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As team boards finalize today, the 1-2-3 of the NBA Draft is increasingly firm, per sources: Jabari Smith to Orlando, Chet Holmgren to Oklahoma City and Paolo Banchero to Houston..

The Thunder are aggressively trying to trade up from No. 12 with their primary targets being Jaden Ivey and Shaedon Sharpe to pair with Chet Holmgren at No. 2, per @DraftExpress..

chet holmgren looks like if tyler herro and the food critic from ratatouille had a baby.

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Chet Holmgren is more than ready for tonight His most dominant moments from Gonzaga 📈.

Woj: My sense was that Chet Holmgren was the focus for Sam Presti and Oklahoma City all along. Woj says Holmgren is a potential franchise changing player, gives big kudos to SGA and Josh Giddey and mentions that if OKC wants to, they have the assets to move up from #12..

But our judicial system has proven itself fair and equitable and competent though, says Chet the Unicorn.

Prediction: 2 - Chet (obviously) 12 - trade up to 8 with New Orleans for 12, Micic, and a FRP. We take Sharpe. 34 - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Early OKC predictions for 2022-23 season: Record: 34-48 Shai averages PPG Giddey averages assists Chet averages PPG, REB, BLK.

@SchwaderZag62 I think Denver takes Nembhard, they clearly need depth at PG. Chet will be #2 to OKC..

@HoopsTalk13 Thats a reasonable expectation. The problem is going to be if Paolo and/or Chet reach their ceilings. Then, even that projection of Jabari will look bad next to the other two..

No próximo lance a criança usou a força e passou pelo Chet.

Tonight is the night my year long draft prediction comes true and Chet Holgrem gets selected #1 overall and Huey giving me $100 🤣.

@Cmoney52 It ain’t bad plays to throw something that they all out of order instead the Smith-Chet-Banchero do like Banchero-Smith-Chet lol.

NBA Draft tonight. If OKC walks away with Chet Holmgren and Shaedon Sharpe @TkHaberstroh will be happy lifelong fans..

@hyunjungsocks má nguyên hộp sticker to v nè cho m decor tới chết.

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This years draft is so balanced at the top, jabari fits with the magic the most out of top 3, chet is risky but just matches the thunder then Paola to the rockets will work too, even having the 3rd pick u wouldn’t mind.

#NBAdraft latest odds makers May explain Knicks trade inquiries 1 Smith 2 Chet 3 Paolo 4 Ivey 5 Murray 6 Mathurin 7 DD 8 Sharpe 9 Davis 10 Duren 11 AJG 12 Sochan Also, @krispursiainen great work on draft class!.

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#thunderup 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 CHET 🕯 HOLMGREN 🕯 CON EL PICK 2 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯.

It’s really surprising where everyone has Chet going, I truly don’t see his talent to be a lottery pick let alone a Top 10-15 pick..

hôm trc nói hong muốn chết nma h muốn tiếp r mn lòng người khó đoán 😩.

Magsisilbi namang general manager ng Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) si Christopher Chet Pastrana. Si Pastrana ay negosyante at nasa transportation field ayon sa pahayag mula sa tanggapan ni Marcos..

Hôm nay là 1 ngày ko vui. Áp lực có tạo nên kim cương ko hay đang ép chết bản thân nữa..

@PranavSriraman Fanduel currently has Chet -140 to go number 2. Almost weirds me out how easy it looks..

@KyleBecker99 @BodogCA bruh there is 0 chance kings pass on chet if he is there. Kings would literally take chet without seeing his medicals and chet saying he refuses to play with them..

8 người hầu tòa vì liên quan đến cái chết của huyền thoại Diego Maradona.

8 người hầu tòa vì liên quan đến cái chết của huyền thoại Diego Maradona.

@futursuzftrst Abi fiziği gelişecekse Chet ile ilgili zerre tereddüdüm yok ama çok yüksek potansiyelli diye hazır oyuncu da kaçırmam ben..

商品ページこちらになります↓ Gibson/Chet Atkins CE【1991年製】.

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@Carillo2022 @LShamster The only player that is way overhype is Chet Holgrem. Mock writers stating that he is the next great white hope. The next Larry Legend. The best player in two months and yet cant clearly dominate his age last U19 and avg in his NCAA during march madness 🤡🤡🤡.

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