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There is a *very* strong case to be made that by appointing so many utterly unworthy people to the House of Lords, Boris Johnson has accelerated its demise. However strong the arguments for retention, the ennoblements Zac Goldsmith, Claire Fox & Daniel Moylan will destroy them..

#bbcqt Claire Fox is a perfect reason to abolish the House of Lords. Just dreadful sense.

Why is reactionary Nigel Führage fangirl, Claire Fox, even in the Lords? She was a Revolutionary Communist like most of the now right wing bell-ends? #bbcqt.

Sit down Claire Fox, sit down Gerard Lyons. ‘Brexit worse for the UK economy than Covid pandemic, OBR says Fiscal watchdog says Brexit would cut GDP by around 4% long term, while Covid impacts would hit output by a further 2% #bbcqt.

Claire Fox who helped take a wrecking ball to the future of this country gets a seat in the Lords as a thank you and keeps getting invited back on #bbcqt and other Beeb programmes.

Listening to Claire Fox on #bbcqt is a good example why the House of Lords should be abolished..

@TheLastPersont2 @bbcquestiontime Not to be outdone by his replacement PM, Johnson continues to astound us with ineptitude. Great to see Claire Fox again tonight representing the Revolutionary Communist Party, the IRA, the Tories, UKIP, a right wing stink tank and of course herself.🤦‍♂️.

#bbcqt Claire Fox a righteous communist who takes her place in the lords at our expense tells us we should be creating a bigger cake .. for her to keep eating from?.

Claire Fox is absolutely stupid fracking will be a disaster. No wondered they treated her crap in the Lords when she presented her case #bbcqt.

Turn on Question Time, see Claire Fox promoting fracking, immediately change channel.

Claire RCP Fox can summon up the fish .. Well the wacky politics has reached a new level of crankery… Messianic Gobbledegook #bbcqt.

Claire Fox says “We need a bigger cake”. Yeah right Claire - you gonna provide that bigger planet? #bbcqt.

Unbelievable that Brexiteer Claire Fox says the fishing industry should be finished off British fishing. #bbcqt.

Claire Fox “everyone said I was a little bit crazy”. Well, they have a point…. #bbcqt.

Claire Fox peddling fracking. Sounded like a speech for her fascist political party to enter the political landscape. #bbcqt.

#bbcqt @Fox_Claire absolutely rocking it. No point in redistriburing the cake if the cake remains the same size. We need investment in infrastructure, in industry - we need a new industrial revolution..

Oh dear poor Claire Fox… imagine being treated as a lunatic when you are actually a lunatic Traumatising ! #bbcqt.

#bbcqt I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be voting for Fracking next to your house @Fox_Claire.

@MT_Kilpatrick It’s Claire Fox another feckin unintelligent gob - s who has been given a seat in the Lords.

Baroness @Fox_Claire tying herself up in knots on #bbcqt. ‘Young people need to think long term and embrace energy sources like #fracking’. Long term thinking (re the environmental impact vs gains) is one of the main reasons that so many are opposing it! Gung ho nonsense..

@Fox_Claire I have a few ideas for saving money on several things can you point me in the right direction with who I can talk to about them ?.

This chap banging on about fracking hes been listening to experts like claire fox jezzzz #bbcqt.

@bbcquestiontime Well, we know what mad Claire Fox thinks. Frack the lot of you! Frack everywhere! Frack me!.

@Nomaxone @Fox_Claire Sorry just a total disdain for Fox and her views As though she makes any difference to society, she’s full of self importance.

Claire Fox or throw thousands of ideas and one may be right. Scattergun idiot. #bbcqt.

@Fox_Claire @laird01554927 The will be no sophistication in his he obviously chose not to listen to your response 🤷🏾‍♂️.

There’s the first site for fracking, next door to Claire Fox. I wonder though in reality if she would welcome it with open arms #bbcqt.

very telling that culture warrior claire fox spends her answer about the cost of living going on about her weird little culture war bugbears. #bbcqt.

Real case of old wine in new bottles on #bbcqt tonight. With Claire Fox it’s more like old vinegar in new bottles too..

I literally can’t believe #BBCQT gave Claire fucking Fox the last fucking say on renewable energy what an actual joke looool.

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