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Updated: August 3rd, 2021 04:37 AM IST

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BREAKING: Clemson and Florida State have reached out to the SEC about joining the conference, per @MarcRyanOnAir

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The ACC is going to blow up next. WVU just jumps from lifeboat to lifeboat. WVU would win games in the ACC, but SEC means stability. ACC revenue was already #4 in the P5 beating only the Pac 12, way behind Big 12. If Clemson leaves the ACC, then that entire conference is history.

@Chrisuhrich2 For sure dabo is a great coach. The ACC is just a weak conference other than Clemson

Congratulations Luke Brown (2023 Middle Creek High School RHP) on his commitment to Clemson #impact⚾️

Honestly impressed by genius of SEC super teams + Clemson/Ohio State. They know ND, Texas, A&M, FSU, Michigan, etc pose NO threat to them, but those teams get validation by inclusion in the super league and will then say yes to dumb things that only benefit the real Super Teams

After a long talk with my family I am excited to announce that I’m going to be continuing my academic and athletic career at Clemson University. Thanks to all of the coaches in my life. Without God none of this would be possible. Go Tigers 🐅 @ClemsonBaseball @MonteLeeCU

Clemson Photo,Clemson Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Lol Fred Davis on Clemson was going 115 MPH in a 55 mph zone, hit a Mail truck and severely injured the driver requiring months of hospitalization, and two other cars crashed because of it. And Clemson said the dude will be internally punished. Lmao, big dawg needs jail time.

The truth is… if Clemson hasn’t reached out, they’re doing a monumental disservice to the future of the program and the school overall.

@mdlusk2 @cutigerbelle Thank you! Let the SEC cannibalize each other. It’s hard to imagine Clemson anywhere but the ACC

Top 5 At 5 // August 2nd 2021 5. Did Clemson and FSU reach out to SEC? 4. Carson Wentz out with foot injury 3. Gold Cup Finals 2. Quinn Ewers leaves HS early to enroll at OSU 1. Vaccines in the NFL (comments from Ron Rivera)

@jbook37 ... Guiton came aboard as a last-second, sight-unseen offer after Tajh Boyd pulled a 180 and committed to Clemson.

ICYMI: Allison Kwolek has been named the first head coach in @ClemsonWlax history.

Clemson and Florida State Are Exploring a Move to the SEC, as First Reported by Barstool Sports

I won’t even get into how often Higgins was literally benched after halftime because Clemson was destroying opponents so badly, skewing his TS

Clemson, Florida State reportedly reach out to SEC about joining confrence via @pghsportsnow

@PFF_College @MarcRyanOnAir At least they are in the Southeast. But why would Clemson want to be in the SEC? Other than Alabama, no one has had more success than them recently.

@helena1738 would be more money but worse for the team, so could be either depending on your perspective. Both recent years that Clemson won the championship they were the best team in the country and conference wouldn’t have changed that, but they wouldn’t be making playoffs the other years

Look, I’m not saying the rumor of Clemson and FSU reaching out to the SEC is completely silly, but I know we’ve been down that realignemnt rumor mill on multiple occasions previously. But, to be fair, we’ve also been down Oklahoma and Texas leaving the Big 12” paths before too.

@_dawnmontgomery @KingMe1906 He didnt think FSU and Clemson was calling for the SEC? They were talking before Missouri and Texas A&M were talking about coming over 10+ years ago. At one point it was FSU and Miami.

FLORIDA and Jacksonville need to GET WITH THE PROGRAM! This is not a political matter @GovRonDeSantis PEOPLE ARE DYING HERE AT 3 times the rate of others! See how REAL LEADERS DO THIS?!?!

@Vadertimez @EricMacLain Alabama is the sole reason why Georgia hasn’t won 1 maybe 2-3 natty’s during the last 10 years, I hate Georgia but if I was anybody else besides OSU/Clemson I’d fear playing them.

@WVHallBilly Hmmm Clemson and fsu walk. The 8 remaining join the 12 acc. 20 team conference. 4 divisions 5 schools. I like this idea. Question is how much tv money does the old big east old acc generate?

Bruh at this point just make the entire Power five join the SEC. First Texas and Oklahoma, now Clemson and FSU?

@BobbyWilson1004 Yeah we do. We need all the historic southern school. Clemson, GT, FSU 😂

@SSN_Clemson @SSN_Alabama It’s not semantics. At all. You said 9 1st rd draft picks when the reality is 9 picks OVERALL. That’s 2 drastically different things that don’t represent the same caliber team whatsoever. A team with 9 first round picks. A team with 9 draft picks. Not remotely the same thing

@DawgOutWest As long as the Georgia o line keeps JTD upright I like Georgia’s chances. I’d take Justyn Ross over any UGA WR with no Pickins though. Clemson’s O line looked awful against Ohio State.

Update on the Condition of the Mailman, Clemson CB Fred Davis II Ran Over While Going 115 MPH in a 55 MPH Zone (Video)

Clemson Photo,Clemson Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Clemson and Florida St belongs in the SEC it makes more sense but why bring Texas and Oklahoma over?

@CFBHome @theo042296 LOL yall were ready to claim 2018 bama as the goat if they would have beaten clemson

@Vadertimez @EricMacLain You’re fucking drunk if you think that, no Alabama & Georgia runs laps around the rest of the country, besides Clemson & OSU.

BREAKING: Clemson and Florida State have reached out to the SEC about joining the conference, per @MarcRyanOnAir

Clemson Photo,Clemson Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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