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Texans trading WR Brandin Cooks to Cowboys for 2023 5th round pick + 2024 6th round pick. (via @rapsheet).

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Sources: The #Texans are trading WR Brandin Cooks to the #Cowboys for a 5th this year and 6th next year. A big-play threat for Dallas..


Breaking: The Cowboys are acquiring Texans WR Brandin Cooks in exchange for a 2023 fifth-round pick and a 2024 sixth-round pick, sources told @AdamSchefter and @JFowlerESPN..

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This trade is now done: Brandin Cooks has been traded to Dallas..

Frank the Tank cooks breakfast You are officially on notice @GordonRamsay @NjTank99.

Cooks is a great fit. Money-wise, scheme-wise, role-wise… Adds speed more than DHop or OBJ would, can move around opposite of CeeDee, and will help spread defenses vertically and horizontally with Go routes, and speed outs… and for almost nothing! Great trade!.

You might be right and no I’m not saying he better than Dhop but Cowboys needed speed and Cooks provides that.

CREAM CHEESE DANISHES - The Southern Lady Cooks - Easy and kids love these. #recipes #danish.

@ComicLoverMari Like how Wolverine cooks with his claws and it horribly grosses everyone out..

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The kind of cook that will take place on Yvonne head this week ehn😂😂 Ndi #Yvonne #BBTitans.

Cooks Photo,Cooks Photo by Yvonne forehead VONNEARMY 🥷🏽🪄,Yvonne forehead VONNEARMY 🥷🏽🪄 on twitter tweets Cooks Photo

People thinking they have to tell you obvious things is hilarious. No logical Eagles fan thinks Cooks is coming to be the #1 when Lamb exists. Please stop talking stupid. LMAO..

@Albertstan @ParkerTandA Did anyone see a ‘pools player throw something at him? I think that’s what the back and forth between the officials and the other yellow was about. Assume Cooks card was for going on about it.

@ImADakFan @lord_brunson Then why didn’t a single Dallas fan ask for the Cooks trade but were ready to throw a Roman Triumph for OBJ last season?.

I like it, Cooks produces wherever he goes. Solid offseason so far..


cant wait to see what he cooks up as he’s forced to play with milner.

@MikeFPlays Edelman was a seventh round pick 5 years before cooks was even drafted. His first two contracts were nothing. He was also not nearly as good as cooks.

The Cowboys gave up Amari Cooper for a 5th and got Brandin Cooks for a 5th and a 6th round pick? Make it make sense.

“ThE fO iSnT dOiNg ShIt” The FO trades for Cooks. “ThAtS nOt EnOuGh” 😂😂😂 I hate SOME Cowboys fans..


Cowboys fans hanging their SB hopes & dreams on Cooks. Those casual football fan “stats guys” forget that he’d have to be traded 17 more times next year to get anywhere near those number since Dak only throws to the other team. Cook & Dak, average. Those fans, insufferable.

@liveocgirl Cooks is so underrated. He’s a good dynasty asset who is usually undervalued.

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@HarryFroling Cooks actually fouled you there by stomping on your foot, but you species..

@FoxNews I love my gas stove. Cooks much better than electric. Could you imagine restaurant’s trying to cook on electric stoves hahaha liberalism is a psychological disease..

@LoveWilko Oooooo how exciting! I’d cook fajitas with chips 🤣❤️. Would be just amazing! My friend has an Airfryer and is always telling me about the brilliant things she cooks for the family. It would be great if you picked me & so incredible to win🌟.

In my last life, I should have saved the whole universe by being hungry, and in this life I will reward a husband who cooks deliciously!.

@LynneDMNoble1 I watched one of those Jamie Oliver programmes a meal for £1 per portion but then he cooks for 2hrs plus all the prep cooking..

@cooks_shige 検索から失礼致します! 宮野と松本交換可能だったりしますか?( т т ).

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She cooks, cleans and cares … so why is a woman in Uganda worth only 20% of divorce assets? | Primah Kwagala.

@JPronos23 Je partais sur lui ou cooks, j’ai plutôt bien réussi car cooks fini à 19 😉 Bonne chance pour les prochains bets 💪🍀.

Cowboys fans told me Cooks sucks. Weird to see them take on the majority of $18m for a dude who sucks..

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