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It’s the Last Word with Coach O before the Tigers take on Florida!.

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Tem gente com a mente consumida pela lógica capitalista/papo de coach que acha ok umas coisas surreais fala merda na internet depois vem falar de saúde mental - ainda conjuga o verbo no imperativo é o ÁPICE.

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@CoachWTrenchMob Stop them to correct them and show them exactly how to do the drill the right way he either move on to the next drill or move to the next play w/o teaching shxt the right way. If u know anything about coaching every real coach take pride in correcting players mistakes and teachin.

And Coach O practically begged to be the USC head coach,.

Jesus está voltando e os pregadores (#Coach) massageando o ego do povo. #AcordaTuQueDormes.

You can not compare Coach O to anyone. He is the greatest human being alive. If you do compare him to anyone, I have lost all respect and credibility for you..

@InsideUSC If , Garrett, Marcus, White, Busch had Helton as head coach none would have even sniffed the Heisman. They all probably would have been buried on the depth chart..

Josh had a great game on O & D!! This team is so balanced!.

@MrCped My mid season, running on caffeine for two months coach brain read the first line as an add for an energy drink 😂 #BangBang.

Preciso cortar o cabelo. Aqui em Ithaca não tem muita barbearia. Não existe barbeiro coach pelo visto, não existe empreendedorismo barberiano. Algo que sempre critiquei tá me fazendo falta..

신속진행 빠른입금 시크릿티켓 【 O1O-4412-2369 】 카카오톡 : 번호저장후 친추 conclude 휴대폰소액결제 raise 소액결제정책 baby 모바일소액결제 degrade 현금화 horizon 아이폰소액결제현금 coach.

This lil 🐷 went to louis 👠 This lil 🐷 went to coach 👢 (Fuck kamala harris👮‍♀️) This lil 🐷 went to Maison Margiela👡 This lil 🐷 goin DOWN MY FUCKIN THROAT I B E S U C K I N T O E S 👣👣👅👅 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Coach O on winning “we are 6-0 we will enjoy it tonight. Tell the truth Monday we will see some things we don’t like. But, it’s good to win and have things to correct.”.

Coach O: I thought Trask played phenomenal. Going into Tiger Stadium and playing like that was phenomenal.

Hard to argue the O has the #LSU Program Trending “UP”.

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Coach O: This team is hungry, this team is fresh and about as healthy as we can be..

.. Coach O .. once we protect the quarterback .. I feel confident in us protecting the football .. #wgnosports #LSU.

Coach O’s voice is like a bass guitar, a tuba, and nails being blended together..

@NickdelaTorreGC I could understand coach O way better at his postgame presser than his pregame on field interview. #beer.

I respect @LSUfootball not for just beating @GatorsFB tonight but the fact that with all the noise they’re able to understand the coaching from Coach can’t even understand him in the press conference..

Top 5 favorite coaches in college football right now 1. Kirk Ferentz 2. Mike Leach 3. Brian Ferentz 4. Muschamp 5. Lincoln Riley/Coach O.

.. Coach O .. says of last TD ..pedal to the metal .. we are not going to stop .. #wgnosports #LSU.

Coach O: When you have a quarterback like Joe you know we can score everytime we have the ball.

It’s the Last Word with Coach O before the Tigers take on Florida!.

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