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@patbev21 I guess I should extend this Cancun invite since I haven’t made my arrangements yet 😂😂😂

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avec @margot7578 on est allez à la piscine et genre on voulais pas se changé devant les autres filles donc dcp bah on a pris chacune une cabine et après y’a la dame elle nous a embrouiller et elle nous a fait nettoyer les cabines wshh😭🤣

Frutita stremeadora
Frutita stremeadora ()

Dame a jihyo y nos olvidamos todo TWICE との思い出『     』 #TWICE3_TBTIED @warnermusic_jp @JYPETWICE

Brian McClure
Brian McClure ()

@TorelloSports It’s as if the ACC had to show them how to do it? Wonder how frustrated they were watching Notre Dame

Wayne Brooks
Wayne Brooks ()

@JoshTheSuff @Dame_Lillard I disagree, the Celtics are a grind it out team as well. The Celtics have more Weapons. I do see Miami getting to the Finals to get Swept by the Lakers. I see the Celtics at least winning a Finals game or 2.

Jared Dudley Jr
Jared Dudley Jr ()

@StevieCozens I’ve been saying Dame a top 3 shooter in basketball and ppl wasn’t having it 😂

Dame 🎨
Dame 🎨 ()

@AmeBot2038 @BookWyrmTales Not in the slightest!! Thank you Ame for tagging me or I wouldn’t have known 💙

Nick ()

@Goat77Luka @A1Hoopz What does Luka do better than any of those guys besides playmaking? Also, I think I’m taking Dame over Luka rn

Sephiri Mosothoane™
Sephiri Mosothoane™ ()

@Dame_Lillard Nah homie drop a track that disses the Clippers. The culture needs that 😂😂😂

Toto1 ()

@1ea90ca832724da @ZetaOrlando Mirá que no los banco porque, a nivel país, fueron un desastre. Pero, para la ciudad, dame a estos boludos antes que a los que gobiernan en La Matanza, por ejemplo.

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Everyone is hating on this non-yet-existant movie in the comments, but I will call it as a 2022 Oscar frontrunner right now.

Milagros Lucena
Milagros Lucena ()

Veni, dame besitos. Tu perfume sigue acá, sólo le falta ese retoque de tu olor y tu presencia

GinoVents ()

This why I love @Dame_Lillard I wish he played for the @warriors

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@sakabe_arato まあ大手出版社の出版社から出してて今回でリストラに入れられる作家さんはご愁傷様ではあるんですが、出版社にいる人が言うとあなた全くの無策のままここまできたの?と嫌味の一つも言いたくなりますな。

The last realistic Laker Fan
The last realistic Laker Fan ()

@JaredDudley619 @LakerFilmRoom Good to have a laugh - but do not underestimate those Nuggets my man. Stsy focused, get the ball moving on run Dame traps on Murray, let AD dominate inside on you got this!

Soso ()

@rooespinxla A la vuelta de mi casa 2 q iban en moto se pararon, el de atrás bajo con 1 fierro y me dijo dame el celular, le dije q no tenía y me empezó a toquetear hasta el ogt y lo empujé así q le robo a mi hno el blackberry y la sube pero cuando subió a la moto se le cayó todo x drogadicto

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𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚊 𝚐𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚒𝚘𝚜𝚊 ()

I have a patient who looks like Claude Frollo in the Disney film, Hunchback of Notre Dame. I swear when I first saw him I was stunned *flashback to me being a kid scared to the actual character* lol good thing he was nice 😂

Karunashraya ()

Revisiting the earliest editions of newsletter! The cover page: signed photograph gifted to Karunashraya, by the founder of palliative care herself, Dame cicely Saunders. Heavily contributed by Sakhina Sridharan, Gulbano & our chairman Mr. Kishore Rao. #Hospice #palliativecare

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Fresh2death740 ()

@Dame_Lillard this gotta be the funniest chit ever big bro ..I ain’t see a choke like that since lebron left Cleveland the first time 😳🤷🏾‍♂️

Coto ()

@toimuychikita Si te lo describo con un emoji es así: 😻 weon dame tu cara y tus ojos

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@Dame_Lillard Y’all know Dame Oakland foreal!!! Don’t talk that shit if you can’t take it back 💯💯

El Gallo Güero
El Gallo Güero ()

@royceyoung How can Jokic and Murray be up top, when they lost against Dame and CJ in a game 7

𝙻𝚘𝚞𝚊𝚗𝚎 ()

@Neoviaaa mon dieu mais la honte a ceux qui crachent sur elle comme ça et qui parle mal comme ça, c’est degueulasse et la dame qui parle si mal dans les commentaires mais la solidarité féminine elle est où ???

The Kobe Show
The Kobe Show ()

@Dame_Lillard Where do you see yourself and the Portland Trailblazers next season? Serious question.

Kev ()

A petition to leave Kawhi alone and put the spotlight on PG and Bev like how they did Dame and Luka 👍

ᴍɪᴄᴀᴇʟᴀ ()

sos una piba re buena onda, me caes re bien y te quiero una banda ❤😔dame un beso

TK❄️ ()

@fukkwittre Name 5 better rn here’s a spoiler there isn’t. You got steph, dame, kyrie and maybe Russ but who else

Jalen Silas
Jalen Silas ()

@Dame_Lillard @buggs_ii tell yo guy here to calm down😂😂 he out here roasting 🤯

EDP445 Burner
EDP445 Burner ()

@Dame_Lillard @patbev21 this one of the most fun nights on twitter in a while

Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard ()

@patbev21 I guess I should extend this Cancun invite since I haven’t made my arrangements yet 😂😂😂

☚ #BharatBandh Ameri ☛
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