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Panthers to interview Cowboys OC Kellen Moore for their head coaching job on Tuesday, per @TomPelissero.

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there are real life cowboys fans that think dak has played his last game for dallas, i’m crying.

Micah Parsons effortlessly sent 310-pound Mike McGlinchey airborne and fans were in awe.

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@AntonBodilsen @MartinNyvang Tak Anton, det vil jeg gøre. Selvom mine øjne siger mig noget andet😅 Jeg har (næsten) altid været Dakmand. Men der er ved at tegne sig et mønster, og jeg er ved at miste troen på, han nogensinde tager holdet det sidste har haft SÅ mange gode hold med ham ved roret.

It’s astonishing that Nick Bosa is the favorite for DPOY. Micah is a one man show. Not flanked by Pro Bowlers at all levels. In 2 yrs, Parsons has transformed the Cowboys D..

I don’t know what Cowboys fans need to hear this, but don’t take it out on your tv. It’s not the tv’s fault you make bad choices on who to root for..

🔵⚪️ GAMEDAY 🔵⚪️ Cowboys back on the road tonight for CHL action as we travel to Indian Hill! All three teams in action. 🏀 vs Indian Hill 📍 Indian Hill HS 🕢 4:30/6:00/7:30 @WyomingSports.

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Cowboys have to overcome ridiculous Tom Brady stat in playoff matchup.

@Der_Mayfield @CjKyojin Cowboys success was 3 decades ago , typical cowboys fan always living in the past . Nobody cares what you did nearly 30 years ago , I assure you we don’t.

Cowboys are the worst fan base known to man. Last week, they drank the kool aid and talked mad 💩. After losing to the 49ers, they wanna get rid of everyone and no one wore anything with a star today! #WorstFanBase #DisasterWaitingToHappen.

@KevinGraySports Sean Payton will be HC soon, DQ stays for a raise. there is a reason the Jones boys went silent. there will be black smoke coming from Frisco just like from the Vatican til the announcement. once you see the white smoke, the cowboys will give their #27 overall and 2024 2nd..

Ok after a day of it being over, I feel bad about dissing the Dallas Cowboys. Especially since they use to be my team. It’s like me dissing the toxic ex but feeling bad when thinking of those rare good moments.

@Jmac38096199 I don’t question Kittles ability rather I want Purdy a rookie throwing the ball every down under heavy pressure he’ll fold. The Cowboys were playing both of their safeties deep, FOR WHAT? Debo, Aiyuk are physical but lack speed, the 46 defense will squeeze the 49ers..

@StatsOnFire Yeah, imagine…you know what I don’t have to imagine? A win over the cowboys and another trip to the NFCCG..


@CoolPresDad @MonKershh I wanted the Bills to go to the Super Bowl and lose to the Cowboys for third time but that can’t happen since both teams are out!.

@RickGosselin9 Good point. The DiNucci thing did not work out, but I could see the Cowboys trying again. Especially with Cooper Rush hitting the market..

They don’t care that Cowboys QB ’re mad that he won.”If you’re getting that type of blah.” Jealousy has a lot of disguises! Lol.

@TheCowboysWire @ToddBrock24f7 So Cowboys take him into season # 8 and he will stop being that same QB ??? I think not ! Hope they bring someone to compete for that position or replace or trade Dak ! It’s not working like this …🤦🏻‍♂️.

I am attempting to cure my Cowboys depression by listening to a few Oasis albums tonight. We’ll see how it goes..

Day 1031: watched the Bengals whoop on the Bills and the Cowboys lose to the 49ers. I also finished my Brussels video and it’s doing very well on Insta Alhumdulilah.

@Cowboys_FanTalk First off: ankle (fracture), shoulder injury, knee Injury, and thumb (fracture)... Dak and the Cowboys still made playoffs and a PO WIN. WHAT other QB(s) have been successful with all of those injuries in close proximity of consecutive seasons??? Haters Please 🤨.

@DodgersNation Rocket Ismail from the 1921 Dodgers. Wait, nevermind he was on the Cowboys and Toronto Argonauts..

@WerderEdESPN Gallup’s injury happened in the late in the season. It’s an injury that takes a year before someone is back up to 100%. Cowboys way too optimistic on him coming back. Look at OBJ..

@SweetJamesJr90 Cowboys lost based on 3-4 plays the two picks, those two deep passes that dak didn’t make and that got damn kick return Turpin didn’t bust. That’s it.

@BloggingTheBoys 2, but based on certain factors. We don’t overpay for Pollard. We don’t use our 1st rounder. However I expect Cowboys will go 1..

Should Mike McCarthy’s latest playoff meltdown force Cowboys to call Sean Payton? - Yahoo Sports Should Mike McCarthy’s latest playoff meltdown force Cowboys to call Sean Payton?  Yahoo Sports.

Cowboys QB Cooper Rush Breaks Silence on Subsequent Transfer -.

@JawnClaude @dmay706 Hate the cowboys all you want, but he was a beast at psu too. Freak of nature athlete and a great dude.

How you been since the Cowboys lost? @nahyouretweakin 😂 #WellnessCheck 😂😂😂.

@dallascowboys True or not this tweet is disgusting and counter productive. Mainly disgusting. That crack you heard was my back under the last straw. Walking away from the cowboys forever. A sore loser publicly attacking his own man. GTFO. Disgraceful..

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