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Updated: August 3rd, 2021 10:37 AM IST

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Darby Allin just teased CM Punk’s #AEW debut #AEWDynamite

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@JDfromNY206 they booked this shit on purpose in response to CM Punk in AEW 💀 this shit sucked

#WWERaw Fans, let’s get one AEDUB chants, PLEASE! That would be the most entertaining thing tonight outside cm punk chants and we want Wyatt chants

Los jóvenes de hoy en día solo quieren una cosa: ㅤ Que CM Punk regrese al wrestling.

The only thing you people love more than a champion is a martyr - @MsCharlotteWWE trying to elicit another CM Punk chant #WWERaw

Mustafa Ali is a better representation for Chicago than CM Punk. He is also a better wrestler. #WWERaw

My 2k universe mode is booked better than RAW. My fans never chant CM Punk because I care.

Major CM Punk - AEW Updates, Chris Jericho Beats Nick Gage I The Wrestling Inc. Daily

From what I can gather, and this is by no means a concrete report, but CM Punk and Daniel Bryan may not be the only huge names that come into #AEW this year

You know what advantage July 2021 AEW has over February 2020 AEW?? CM Punk teases, Nick Gage, a proper deathmatch, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Stephen Amell confirma en entrevista con Busted Open Radio que CM Punk está en excelente forma aún y puede dar buenas luchas. Este añadió que le envío un texto a Punk preguntándole si va a regresar a los cuadriláteros, pero Punk sólo envió un emoji de un Gato como respuesta.

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Según reportes, WWE tiene cero interés en traer a CM Punk, es más esperan que AEW lo contrate para que les rompa las pelotas a ellos. Toxicidad fuera, mala vibra fuera 🎶

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So brock Lesnar to AEW you honestly think AEW can afford to pay Lesnar’s salary as well as CM Punk’ not to mention the 3 million jobbers on dark. The company is already in the red. Lesnar is going to back to the UFC or Bellator imo.

Tony Khan issues no comment when questioned about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan signing with AEW

Woked Up Still Can’t Believe We Getting Cm Punk Daniel Bryan And Possibility Brock Lesnar In AEW 👀🔥 The Excitement Is Real #AEW #AEWDynamite I Hope Everyone Has A Great Day ☀️ Happy Thursday

Following the announcement that AEW Rampage is headed to the United Center, Darby Allin had a special message for the Best In The World... [#AEW] [#AEWDynamite]

“Even if you think, you’re the best in the world” Darby Allin teased CM Punk’s AEW debut for AEW Rampage “The First Dance” on August 20 in Chicago. CM Punk debuting at The United Center? COUNT ME IN! #AEW #AEWDynamite

AEW STRONGLY Teasing CM Punk Debut | Legend Making Dynamite Debut Next Week | Huge Queen Of The Ring Update | WRESTLING NEWS

Kevin Nash On Whether CM Punk Joining #AEW Would End #WWE Chants

Je me connecte, et je vois CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, et Rey Mysterio en TT, pourquoi ? ❤️

More backstage details on AEW potentially signing CM Punk, whose name has been a topic of conversation in the locker

I had to watch the announcement & promo again! Man that crowd chanting CM PUNK! Too big of a tease right here. @DarbyAllin you funny! Now the real question is… I was going to wear my Chicago colors at All Out… should I wear them to Rampage 😭😭😭 @aew Why you do this to me?!

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Has anyone checked on that CM punk kid from NJ/ NY area that’s at like every indy show somehow? All this excitement in the air poor kids gonna have a damn coronary

This gave me goosebumps. look at the icy stare of the vigilante. he has never faced a wrestler like cm punk so he has nothing to say to his young protege. based

So that was what 4-5 direct references to CM Punk catchphrases and promos? Are they even pretending anymore? -Rich

We had An amazing emotional elimination match A Tanahashi appearance A massive CM Punk Tease A crazy deathmatch and so much more ALL ON TV I dont think people understand how great this run that AEW are on rn is This is legendary shit #AEWDynamite

With the amount of CM Punk references #AEW  are slipping in, they really have to deliver on them now. Let’s hope he really did sign. PS fuck off I made a typo in the last attempt it’s 3am here.


Darby Allin just teased CM Punk’s #AEW debut #AEWDynamite

can they run a special WWE FS1 chat program with CM Punk so he can walk off the set to Night Train by Bouncing Souls

CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! #AEWDynamite

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