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Hands down @egoraptor was the bravest guy on the card! He came in a couple months after me and even though I cut weight, I was way heavier. But he went in and he went all out. Nothing but respect for him because I would never be as courageous as he was tonight! #CreatorClash.


Maybe the most technical win of the night from @michaelreeves Offensively and defensively Reeves has real talent, but he verified he will not be fighting again F**k no! Also, look how epic this photo is #creatorclash.

#creatorclash Photo,#creatorclash Photo by Dexerto,Dexerto on twitter tweets #creatorclash Photo

Proud of @elirymagee and @matthwatson for putting up a good fight and for good sportsmanship #creatorclash.

#creatorclash Photo,#creatorclash Photo by DuhVinci,DuhVinci on twitter tweets #creatorclash Photo

Did nobody tell the timekeeper that the main event was three minute rounds rather than two. #creatorclash.

Fight of the night was either Iron chin Ryan or @JustaMinx #creatorclash @CreatorClash.

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