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Maverick’s first episode of @DatelineNBC. Aunt Kinsey takes Dateline fandom very seriously. We snugglin’! @CanningAndrea

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Announcement 🚨 Pos Malaysia is stopping international shipping service starting next Monday until further notice, we will use GDex to post this message book. However, to make sure we are able to post this book, we are changing the dateline to 3rd August 2020, Monday, 10am.

Tower 727
Tower 727 ()

The flight to Samoa is tense. Your passenger is checking multiple wristwatches. “Just gotta make it to tomorrow.” The plane touches down and he’s on the tarmac, sprinting west towards the Dateline He trips, hands clutching at the first ray’s of tomorrow’s sun. Then he’s gone


Maverick’s first episode of @DatelineNBC. Aunt Kinsey takes Dateline fandom very seriously. We snugglin’! @CanningAndrea

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Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts ()

Nothing lulls me to sleep like the dulcet tones of a #Dateline narrator recounting a brutal crime.

DanaSan ()

@TSoup16 @LaureanoMarcia2 Excellent advice! I learn something new every time I watch #Dateline

Honest Sinner
Honest Sinner ()

Lance murdered someone but doesn’t feel he deserves the death penalty. Wild #Dateline SMH Kim didn’t deserve to be brutally murdered!!

TurtleSoup16 (Wear a mask! 😷)
TurtleSoup16 (Wear a mask! 😷) ()

@LaureanoMarcia2 Something else - when anyone leaves your home (male neighbor, HVAC technician, cable guy) check to ensure all your windows and doors remain locked. Criminals have been known to unlock a window or door so they can return at a later date and get into the house. #Dateline

Kathleen Waters 😷
Kathleen Waters 😷 ()

Thank God Lance was convicted. Should have been life without though. RIP Kim 🙏 #Dateline

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M and M mundane
M and M mundane ()

Maybe Derrick put Lance up to this but Lance isn’t a snitch so we’ll never #Dateline

Kate ()

I really thought it was Derrick. I guess he just has a dramatic personality #Dateline

Vanessa V
Vanessa V ()

How dumb do you have to be to leave a used cigarette butt at the crimes scene of a murder you just committed, though? #dateline

DanaSan ()

I know everyone is entitled to representation under the Constitution, but I have to wonder how defense lawyers sleep at night? #Dateline

☀️Sunny Dee 👑
☀️Sunny Dee 👑 ()

He is lying so much to make us believe this was self defense and consensual sex. #Dateline

Ocripes ()

Lance: They looked at the blood soaked room and beat to death woman and thought the worst. Why? How could they? #Dateline

DanaSan ()

Police saw this horrible bloody scene and immediately assumed the worst of it. Lance is really pissing me off right now😡 #Dateline


You’re welcome. Our newest member of the #dateline @DatelineNBC family y’all! 👋🏾

αℓт ωσяℓ∂ яנ 🏋🏾‍♂️💪🏾🐊
αℓт ωσяℓ∂ яנ 🏋🏾‍♂️💪🏾🐊 ()

@markssardella @DatelineNBC Stabbing her with one hand and playing with himself with the really doing too greedy! #Dateline

Kaitlin 🦉
Kaitlin 🦉 ()

Of course he works with zip ties. Some professionals actually bind their wires and cords together to make them neater and easier to tuck out of sight. #Dateline

Girl Interrupted
Girl Interrupted ()

I would bet that if we looked we could find news articles with this very #Dateline

Robin Renee 😷🦠🧼🧴
Robin Renee 😷🦠🧼🧴 ()

it’s 10 o’clock and their still bringingin new suspects 🤭🤔#Dateline

Anna Riley
Anna Riley ()

Is this #Dateline new, or did I not see, or do I not remember?! 🤔 hmmm time will as the commercials go on 👉

Kaitlin 🦉
Kaitlin 🦉 ()

People actually hire people to “fine tune” their entertainment system? #Dateline

Honest Sinner
Honest Sinner ()

JR may have slipped up “she was I only met her a coupleof times” 🤔#dateline

Tom Roller
Tom Roller ()

@JolieC That makes zero sense, especially since nothing else of value was taken. #Dateline

M£M ()

Damn, Derrick has an answer for EVERYTHING! An innocent man would be like, HOW WOULD I KNOW!?#Dateline

Tanya Turner
Tanya Turner ()

I television technology is not that hard. You can’t tell me only one other person in the world could figure out their system. #Dateline

Girl Interrupted
Girl Interrupted ()

So he punches Kim in the face, rapes her, beats her with a pool cue, and stabs her in the neck to get a home theater that he had installed? Is that logical? #Dateline


With what i know now, maybe trying to remove fingerprints?? #dateline

Oh, Hi There.
Oh, Hi There. ()

I have a SINKING feeling about those remotes . . . #Dateline @DatelineNBC @DatelineDivas #truecrime


@veterans_i FINALLY I’m watching the same episode at the same time! Thank you so much for re-introducing me to #Dateline

☚ #DespideUnMamerto #Canucks ☛
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