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Van De Beek should look for a move in January. Too good a player for Ole’s political reason rubbish for not playing him. He deserves better than 5-10 minute cameos he’s not Dan James, he’s a CL quality player. #mufc

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Paris Mitsonis🔰🔰
Paris Mitsonis🔰🔰 ()

@rickthereduk Ricky I’m all for team shape it’s very important. But also dan James is just not good enough in the final third. We can set up well but if he can’t do anything with the ball in the final third what’s the point of playing him. We should b spending more time teaching mason how to

Victor ()

I was gonna put Dan James because he did play on him the majority of the game but that isn’t impressive 👍

Emerson Aranzazu
Emerson Aranzazu ()

@markgoldbridge He so whats your point??? I think even you Can play Better than and dont even know you! Dan James is awfull

james mccarthy
James mccarthy ()

@jeff_kennett I heard the MCG are trying to recruit Chairman Dan as they’ve never seen anyone who can move goal posts like this.

Top Trends Watch 🇵🇰
Top Trends Watch 🇵🇰 ()

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15 ()

Fair enough people like Dan James should be nowhere near the side but come on now we’re clutching at straws here

Ahmed ()

@UnitedStandMUFC Mata didn’t play much last season, you buy Van De Beek and sit him on the bench and bring Mata on. Surely Greenwood can create more chances than Dan James.

James Paul Stainton
James Paul Stainton ()

@ManUtd can we please stop playing Dan James. Yes ok he is rapid but so was the road runner. Greenwood is probably the best attacker let the lad play. Oh yeah and please can we just let axel do his stuff. Come on

Jabulani Ngobeni
Jabulani Ngobeni ()

I struggle to understand the continued selection of Dan James, maybe Ole knows better. Let me read a book #MUFC

Staff ()

as shit as dan james is i still can’t help but not hate him. he’s not our standard but i honestly can’t hate him

Fred The Red
Fred The Red ()

I feel for the lad but Dan James has had plenty of opportunities to impress and hasn’t. Really hope he regains his form but for time being he shouldn’t be starting and especially not in big games.

Jacob ()

@UtdEIIis Exactly at least Lingard did well for us up to a certain point of his career. Dan James has done nothing

mbazu jnr
Mbazu jnr ()

Spent 200 million on attackers only to play a team with 5 defenders and 2 dms against a team that have dan james and mata as wingers

Hesham Bilal-Hafiz
Hesham Bilal-Hafiz ()

Van De Beek should look for a move in January. Too good a player for Ole’s political reason rubbish for not playing him. He deserves better than 5-10 minute cameos he’s not Dan James, he’s a CL quality player. #mufc

Zayn🔔 ()

@Squawka united fans punching the air right now while Dan James is running down the wing.

Lajjj ()

Dan James has started the last 2 pl games but Greenwood hasn’t played for the last 3 in on all comps I feel sick🤢

Rants ()

I don’t blame Dan James I blame the man that picks him! Have you seen our bench? 🤣 #MUNCHE

Al Foran
Al Foran ()

My patience is wearing thin with Dan James to be honest, he needs to do a lot better.

Mase ()

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a worse player than Dan James. He legitimately does nothing on the pitch

L ()

How on earth does Dan James deserve to be in that team from playing well 😂😂😂

BigJahkLocsta🦈 ()

This guy starts Maguire against one of the fastest ST in the No Alex Dan James Def not watching this shit show😒🤦🏾‍♂️

Man Utd News
Man Utd News ()

Lindelof and Maguire do not have the pace to hold off the Chelsea attack. Tuanzebe should be in the first 11. Dan James starting? What’s the point? He has pace and nothing else. No final product, poor decision making and zero confidence. Greenwood should be on ahead of him

Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell ()

I’m sure he’s a nice kid, and I like his work rate, but why the hell is Dan James in this team? Literal world class creative options on the bench and we’re playing a kid who runs fast but has zero end product. #MUNCHE

Conor Bastable
Conor Bastable ()

Why isn’t Telles, Greenwood or Tuanzebe starting? Dan James isn’t going to do anything let’s be real here. We actually looked solid against PSG but this team selection looks

himanshu kewalramani
Himanshu kewalramani ()

Does dan james have compromising photos of ole or what?🤦🏻‍♂️ #mufc #MUNCHE

тσвч вʟαcκмσяε
тσвч вʟαcκмσяε ()

@RequestABet Dan James and Fernandes to score, BTTS, 3+ corners each team, Zouma and Shaw to be carded

Dark Saint
Dark Saint ()

@samuelluckhurst Does he seriously think Newcastle are on the same level as Chelsea? And even the Newcastle line-up was wrong, it was 1-1 until he brought on subs. Pogba, VdB, Telles and Cavani on the bench. Maguire walking into the XI. Dan James starting. Terrible.

CJ ()

When we get battered 5-0 but Mctominay and Maguire showed passion and Dan James made a cross

Dan James Photo,Dan James Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Tom McIlroy
Tom McIlroy ()

Breaking: ASIC Chair James Shipton standing aside during an investigation into incorrect payments to him and deputy chair Dan Crennan QC. The error was identified by the Audit Office #auspol

Nate Lerner
Nate Lerner ()

I’ve finally figured out how to turn Trump supporters against Trump. Get them jobs in the White House. John Kelly, HR McMaster, Rex Tillerson, James Mattis, John Bolton, Dan Coats, Olivia Troye, and dozens of other former senior staffers all now say Trump is unfit to serve.

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