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@greg16676935420 when chuck norris went to prison he gave the guards early release for good behavior.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k When Chuck Norris was born the doctor told his mom congratulations it’s a man..

@elonmusk @BillyM2k Chuck Norris could recover all the funds from FTX and donate it to world hunger..

@BillyM2k Ninjas dream of growing up to be Chuck Norris but usually end up being killed by Chuck Norris in a film..

Chuck Norris doesn’t trend on Twitter. Twitter trends on Chuck Norris. #ChuckNorris.

@BillyM2k @greg16676935420 Chuck Norris doesn’t call the wrong number. You pick up the wrong phone..

They asked Chuck Norris to play wordle. He took one look at it and it upgraded itself to 😎.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k If he wanted to, Chuck Norris would have colonized the whole solar system by now 😂.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k holy fuck what year is this 2011? epic chuck norris joke batman!!!! so reddit so bacon!!!!.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k Chuck Norris tripled his net worth by buying $TSLA Call options….from himself..

@BillyM2k It is said that Chuck Norris had a sexual encounter in a truck, a drop of his sperm went into the fuel system, now he has a son known as Optimus Prime..

@the_gogs Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise..

Who remembers? Chuck Norris buys high, sells low, and still makes a profit..

Chuck Norris Photo,Chuck Norris Photo by beast.eth,beast.eth on twitter tweets Chuck Norris Photo

Chuck Norris starred in this corny 90s action-comedy that was trying to capitalize on the buddy cop with a dog craze..

@elonmusk @BillyM2k Chuck Norris once stared into the abyss and it was too scared to stare back.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k When Chuck Norris gets in an airplane it doesn’t fly, he scares the earth away.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. He had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris..

@elonmusk @BillyM2k When it rains, Chuck Norris doesn’t get wet. The water gets Chuck Norrised..

@JoelKatz Chuck Norris once got nominated and won Best Action Star. 1 year after he was given the award, his movie was released..

@BillyM2k Chuck Norris can kill you with 5,236 things in a room, one of which being the room itself..

@JoelKatz Chuck Norris once round house kicked a horse in the face it’s descendent s are now called a giraffe..

@elonmusk @BillyM2k Chuck Norris once shaved his beard. That’s where redwoods come from..

@elonmusk @BillyM2k Chuck Norris is Such a badass he can kick an ATM to get the Funds FTX stole..

saw Chuck Norris trending and thought he died for a split second before remembering that Death fears him.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k When we first landed on the moon, the astronauts noted there was print on the moon that said “Chuck Norris was here.”.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k chuck norris could buy everything from my store and give a man a break.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k The tears of Chuck Norris would solve the inflation. Too bad he never cries..

@BillyM2k When chuck norris enters a room he does t turn on the light, he scares the dark out of it.

@elonmusk @BillyM2k Chuck Norris could make $MMTLP trade again and #finrafraud admit that they have not been enforcing ftd rules/regulations..

I tried to help lead everyone to the Chuck Norris mountain top, but nobody would @chucknorris.

Chuck Norris Photo,Chuck Norris Photo by 🪓🗡️🛡️,🪓🗡️🛡️ on twitter tweets Chuck Norris Photo
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