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Fritz and Fiona! DYK: Cincinnati Zoo has saved over 1 billion gallons of water since 2005 & is working on reducing consumption & waste even more. To help us achieve that goal, water used in the hippo pool is 100% recycled rain water.

Cincinnati Photo,Cincinnati Photo by Cincinnati Zoo,Cincinnati Zoo on twitter tweets Cincinnati Photo

Their QB is clutch in Cincinnati. And with that defense, I trust the Bengals more than the Chiefs. - @danorlovsky7.

Scott Satterfield leaves Louisville with an overall record of 25-24 and an ACC record of 16-18. His first winning season led to “a conversation” with South Carolina. His second one led to him leaving for Cincinnati. There were two losing seasons. And he was 0-3 against Kentucky..

Of course, if Bengals and Ravens continue trending in the direction they have been, W18 could already be Cincinnati’s if it could get two games clear..

USF- Alex Golesh Colorado- Deion Sanders Liberty- Jamey Chadwell Cincinnati- Scott Satterfield (2/2).

Is Scott Satterfield coaching for Louisville or Cincinnati in this bowl game?.

BOOM - #Sooners receive a crystal ball to flip 2023 4 ⭐️ S Daeh McCullough. A current Cincinnati commit is on flip watch 👀🔒.

@KySportsRadio Historically, Kentucky has played pretty well against Satterfield and Cincinnati. It’s time to bring the rivalry back..

Cincinnati Photo,Cincinnati Photo by Doug Edert Stan Account,Doug Edert Stan Account on twitter tweets Cincinnati Photo

Louisville football players were ... surprised, to say the least.

The last time Cincinnati hired a retread coach he ended up as a US Senator. So congratulations Senator Scott Satterfield!.

So it looks like Cincinnati beat Louisville in basketball and Louisville evened it up in football. Can’t wait for the tiebreaker next Saturday..

RICK BOZICH: It’s Official: Satterfield bolting Louisville for Cincinnati | Sports |.

@Jimbo00o @jamesholod I was going to say, speaking as a recent transplant to Cincinnati you should totally do it..

Cincinnati gonna hire Louisville coach who ain’t accomplished shit. We might as well bring back Tuberville.

Got the vintage jeff blake jersey on at work. Its who dey nation. Cincinnati is here!!.

My heuristic for whether Cincinnati made a good coaching hire is whether or not @UCBearcat92 is happy.

Recency bias distorts. Louisville is tier 1-B. Cincinnati a solid 2, even in the Big 12.

Louisville football players were ... surprised, to say the least.

@GameDayGabi So, Cincinnati is a step up from Louisville?? Why would Brohm take a step backward to go to Louisville??? Won’t happen and I hate that guys like Dakich will stir the pot to fung our shway before the Citrus Bowl!!!.

Scott Satterfield to be Cincinnati Bearcats next football coach. 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Cincinnati Food: A History of Queen City Cuisine (American Palate) YNCSFKK.

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Cincinnati players hearing their new coach talk about loving on them during the Bearcat party..

Cincinnati Photo,Cincinnati Photo by Ville Clinton,Ville Clinton on twitter tweets Cincinnati Photo

@Aer_Amenadiel @JoeGoodberry Yup they they just might knock Cincinnati out of playoff contention Sunday..

@MadDogRadio Bengals beating the Chiefs absolutely electric playoff like atmosphere in Cincinnati.

Today we’re talking about the Chiefs’ 27-24 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals ... and getting used to the idea the Chiefs aren’t the AFC’s best team..

@zimwhodey 🤝 what can I say, Cincinnati’s got KCs number… always seem to get into their head and throw them off their game Lol still don’t like y’all, but #respect 😂.

Global Entry Interview available in Cincinnati Enrollment Center on 2023-04-26 at 12:45 PM..

John Lowe
John Lowe

I’ll take “what in the world, didn’t see this coming” for $400, Alex..

@TalkinACCSports U of L getting a huge coaching upgrade while Cincinnati must be tired of winning.

Cincinnati to hire Scott Satterfield as next head football coach.

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