuker sama Aubameyang.

@MrsWilmaRuhe Ob das (mit dem Wunschtraimer) nicht - wie bei Chelsea - nach hinten losgeht?!.

@Sista_Tasha @ChelseaFC And you’re tagging Chelsea admin instead of Todd Boehly 😂😂.


@FabrizioRomano Very funny how Bayern believes in a coach that was sacked by Chelsea. Whichever ways Real Madrid will still win the UCL. Pin this tweet.

@serkanakkoyun_ Ş’ligi devam ederken Chelsea’ye gelip ş’ligini Pep’in elinden aldığı gibi ş’ligi şampiyonluğuna yine çeyrek finalde ki rakibi pep’i eleyerek başlar mı ne dersiniz ?.

@Bridgways Yok tuchel minta dibeliin mount, ntar chelsea pasang harga tinggi, siapa tau mount bener2 anak emas tuchel.

@SpecialOneF Con el Chelsea creo que le gano 3 veces en 1 mes. Tres partidos decisivos. Ahora lo tiene más difícil que nunca, con 4 días de entrenamiento con la plantilla completa, pwro bueno, Tuchel es tan bueno que puedo conseguirlo..

Bayern Munich will absolutely pummel Chelsea with Thomas Tuchel in charge if we come up against them in the Uefa Champions League. I WILL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT.

From Julian Nagelsmann to Thomas Tuchel. Now this is a replacement.

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Heyyy gimana kabarnya Chelsea yang 7 game ga pernah menang 🤣🤣.

But we have Chelsea despite being rubbish, and some vibe-based performances, still would carry on..

Would be WILD if we saw Bayern Munich v Chelsea in the champions league next round after this too 👀👀.

@craig_dw Young manager, plays a good brand of football, develops talent, hasn’t managed Chelsea 😉.

@Yves_likesblues @MCFCGabster Enzo will never reach gundo’s level if he play for chelsea, save my tweet🥰.

@MARGesterCity Mmmm no lo se . La verdad yo veía más claro favorito al equipo antes de Tuchel ahora mismo tengo miedo. Ganó la champions con el Chelsea a poco de tomar el el Bayern va a tomar un impulso bestial y ojo q q la champions la puede ganar ..

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