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Per @FriedgeHNIC, Peter DeBoer will be the new head coach of the @DallasStars..

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“The problem is, when you do that, when you make your ideas cool rather than through the typical war of ideas, you get a lot of people who don’t really have a strong grasp of what they stand for and what their politics are.” - Freddie DeBoer @BadFaithPod.

if the universality of straight white dude coaches in sports is purely the result of meritocracy then explain why the stars just hired peter fucking deboer.

I for one am glad that the Stars hired DeBoer. I needed someone in this division that I can loathe entirely while the #Blackhawks are busy being terrible. #stlblues.

Florida New Jersey San Jose Vegas Dallas If he ever goes back to the Panthers, I guess DeBoer will have come full oblong with an I-95 base shape..

Spekulace se potvrdily - novým trenérem #TexasHockey bude Peter DeBoer.

Stars to name DeBoer head coach Barry Trotz is the only big name conclusion..

saw one guy say deboer will be good for miro so im not feeling 100% doom and gloom about this decision.

@yy67045767 Expect them to be good for a year or 2 and then burn out very quickly with DeBoer in charge.

@ChrisSilveyMLB It’s not Savard. That’s why, but I don’t hate DeBoer becoming the coach. 🙂.

@dakaner The problem is all these guys were mostly the hip top guys 10 years ago now all finally getting close to their last jobs. This is probably it for DeBoer, Tortorella, maybe even Trotz?.

Is there any doubt that when Klinger leaves that DeBoer would push for an old ass like Petry? How depressing..

It’s amazing to me that for how bad of a coach DeBoer is he KEEPS finding head coaching gigs. DUDE HAS NEVER BEEN ANYTHING BUT A HEAD COACH EVER.

@BlkSymWebDesign @FriedgeHNIC I feel like Deboer’s offense fits well with the Stars personnel. Does this hiring make the Stars a Cup contender? Probably not. But I don’t think this is a Cup roster. Maybe a piece or two away..

@lastwordtaylor Eloquently put, I however was far more aggressive. It’s getting to a point where maybe ownership is the issue. Two 9 mil contracts said basically, we’re done playing dump and chase defensive DeBoer lol 🙈.

@nowyousieme the key to Peter deboer is hire him for one season, and then fire him immediately after. his first seasons are always his best..

Jake Oettinger is without a doubt the Dallas Stars goalie of the present and future and Pete Deboer better know that walking into the job.

mildly bummed Tortorella is no longer an option but I am mega hyped to see Peter DeBoer go to a team I do not care about like Dallas.

So, Peter DeBoer Reportedly Expected to Be Named Stars HC After Golden Knights Firing.

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@lastwordtaylor Just a pipe dream here but if no other NHL team hires Savard as a head coach we bring him to coach Texas and if DeBoer doesn’t pan out which is a chance and we go for the rebuild we then promote a more seasoned Savard. A guy can dream right? 😅.

@__kenzzzzz Trying to go to the Stanley Cup Finals randomly just to lose it with DeBoer.

Report: Stars To Name Former Sharks, Golden Knights Bench Boss DeBoer Head Coach #VegasBorn.

@PierreVLeBrun Now would be a good time for the Dallas Stars to tell DeBoer that they were just kidding and move on..

Will Peter DeBoer fuck up Heiskanen/Otter/Robo/Harley/Johnston? If the answer is no it’s probably fine.

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing to hire against the grain. It’s actually something I encourage and welcome. However… it would be nice to see a guy like a DeBoer or a Trotz, etc. sit behind the bench..

Whose idea was it to let DeBoer anywhere near Jake Oettinger? Wait wait wait. Oettinger is RFA, right? This could get very interesting..

@oconnor9sean All of our best players regressed and the top guys looked like they stopped caring. I agree that KMcM is awful, but the worst decision he made was firing an absolute beloved (by fans, players and media) Gallant for DeBoer. The local media hated PDB because he was so abrasive..

@FriedgeHNIC I wanted a good college head coach, if and when Peter DeBoer gets fired from Dallas, Nill is going with him.

@spittinchiclets DeBoer did a great job in Vegas. Dallas isn’t a complete rebuild. They need a few pieces and few newbies. Dallas to me is lacking an identity. What is their strategy? Who are they building around? Who is their Super Star?.

@stinkjeans @DallasStarsDDH I don’t like the hire but he’s not really like Bowness, DeBoer is a possession first coach instead of dump and chase..

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