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Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence: 22-of-27 for 391 yards, 5 TD and a pick. It’s not even halftime yet.

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Wahoowa UVA
Wahoowa UVA ()

its so hard to see us play Clemson like a then we are unraveling dont get it

KT ()

@MattyMoo_128 it was a real shitty win. the outlast is needed hopefully he reads this right before clemson

make it stop
Make it stop ()

because FSU is a Coke-sponsored campus and Powerade is made by Coke. nah. Clemson is a Coke-sponsored campus too, but their Athletic Department is still normal and partners with Gatorade to provide drinks/fuel etx to their teams. Its cuz Gatorade was invented and

Marsh🤟🏽 ()

Clemson is #8 and Pitt is #11 in terms of total defense, of course you’ll see some drop off on the Canes offense. Until UNC however, Miami will be going up against some weaker defensive teams. So I expect to see more points in the coming weeks

Always Irish ☘️
Always Irish ☘️ ()

Running out of weeks for the offense to “round into form” before Clemson comes to town ..

Peter “PJ” Morales
Peter “PJ” Morales ()

UNC: “Looks like there’s a real shot at an ACC Championship this year!” Clemson: “What’d you say?”

Zee ()

@MyLittleBurner5 Don’t cap down. Clemson runs AU offense took our offense and ran it better than us

Cro👑ned ()

@ESPNCFB wrong stat line from commentator on ABC. (Clemson Game). Wooden went to 9 straight final 4s not 6. (1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975).

Bill Matenaer
Bill Matenaer ()

@AlphaDogBets you forgot to mention that Clemson team total was your mortgage the house play of the year 😂😂🤑🤑. Doesn’t get much easier.

Stuckey ()

I’m sorry to say we won’t see this until the Clemson game. Ian Book is holding Notre Dame from its full potential.

Mitch Brown
Mitch Brown ()

In #Clemson news: Former Gray Collegiate Star Hunter Helms threw his first collegiate touchdown. Already seen action in two of the Tigers’ five games this season. 📈 @wachfox

James_roe ()

@sansdn This is Clemson, where I went to school, and these people are depressingly real, this is basically what the collegiate experience was there distilled into a single minute, or would be if there was some American football shout out somewhere in the video.

‏ً ()

@_huddawg_ tell me how QBs became a star for Clemson before Watson, how many LSU QBs have been elite , should the bengals have passed on Burrow bc Jamarcus? NDSU before Wentz? Michigan outside of Brady? MSU outside of Kirk? Texas Tech outside of Mahomes? How many?


@_Steezo_ Bama almost got upset by ole miss , Ohio state defense ain’t the same , Clemson have the same squad on Offense & Defense QB got like 16 TDS 0 ints this year

• ()

2018 Alabama mopped everybody up until the national title game when Clemson blew them out the water, but Clemson wouldn’t be as good in the SEC ?

Mjm ()

@BrandonTierney I also took the under in the clemson game. What are they chances we still win? Lol

tay | rebs by 90
Tay | rebs by 90 ()

@jon_bois I think Clemson should just keep going balls to the walls, see how many points they can score

Tyler Giuliani
Tyler Giuliani ()

Clemson really put up 52 points in a half vs Georgia Tech . This is why I will never take the ACC serious . Clemson’s competition is so bad lmao

Ricky Geiger
Ricky Geiger ()

@AriWasserman GT has to feel good with 2 legitimately good true freshmen that could contribute to a top 10 teams at very important positions down the line. Their goal is to teach those kids what it takes to beat Clemson. Its not easy and you want them to experience that and use it to fuel/lead

🎃Cap’N Executioner👻
🎃Cap’N Executioner👻 ()

Scanning through which games are available to watch, given we’ve already missed half, and we keep seeing Clemson/Georgia Tech. Deb: May as well watch that one. Score pops up. Me: It’s 52-7 at the half for Clemson. No damn way we’re watching that one!

Jacoby Brisskett
Jacoby Brisskett ()

@WholesomeRyan I would agree. Those 3 probably. But I dunno about the 4th team. Then things can change. Someone might get upset but I just don’t see Clemson losing to North Carolina or notre dame. And bama will have a decent game tonight but I think the defense will be ready for uga

borgur kung
Borgur kung ()

@jon_bois It wasn’t that long ago GT was punking Clemson left and right! Cheers my good dude, love the posts

6’7 Bald Black Man
6’7 Bald Black Man ()

@iDre22 Better losers personally ohio st has NEVER beaten clemson and i love it

Andrew Hoffer
Andrew Hoffer ()

@ClemsonFB As much as I love Notre Dame, I have to say Clemson is mesmerizing to watch. Absolutely elite football team. Gonna be a fun one in three weeks! 🍀🏈🐯

Duneedon ()

@jon_bois Clemson v. Ohio State in NC game. Might as well play it next weekend and get it over with.

Albert Breer
Albert Breer ()

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence: 22-of-27 for 391 yards, 5 TD and a pick. It’s not even halftime yet.

Clemson Football
Clemson Football ()

🚨 NEW RECORD 🚨 With his TD today, @swaggy_t1 becomes Clemson’s all-time career scoring leader! ETN (408) breaks Chandler Catanzaro’s previous record of 404 points from 2010-13.

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PFF College
PFF College ()

Highest-graded ACC players: 1. Christian Darrisaw, VA Tech OT - 2. Trevor Lawrence, Clemson QB - 3. Jaquarii Roberson, Wake Forest - 4. Khalil Herbert, VA Tech RB - 5. Derion Kendrick, Clemson CB -

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PFF College
PFF College ()

Lowest completion % allowed among power five defenders: 🔺 Noah Daniels, TCU - 27% 🔺 Storm Duck, UNC - 31% 🔺 Andrew Booth Jr, Clemson - 31%

Clemson Photo,Clemson Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
PFF College
PFF College ()

Clemson CBs Derion Kendrick and Andrew Booth Jr. in 2020: 🔸 Targets: 20 🔸 Completions: 4 🔸 Forced incompletions: 9 🔸 Passer rating allowed:

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