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Davide saying he’s not completely closed off is insane. Man was whispering Te Amo like Rihanna in Ekin-su’s ears now he’s head has spun? 🤔 #loveisland.

Zach Lowy
Zach Lowy

Torino manager Ivan Jurić and sporting director Davide Vagnati got into a fight today, just 17 days before Torino’s season starts. Vagnati: “I make the squad.” Jurić: “You don’t make s**t.”.

🎦 Arriva un clamoroso video di una lite furente tra Ivan Juric tecnico del #Torino e il ds Davide Vagnati 👇.

Just realised the girls are asking Davide to say stuff in Italian all the time but has Davide asked what I love you in Turkish is 🤔🤔🤔🤔 we need to defund the romanticisaton of Italian men.

Gli avvocati delle vittime del Pio Albergo Trivulzio chiedono ai pm di approfondire le responsabilità dell’ex assessore al Welfare Giulio Gallera [di Davide Milosa].

Not enough people are talking about Davide from Love Island UK. He’s the perfect man..

Davide always been trash, you guys only think he’s funny and choose to ignore all disgusting shit his says simply because he has an accent. “Cultural/language” barrier isn’t even at play here. Being rude and horrible is a universal language #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH.


Given that the wrong couple has won every year, crowning Davide and Ekin-Su as the champs would make them the greatest winners in history. #loveisland.

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Again everyone on aftersun is blaming Ekin-Su… yet Davide was no angel in Casa. Make it make sense #LoveIsland.


Did anyone peep Paige’s face when Ekin-Su and Davide were saved?? This girl is bad vibessss #LoveIsland.

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Arbitro altamente inadeguato…fate uscire Di Maria prima che c’è l’ho uccidono! 😱😅😂😂😂 #JuveChivas.

I don’t know what Davide’s talent will be but by god am I looking forward to it. #loveisland.

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If Ekin Su breaks up with Davide, you know that Adam is gonna go after her. #LoveIsland #aftersun.


Davide and Ekin might be done by the look of the Aftersun exclusive 😔 #LoveIsland.

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@gabbiiee_x None of this has happened at all. If Ekin Su didn’t act like a twat early doors and get fingered in bed in casa then davide doesn’t have an issue with her. All the stuff that’s happened is down to Ekin Su 😂.

The way Paige threw dirty looks at Ekin-Su tonight this is why we need to make Davide and Ekin-Su the winners Paige’s wobbly head will explode. #LoveIsland.

#LoveIsland Davide you better get on your knees and apologise to Ekin.

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Lol EkinSu really trying to pacify Davide when she needs to be very concerned about why he’s slandering her behind her back #LoveIsland.

It was cute to watch Davide & Ekin’s relationship at first, but the way she has to walk on eggshells around him and he insults her to her face sometimes, makes her insecure, and doesn’t defend her when he’s w/ the boys is actually the most disgusting thing I’ve seen #loveisland.

used to love davide but this man is making me hate him more and more each day #LoveIsland.

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FINALLY! ekin-su is seeing that she can’t keep taking the blame for everything. Davide is in the wrong as well and he should take some blame #LoveIsland.


Davide is the prime of example of looks aren’t everything, all that glitters is not gold #TALKSWITHASH.

After watching that episode its safe to say that Luca, Dami, and Davide are 3 of the most childish, toxic and manipulative people to have ever entered the villa. #loveisland.

no bc a show where ekin-su and davide travel around italy and turkey would serve and give everything it needs to give. who do i need to talk to to make it happen? #loveisland.

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Nah cuz the fact that we will never get another couple like davide and ekin breaks me 😭😭 Strangers to lovers to enemies to lovers to enemies to lovers typa beat💀 #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK.

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As much as I don’t think Ekin Su did anything wrong at Casa Amor, Davide has every reason to be insecure of whether she’s telling the truth or not, however i think they’ll both meet amends and come together again, they just need to get on the right rhythm #LoveIsland.

@somewhatofabrit davide is really pisstaking he always turns the situation around and blames EKIN :(( I want give her a big hug #loveisland.

Davide’s disrespect is so mad, I don’t know why more people don’t hate him, fricking bastard what type of man #TALKSWITHASH.

YES. Davide hateeeeees her. Like. EVERYDAY. EVERYDAY he’s belittling her. He’s abusive and fucking sick. #TALKSWITHASH.


tomorrow night exclusive clip confirming ekin and davide divorce IM UNWELL #loveisland.

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