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Sixers ship Danny Green and the No. 23 pick to Memphis for combo guard. #PhilaUnite | @ThePhillyPod.

De’Anthony Melton es traspasado para Philadelphia 76ers, Memphis reciben Danny Green (que posiblemente cortarán) y pick #23 #NBA.

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The Sixers on Thursday night acquired Grizzlies guard De’Anthony Melto, a source confirmed to NBC Sports Philadelphia..

I’m offended y’all think we gone keep Danny Green. Dude not even gone touchdown in Memphis 😂.


@CDunning929 Again the first for Melton is fine. Skeptical on the value of the roddy pick but if he’s good then it won’t matter. It’s the taking back Danny green dead money that doesn’t track to me.

I think now that his Sixers career is over we might able to slot Danny Green atop the crowded list of sometimes great sometimes horrible players in franchise history..

@VoiceInYourHea5 @wojespn Danny Green tore his acl and he may never play again. Most likely misses all or almost all of next year at least..

Memphis Grizzlies just acquired Danny Green who is a vet and a top wing defender. They might use him as a trade piece for another wing defender because he’s currently injured. We all know they’re building because of the dubs..


I’m not gone be no Grizz fan if they playing danny green. I’m going back to the Clippers fuck that.

De’Anthony Melton rejoint les Sixers en échange de Danny Green et de David Roddy.

Danny Green Photo,Danny Green Photo by Basket USA,Basket USA on twitter tweets Danny Green Photo

Danny Green really the biggest name traded during the draft 😩🥴 ion like that 🤦🏽‍♂️.

Thank fucking you I hate Danny green 💀 on the sixers at least.

@BrosephSZN @supMitchh Goran Dragic, Marc Gasol, Nikola Jokic, Draymond Green, Danny Green, Kris Middleton, Isaiah Thomas and more. 4 second rounders are also trade ammo. Also 4 picks alone for 1 unproven player is nice imo, much less the rest we got..

Wait. Didn’t Danny Green tear his ACL in the playoffs?? 🙃.

@wojespn Did we or did we not ALSO give up Danny Green for this? I’m seeing conflicting reports..

Adding a vet like Danny green will be exciting if he teaches our young players discipline and guidance it’s time for our push this year im placing my bet right now 100 on #memphischip #memphisgriznation.

@DreamrJusta @RBPhillyTake RB: By adding M because of receiving Melton, it is now all but impossible to sign Tucker to the Full MLE in July. And Danny Green was the only practical option as basis to trade for Gordon You guys should have read my posts more carefully. Thybulle & Harris are returning😄.

Oh I didn’t know we traded Danny green to Memphis as well we still need more pieces..

@MjBaby23 🤷🏽‍♂️ but they be injuring dudes. 😒 But Danny Green got injured too tho..

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