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Updated: September 16th, 2021 01:37 AM IST

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I did NOT have Dan Quayle on my Saving the Republic bingo card, but here we are.

Dan Quayle Twitter

I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around the idea that Mike Pence was considering trying to block certification of the election. I’m having more trouble understanding why he would go to Dan Quayle for legal advice.

Pence sought way to hand election to Trump; Dan Quayle advice saved democracy: book via @msnbc

@SafetyPinDaily I once met & worked with Mrs. Quayle. Lovely woman. Guess she raised Dan right. 😏

@vasabjit_b If this guy is talking up Dan Quayle on this, he must be in the top 3% of news consumers… Likely atypical in various respects!

@rubencarbajal I was Dan Quayle for Halloween as a child. Not by choice. People still gave me candy, though.

In the end, former VP Dan Quayle who saved democracy on January 6th…. ….because Pence was still ‘trying’ to please his friend. THEN, JTC General Milley had to prevent the military aspects of the coup. #NoMoreRealityStars #DemocracyRequiresSkills

Mike Pence Had To Be Talked Out Of Overturning The Election For Trump By Dan Quayle

Dan Quayle Photo,Dan Quayle Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Dan Quayle did the right thing, but is it at all plausible that he saved the Republic? That is, if Dan Quayle hadn’t been consulted, wouldn’t Biden still be President today?

@mmpadellan So it seems. By god Dan Quayle actually has a purpose in this life. Congratulations Dan! You have become an American Patriot. (potato sans e)

This year I have been impressed by George W. Bush and have found myself occasionally agreeing with Ann Coulter. And now Dan Quayle. Still working through all this.

Dan Quayle, one of the dumbest politicians of our lifetime, saves America? We really are a shithole country.

Who would have thought the fate of democracy hung on advice from Dan Quayle? Well, way to stand up for democracy, Mr. Vice-President.

Dan Quayle took a lot of trolling in his 4 years as VP, most of it was deserved but, still too much piling on. We now find out that his value to America was to come decades later as he convinces Pence to not join the planned coup & certify the election.

@mmpadellan @BarbHafdell Thinking Dan Quayle saved American my head explode!

I did NOT have Dan Quayle on my Saving the Republic bingo card, but here we are.

2016 election in the hands of Pence and Dan Quayle is both scary and hilarious. TG for happy hour.

Dan Quayle is a mediocrity and second-rate politician who hardly accomplished anything in one term in the White House but did make exactly one correct call that may have saved America from untold bloodshed. So exactly like Jack Kennedy in other words. Lloyd Bentsen was wrong

I never would have guessed that Dan Quayle would be the hero we needed

Dan Quayle Photo,Dan Quayle Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Well, since Dan Quayle is semi-trending, I guess now is a good time to confess that I once dressed up as a misspelled potato because of him for Halloween. I was in elementary school, lived in Indiana, and really loved spelling.

With the fate of American democracy on the line Mike “almost on the gallows” Pence used his phone-a-friend option to call Dan “I’m no Jack Kennedy” Quayle for help? And this worked? I’m thinking we may need to shore things up a bit going forward. You?

@PokerPolitics I apologize to Dan Quayle for every joke ever made about his intelligence.

I have an important decision to make, possibly the most important of my life. Anybody have Dan Quayle’s phone number?

Things I absolutely never thought I’d say: “Thank you Dan Quayle for helping to stop the coup”

So intent was Pence on being Trump’s loyal 2nd-in-command — & potential successor — that he asked confidants if there were ways he could accede to Trump’s demands and avoid certifying the results of the election on Jan. 6. Dan Quayle told him no.

I hereby forgive Dan Quayle for being unable to spell potato

If you have to ask Dan Quayle for advice, you have already lost. Bigly. #PotatoePence

Well paint me red and call me a fire hydrant! Dan Quayle is trending and I attribute it to the re-release of the Murphy Brown episode of the @yourewrongabout podcast.

Dan saviour of Democracy? 2021 is throwing up some

My God, Dan Quayle may have saved the Republic.

Dan Quayle Photo,Dan Quayle Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I didn’t see the Dan Quayle cameo coming

Dan Quayle Photo,Dan Quayle Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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