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Sabes que estas mal de hombres cuando pones a 2 rookies y a Damion Lee a jugar en unas finales de conferencia..

In no world should Damion Lee be getting more minutes than Moses. I hope Steve Kerr finally realized that last night.

If u were an NBA coach would u ever give Damion Lee’s bum ass, high pitched voice having ass, 3&D player who can’t make a 3 ass. Playoff minutes?.


more like enough damion lee for the rest of the season and then we should cut him and he should retire from basketball.

De verdad me decís que si está Damion Lee en la NBA, DAMION LEE, que juega en Warriors por ser el cuñado de curry, no va a poder estar Véscovi??.

@warriors someone need to put damion lee on house arrest for the rest of the playoffs.

People will say we are losing because of Damion Lee minutes but it was more Jordan settling for threes ngl.

@WarriorsLatam_ Marica yaaa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no soporto esto no soporto ver a damion lee hasta celebrando puntos es malo.

If every NBA exec watched todays game then it should be the last game Damion Lee has played in the NBA.

Damion Lee, Davis Bertans odd Game 2 moment leads to double technical fouls.

lol no he didn’t he put him in because he’s done with Damion lee.

In spite of Damion Lee’s disastrous 5 minutes (it felt longer). The Warriors overcame it and won convincingly.

@bcua510 I was having a nice nap on the couch during the Warriors game when I was suddenly startled awake by gunshots on tv. At first I was confused, and then I realized the noise was just Damion Lee’s bricks bouncing off the rim. Keep it down, Damion!.

This is like watching Ty Lue try to step over AI after AI hits a three. It don’t make sense, Damion Lee. WTF you doin. #NBA #Mavs.

Ojalá Steve Kerr nunca más meta en un juego importante a Damion es malísimo..

1. Damion Lee fouled Bertans on the shot 2. No way in hell Bertans should have got a tech.

so we giving poole the damion lee treatment now? i’m not joining y’all. poole has done nothing wrong🤷🏾‍♂️.


Bro this the first time Moody playing meaningful minutes and already has greater impact than Damion Lee 😭.

@GSWReddit Gotta resign everyone gp2 wiggs poole loon and porter. Damion lee gotta go and iggy should replace mike brown at the coaching staff..

@gabriellonce voce : amante do damion lee eu : mulher do green dona do coraçao dele ele pertence apenas a mim minha propriedade privada.


Moody entrou e entrou bem, jogo ok dele. Personalidade o mlk tem, Espero nunca mais ter que ver minutos pra Damion Lee nos playoffs.

@BonnerMVP_ e o cara é muito burro, tanta gente pra tretar e cavar uma expulsão ou falta técnica e ele vai e treta com o DAMION LEE.

Anyone else agree Moody should be taking ALL of Damion Lee’s minutes for the rest of playoffs????.

Hour later and all I could think about is how Dallas Mavs best defender tonight was Damion Lee. 😂😂.

Sorry nothing personal but Damion Lee has got to go. His time with us is over. His only high was the game winner vs Bulls last season..

Warriors fans ready to claim Damion Lee is better than Booker too.

@B1ackLipbastard Two things going on here: 1. You are Damion Lee hiding behind burner 2. You are trolling.

@clarkkent415 We’ll overlook the Damion Lee minutes as long as there’s no more of them lol.

Damion Lee only played 5 minutes. But I was in hell y’all 🥴😂.

Damion Lee Photo,Damion Lee Photo by Took 3 💍 from your King 👑,Took 3 💍 from your King 👑 on twitter tweets Damion Lee Photo

@BackcountryFam Kuminga should’ve gotten minutes over Damion Lee but not over Draymond. The value of his IQ alone is important on both ends. That’s actually the biggest reason why Kuminga isn’t getting those minutes bc he’s looked lost at times and understandably so since he’s a rookie.

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