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Agensi LOONA, BlockBerryCreative, merilis pernyataan tambahan setelah Chuu didepak dari grup pada Jumat (25/11). Begini pernyataannya:.

Dónde está la gente que hace unos días decía que loona solo eran coworkers??? AHHHH????.

dunia ni sayang kau, chuu 😭😭 no cap,, everyone loves you❤️‍🩹🥺.

Love you chuu Semoga kedepannya kamu dikelilingi orang² baik, karirmu semakin melejit, pokoknya semua yg terbaik buat kamu 🫶.

@CmdeSxxedcer @allkpop Do you even know what this is about all the context???? Do you all the abuse the whole group perceived? Do you know how Chuu justa wanted to get paid for all the overworked gigs they pure her on and how she put a lawsuit so she would get paid what is her right? Do you even know +.

@KeiSScene una de las que no se ha ido es la que se metió sin permiso en la app de mensajería de los fans a pedir que animasen a chuu y a insistir en que loona son las 12 osea que dos telediarios.

@SPARKLEHUNTlNG Loona is gonna return once Hyunjin and Vivi join the injuction and they all join Chuu I just know.

jinsoul, choerry, heejin, chuu, haseul, hyunjin, vivi, kim lip, yves, go won, olivia hye e yeojin.

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