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Sources: The Spurs are trading Dejounte Murray to Atlanta for Danilo Gallinari, three first-round draft picks and a draft swap..


The Spurs are trading Dejounte Murray to the Hawks for Danilo Gallinari, three first-round picks and a future pick swap, sources tell @wojespn..

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If the Spurs trade Dejounte Murray, they could be the first team signaling their intentions for the epic tank race for Victor Wembanyama. Ironically enough, Spurs legend Tony Parker owns ASVEL, which is the team Wembanyama plays for..

@IanBegley Can you Leon why the top option isn’t Dejounte Murray? Especially when reports say they’re gonna take $10 and a beef jerky from ATL for Murray?.

As a life long spurs fan I’m just not feeling dejounte Murray I think what we should do is trade dejounte to the hawks for gallo I feel that this will only benefit our squad.

He was wrong here so what makes him even close to correct about Dejounte and the hawks. My sources say you’re full of it..

“They wouldn’t do this” they’ll literally in talks to get finessed by getting Gallinari and picks for dejounte.

Banco mucho a San Antonio queriendo tradear a Dejounte Murray. Es un gran jugador, si, pero no una superestrella con la que te podes ilusionar para competir al máximo nivel Igual trataría de conseguir un jugador joven medio picante, no a un viejo choto + picks.

@CelticsGotNext i do not understand why we would not trade every pick we have for dejounte murray? it would put us over the hump.

Air Alamo
Air Alamo

The strange tweet appeared to incorporate a line from The Lion King within. 🤨.

The Knicks committed, in their minds and likely to others, their intention to go after Brunson. And THEN Dejounte Murray became available. I’m assuming their loyalty to whoever they committed to is blinding them when, in reality, they might want to consider Dejounte as well..

@IanBegley Is there any interest in Dejounte Murray or are they just laser focused on Brunson? Would be hard to watch them pass on that opportunity..

Most career Triple-Doubles in San Antonio #Spurs history: 1. Dejounte Murray (17) 2. David Robinson (14) 3. Alvin Robertson (8) 4. Johnny Moore (6) 5. Tim Duncan (4).

For the San Antonio Spurs, trading Dejounte Murray was a difficult decision. However, at the end of the day, this is why it was the right choice:.

Some fans really think we’re running back the same squad adding Dejounte..

Needless to say, I like the idea of the Knicks getting Jalen Brunson over Dejounte Murray.

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@celticszn Hmmmm …. We were two wins away. That’s old now. I’m just going to say it, we improved big time as the season went on, though we had the toughest teams to the finals IMO we lucked out. We need a true playmaker and I think Dejounte Murray is that guy.


Spurs will deal their only all star for picks? And maybe with these picks they will have another Dejounte. Speculating on draft, tanking, is not a good idea, the lottery can punish you..

One thing I guarantee you is happening but we may never hear about: the Spurs are talking to Dejounte. Things they may be saying: -Ignore the social media circus -We want to keep you but we have to listen to offers for everyone -We love you but our future is in 3-5 years.

@yungpopovich I was amazed Primo played at all last year. Like at all. If they trade Dejounte and Primo still sucks that’s a problem. Less of a problem if Branham turns out to be a real baller, but still.

Dejounte Murray is what Iguodala was for a SG with ball handling abilities and a good defensive.

Bu soyleceyecegime Spursluler ve Dejounte severler kizabilir ama sanki boyle bir takasin olması Spurs için çok daha mantıklı olur..

@DrewwBlue Now the focus will be on Donavon Mitchell, Dejounte Murray, John Collins, and maybe a few still on the Bradley Beal train 😂.


@jpegmathison i refuse to acknowledge this as a possibility until dejounte is in statefarm arena in a hawks uniform.

@jrichardgoodman Whats your take on this potential Dejounte Murray to the Hawks for Gallo and multiple 1st rd picks thats supposedly real close to happening.

@Alchemy_R Preço totalmente pagável pelo Bulls mas com o Lonzo aqui eu não acho provável que aconteça, apesar de eu amar o Dejounte, a gente precisa ver como o Lonzo vai voltar na próxima temporada ainda.

Spurs really about to trade their best player Dejounte Murray for 3 late first round picks and a bumm from hawks ??? Wtf @spurs.

@BullsTalkBR Você viu que Spurs pode trocar o Dejounte Murray e daí o elenco vai pra Tank mode?.

@LegionHoops @mikefinger Good. Dejounte is a decent player but he will never be a superstar in the nba. Trade him while his value is at its highest and draft a superstar..

.@MarkAGunnels called the Dejounte to Hawks a week ago, and also predicted KD on the Suns… I think we still have a shot 👀.

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