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AG Garland said they will hold EVERYONE accountable for their 1/6 crimes, but they’ll do it in a way that honors the Constitution. Well . . . honoring the Constitution is not a half-way proposition. Let’s honor the 14th Amendment’s disqualification clause. Because #JusticeMatters.

The RSS tried to create disturbance when the draft Constitution was being debated in the Constituent Assembly on Jan 4, 1949. Here is an authentic record. And today it poses as a great champion of the Constitution!!!.

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At the inaugural session of First All India District Legal Services Authorities Meet, emphasised on the importance given to legal aid in our Constitution and the vitality of the various Legal Services Authorities..

ECP verdict on PTI foreign funding case chargesheets Imran Niazi for violating the Constitution, submitting false affidavits & accepting foreign money. Proven yet again that he is a certified liar. Nation should ponder over the implications of his politics funded by foreigners..

CJ @WMutunga do you still doubt that this a very effective and robust public participation of the people as required by the constitution? fair, please!.

🚨Possible DIRTY TRICKS in advance of a vote Tuesday to amend the Kansas constitution 🚨 A NO vote will protect reproductive rights. A YES vote will clear the way for the legislature to ban abortion..

The only way a national referendum can be put forward is via our federal parliament The notice of referendum must be passed by a majority in both houses There is no other way You can not - repeat, can not - bypass our federal parliament if you want to change the Constitution.

“None of this exonerates or excuses those who rioted ... However, the use of “insurrection” by the politicians, pundits, and the press is not an accurate characterization … It was clear that this was a protest that became a riot.”.

Muslims opposed to the new UMSC constitution have asked Mr Museveni to allow them use Kololo grounds on August 26 “to discuss the unending Muslim leadership wrangles and forge a way forward.” Details: #MonitorUpdates.

@Hulcricket @senorblanxo I would be filing suit under the third amendment to the constitution..

Butembo:Condamnons la répression sanglante d la veillé mortuaire au rd pt #VGH où la population voulait honorer les âmes d nos compatriotes tuées lors d manifestations/@MONUSCO en violation dl’ d la constitution. Dotons c pays autorités ki obéissent à la volonté d populat•.

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@BaddCompani The Russians were delighted, they elected is not allowed in the constitution,,,Hillary WON by 3 million votes,,,Russians hacked the vote in key close states via social media campaign or anything they could to elect a Russian than a woman??.


ಸಾಂವಿಧಾನಿಕ ಹಕ್ಕು, ಕರ್ತವ್ಯದ ಜಾಗೃತಿ ಅಗತ್ಯ: ಸಿಜೆಐ ಎನ್.ವಿ.ರಮಣ #CJI #SupremeCourtOfIndia.

@YRoseTexas @Phil_Motta Because we don’t believe in murdering babies, not leaving Americans behind when leaving a war zone, against pedophiles, pro Constitution, anti grooming, ….Need more?.

@OSUPacky @SenatorDurbin Why the change? Allow me to introduce you to the Constitution….

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and they are suppose to judge us and uphold the kyun bhai CJI ji.

Mike Lee has abandoned the Constitution out of loyalty to Trump and the big lie. Utah deserves better..

When #Congress takes an oath to the constitution and votes to change the constitution is rather treasonous in my book.

#WeCallForJustice in Asaram Bapu Case क्योंकि According to Our Constitution, Bail Is D Rule & Jail is D Exception, फिर भी संत पर जारी है अन्याय फर्जी केस में भी ! Anyay Kab tak Justice For Asharamji Bapu.

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@informedmormon If the government encroaches on your rights…something about the constitution…you know, the document y’all seem to hate…our country was founded on it…read it sometime, get “enlightened”.

Indian Constitution: Article 48(A) Protection and improvement of environment and safeguarding of forests and wildlife. State shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country. Caps at cost for profit.😊.

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#GodMorningMonday It is very important to understand Constitution Of Supreme God to make sure that we don’t do any sins that we might have to pay back at the time of our death. @SaintRampalJiM Visit Satlok Asharm YouTube Channel #mondaythoughts.

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Relevant editorial in today’s Hindu on how PMLA verdict, is in clear violation of fundamental rights and the constitution. With around conviction rate, ED and related cases are definitely a blot in Indian democracy - as they say “they let the process punish you”.

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JOHN KIRBY on Pelosi: We have been clear from the very beginning that she will make her own decisions, and that Congress is an independent branch of government. Our Constitution embeds a separation of powers. This is well known to the PRC..

You want to an INSURRECTION? @TheDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi commit acts of treason against the Constitution tight before our eyes! The right to KEEP and BARE arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Assault weapons ban passed in House of Representatives.


Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”-WC. Not only do democrats ignore our constitution,they refuse to follow the rules of their manifesto. Bowser get’s immediate response to illegals invading DC? Bull crap. You created a sanctuary Saint Muriel now show us how it works..

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But the government would need to make it clear on the ballot paper that the voter was approving the proposed law, because this is what is required by the Constitution: Anne Twomey 2/2.

The Congress Legislative Act of 2022- Congress has the right to make laws and rights in RELATION TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It must and always be in ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONSTITUTION..


@TSBrit114 I hope Britney gets to create a few action figures. One can be her upcoming book which will expose her family, another can be a rose for project Rose, and others such as a Constitution, and middle finger..

I’ll be voting NO. Why does the constitution need it? They are represented in every government with their own portfolio. They have their own budget, minister etc. what’s next? Nope, just represent them as Australian. I think it causes more division!!!.

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