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A crazy look back moment in the Jets-Browns game: with 1:55 left in the game, Nick Chubb took a carry for 12 yards and a TD to go up 30-17. The Jets had no timeouts left. If Chubb went down, the Browns could have run the clock. Instead, the Jets pull off a miracle 31-30 win..

I have Lamar, Amon-Ra, Kirk, Bateman, and Chubb in our family league. I am playing against my wife. It was a good 16 year run..


Nick Chubb has more missed tackles forced on runs than every other team 👀.

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Nick Chubb last night: 🤯113 YDS 🤯102 YDS after contact.

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since RB alignment is a hot topic today, the width of Chubb’s split here is a heavy 5 man protection indicator.

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Nick Chubb’s 33-yard run was brought back due to holding on Wyatt Teller. that’s a huge break.

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GOOD lord. Every single yard Nick Chubb gained on the night came AFTER CONTACT..

🏈 Encore un gros match pour Nick Chubb cette nuit ! Il a déjà 341 yards à la course et 4 TD en 3 matchs. 💪.

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First Thoughts: Browns grind out crucial win with simple yet creative approach + defensive improvement.

Carman and Lima: Whatever it takes + Is Chubb the best player on the browns.

If you are over 50 it doesn’t shut you down for more than a few hours. If you are under 50, you may be slow getting up. I didn’t think it was possible —actually possible— to lose that game after Nick Chubb scored..

Sorry after Nick Chubb scored his final touchdown of the day I said out loud to a full room of friends. There is no way they can blow this lead, victory Monday is right around the corner. I place the blame fully on my shoulders.

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Remember the days when we would go the entire season without a 100 yard rusher against our D. Man I miss those days. But to give the d some credit Chubb is one of the top backs in the league.

Top offensive players last night according to @PFF . #Browns 1.) Jacoby Brissett - 2.) David Njoku - 3.) Wyatt Teller - 4.) Nick Chubb - 5.) Ethan Pocic -.

🗯️ Telegram Apps 🗯️ Just pm me directly 🗯️ Firstime namin 🤤 🚫 Couple Chubb Kanitive 🚫 🩸straight🩸 🩸2channel🩸 🗯️ 🗯️ 🗯️ 🗯️ ↔️many vedeo already ↔️{359-subscribers people} ↔️16:12minutes/Full Vedeo TG/ ↔️Couple Chubb Kanitive straigth.

Browns, Steelers karşısında galip gelmeyi başarıyor. 🟠Jacoby Brisset: 220 yard, 2 TD 🟠Nick Chubb: 113 rushing yard, 1 TD 🟠Amari Cooper: 101 yard, 1 TD.

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Shout out to @XXXMEEZY for the play added chubb atd to add odds.

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If you’re going to blame Chubb, which is beyond ridiculous, then blame Hunt for going OB twice. But you shouldn’t do either. Every bit of anger should be directed at the other side of the ball..

I think of this every time I see Chubb because of @WillBlackmon 😂😭.

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Browns: 28% of offensive snaps have been in empty formation (most in NFL). When you have access to both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, that should be a crime..

We got Chubb being underutilized on @Browns . We got Pickens being underutilized on @steelers . Fckin wild man. #GoDawgs.

I mean, this season is a waste. Another year of Chubb, Hunt and Garrett down the toilet. #browns.

NEW STORY: #Browns-#Steelers takeaways: Bounce-back provides relief after previous heartbreak via @beaconjournal.


Nick Chubb is such a beast. Since he entered the league in 2018, he has had the most games with 100 rushing yards (24!!!). 2) Derrick Henry - 23 3) Ezekiel Elliott - 18 4) Dalvin Cook - 18 5) Jonathan Taylor - 14 Since 2010, Chubb ranks 9th overall. Data via @TruMediaSports.

9/22 NFL Recap Justin .5u Najee Harris Anytime TD +120✅ (Caesars Profit boost) .5u Nick Chubb & Najee Harris +120✅ .5u Steelers ML +170❌ 2-1 + Zach 1u Steelers + +100❌ 0-1 -1u.

“[He’s] one of the best tackles in the league so it’s going to be a great challenge for us,” Bradley Chubb said of Trent Williams..

@nicks_chubb We had a fish in our tank kill about 6 of his boys. Might have to use this method.

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