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Congrats Best Rap/Sung Performance winner - This Is America Childish Gambino (@donaldglover) #GRAMMYs.

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Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Makes Grammys History via @variety.

Childish Gambino, @kendricklamar, @Drake + more win big at 2019 Grammys 🎉🎉 👀 Read More ⬇️ #runthetrap.

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Childish Gambino really stole a song and got a Grammy off of it 🤦🏿‍♂️😂.

CORDY-B commute track of the day is a Grammy winner: This is America by Childish Gambino, get it..

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#Grammys 2019 é histórico para Cardi B e Childish Gambino; mulheres saem vitoriosas..

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Childish Gambino ganhou o Grammy de Melhor videoclipe com This Is America. Super merecido, o clipe é simplesmente DEMAIS!.

O melhor dos prêmios inédito das principais categorias que o Childish Gambino ganhou é que ele boicotou o evento exatamente por um protesto antirracista. Quando o artista vive o canta é outro nível de genialidade. Máximo respeito e admiração.

Lady Gaga, Childish Gambino, Dua Lipa: os melhores momentos do #Grammy2019 [foto via @MichelleObama].

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Grammy, vince il rap anti-Trump: «Questa è l’America» di Childish Gambino.

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The song is okay at best and Childish Gambino is straight up a bad rapper.

Drake’s cut-off You don’t need a Grammy to win at music speech, Lady Gaga’s triple triumph, and the complete list of winners from the 2019 Grammys.

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Childish Gambino won 4 Grammys tonite nd he stayed his ass at home lmaoo he a real one.

Congratulations to Childish Gambino for winning the Grammy award tonight. I wish he was there to give a speech. But I do understand. #GRAMMYs #StayWoke.

and Childish Gambino/Donal Glover didn’t go to accept his award….. The whites are MELTING.

winner : Hiro Murai #GRAMMYs Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Music Video) @YouTube.

“This Is America” wins song of the year Grammy Award for Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino via Western Journal.

Eu tô chorando de orgulho e felicidade por saber que que eu terei representatividade com conteúdo digno de ser apresentado p meu filho “This Is America” do Childish Gambino é a primeira música de rap da história a ganhar o Grammy de “Som do Ano”.

@Juanderful19 I’m actually half African American so again, dumb. I’m not gonna be a fan of someone because we’re the same race if I don’t like their genre of music or have an artist I like better. No one belittled childish gambino. Can you comprehend that or is it too much for ur small brain?.

Read the White people are really in their feelings about Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” winning Song of The Year!! A hit dog will always holler..

Grammy 2019: Lady Gaga y Childish Gambino ganan los primeros premios en una edición que contó con la visita sorpresa de Michelle Obama.


meu coração tá explodindo de alegria com o childish gambino e a lady gaga ganhando esses prêmios falta só a janelle ganhar o aoty e farei as pazes com o grammy.

2019 #Grammys: Childish Gambino Wins for ‘This Is America’.

“This Is America” by Childish Gambino wins song of the year #Grammys.

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Congrats Best Rap/Sung Performance winner - This Is America Childish Gambino (@donaldglover) #GRAMMYs.

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