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As much as I don’t like Chelsea Clinton, she’s not responsible for the New Zealand massacre either. You people are nuts..

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here we Gives Anti-Israel Activists Who Harassed Chelsea Clinton A Guest Column.

I thought Chelsea Clinton was impressively more respectful than Rep. Omar deserved. And to those opportunists critical of her thereafter, for that matter..

Why are we attacking Chelsea Clinton when a man name Bernie Sanders is running for President in America with a terrible gun record..

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People talking about how Chelsea Clinton was wrongly berated by a Muslim student need to extend some compassion to Muslims instead. Islamophobes will try to redirect our attention from victims. Don’t fall for it. #49lives #ChristchurchTerrorAttack.

Republicans defending Chelsea Clinton and Democrats defending John McCain. Weird times..

@HillaryClinton @genebsperling Clinton 2020 .. With the right running could be a big And Chelsea is a credit to your family :).

@AnooshMCL @witliftin Exactly. And when Republicans kept attacking Omar after she apologized, Chelsea Clinton defended her..

NYU Students Blame Chelsea Clinton for New Zealand Attack over Condemnation of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitic Comments.

I see the defense has settled on Chelsea Clinton is a public figure with powerful connections, as if that excuses absolutely anything..

“I’m sorry you feel that way” is in no way a real apology. We’ve called out so many men for saying this to us when we’ve told them they raped us. Why is Chelsea Clinton allowed to say it? This is some white feminist bullshit and I will be doing a lot of unfollowing tonight..

Trump’s son defends Clinton’s daughter amid accusations of stoking Islamophobia.

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Protester confronts McConnell at dinner and we get lectures about civility. People confront a pregnant Chelsea Clinton and we’re told we need to hear their perspective..

i took a whole nap and liberals are still here terrorizing a muslim college student in the name of chelsea clinton..

As much as I don’t like Chelsea Clinton, she’s not responsible for the New Zealand massacre either. You people are nuts..

@vivafalastin You are right to be angry but there are a least a million people who deserved your ire more than Chelsea Clinton. The grace with which she withstood your finger-pointing, misplaced outrage was remarkable..

@girlsreallyrule What are you even doing? Stop putting people on a pedestal. Chelsea Clinton is not beyond reproach.

chelsea clinton should be yelled at whenever she goes out in public just on principle.

@_EthanGrey Thing is, Bernie claimed he’s calling for civility for this campaign. Will he call out this clearly staged attack of Chelsea Clinton by a Bernie 2020 supporter? Or will he make believe it didn’t happen, which is basically passive approval, like he did in on 2016..

Woman who ambushed pregnant Chelsea Clinton at the Christchurch vigil refuses to apologize via @twitchyteam.

1. Chelsea Clinton is not a politician. 2. The Christchurch shooter named Donald Trump as his inspiration, not Chelsea Clinton. Maybe turn your focus on him rather than an ally who has condemned all hate and came to a vigil in solidarity with Muslims?.

i don’t keep up w/ chelsea clinton at all, what did she do?.

@Esor__Fasa @CalebJHull no but can you please tell me how Chelsea Clinton calling out anti Semitic tweets is the ~real~ issue here.

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I hate @ but to blame another PERSON or INANIMATE OBJECT for the actions of another human psychopath is absolute lunacy. That’s right. All you idiots blaming Trump & guns & Chelsea Clinton & @IlhanMN are as ignorant as they come. #NewZealandMosqueAttack.

Woman who recorded her “best friend” berating Chelsea Clinton at a vigil is also asking for Venmo donations for her. These people have built a cottage industry where they gain fame, money, and followers for being bullies..

This is NUTS. Chelsea Clinton simply called out @IlhanMN’s anti-Semitism and is now being attacked by leftists over “islamophobia” and linking her to the New Zealand massacre..

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