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DETAILS: DaBaby insists he didn’t fall off, is dropping his new album Baby on Baby 2 tonight.


pleeeeaaaassseeee y’all so “fake mad” Dababy said he fucked Megan but y’all will be the first to scream yesssss sista if roles was reversed. Stfu!.

DaBaby saying anything to add shock value to his music so he can get streams 😭.

DaBaby Photo,DaBaby Photo by Lexi 🇯🇲,Lexi 🇯🇲 on twitter tweets DaBaby Photo

@DailyLoud hotties calling dababy a hypocrite for switching up on Megan when that’s exactly what meg she did to nicki…..

DaBaby Photo,DaBaby Photo by Hairy Churro,Hairy Churro on twitter tweets DaBaby Photo

even if she denies it I still believe DaBaby. He didn’t even come at her wrong until she and her sassy Bf came at him over the Tory feature. So he has no reason to lie. I stand with Da Baby.

#DaBaby only brought up #megantheestallion because he knew that album wasn’t gonna sell otherwise . Lmao it’s a clown move tbh 😒.

@thaprettiestmay Ngl why women feel the need to throw in that card you know damn well Dababy was trending about multiple not do that.

😂😂😂😂😂 aye dababy got me so weak . Y’all gon learn these Hoes ain shit ..

That little puntable midget nugget Dababy is annoying as fuck. His music is trash and the only time he’s ever relevant is when he’s being problematic or disrespectful. Can we just let him fade into irrelevance?.

i listened to one song of DaBaby new album then when the 2nd one started i looked up lost af n said wtf am i listening to?.

DaBaby Says He Smashed Megan Thee Stallion Before Tory Lanez Shot Her On New Album 🤧☕️☕️😭😭👀.

Wow Dababy really said that on a song then dropped it 💀💀💀 it’s about to get bad.

it’s bout to get realllll annoying later in the am, gonna have niggas who ain’t brush they teeth yet talking about that dababy verse 😵‍💫😵‍💫.

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