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🗣️ He made his name. Frank Lampard is hopeful Dele Alli could be the solution to replace Dominic Calvert-Lewin who is out.

Huyu Dele Alli sijui alifia wapi aiseeee , ukimuona wa sasa hivi unabaki kusikitika tu .... ni huruma🤔.

Dele Alli Photo,Dele Alli Photo by George Ambangile,George Ambangile on twitter tweets Dele Alli Photo

You see that hype Dele Alli got that yeah then we realized man isn’t good at anything yeah? That’s exactly how I feel every time I watch Havertz lol.


@SkySportsPL Police were called to Goodison after reports of a fan on the pitch impersonating a footballer. Dele Alli was arrested and taken away..

Dele Alli Photo,Dele Alli Photo by …,… on twitter tweets Dele Alli Photo

@George_Ambangil nilikuwa na muangalia nikasema kitu kilimkuta huyu Alli under poch aisee🔥🔥🔥.

@StokeyyG2 It is sad to see the drastic downfall of Dele Alli’s career. He looked destined to be an amazing player..

@neymarjrdepre O mesmo homem que fez o mundo achar que o Dele Alli seria um jogador pra marcar época..

@theesk Agree about Dele Alli. Thought we were better defensively. Patterson played well after a few rocky moments..

Everton have to spend or they will go down this season… got fortunate last time around, won’t happen again… wtf has happened to Dele Alli….

People refer to Neymar’s number of goals when trying to justify how good he is… when he’s playing against teams like Clermont every week it’s no wonder… Dele Alli would score 30 a season in this league #PSG.

Dele Alli‘s decline is probably the worst I have witnessed in a long time. Injuries aside, He just lacks so much ambition. it’s sad to say but he is no longer husband number 5 😔 I’m divorcing him.

Next week Views; learn more👇 or visit bio #MUNBHA Neymar Iwobi Unemployment Jake Paul #AlexJonesWasRight Jesse frank ocean Jota Gerrard Conte dele alli Isreal Tuchel Jenny.

Dele Alli Photo,Dele Alli Photo by FOREX-SIGNAL FORCAST,FOREX-SIGNAL FORCAST on twitter tweets Dele Alli Photo

Jesse lingard, Dele Alli, Marcus Rashford and this English press deceived them all to believe they’re something they’re not. Over pampered generation..

@George_Ambangil Bami Dele Alli 🔥🔥 nakumbuka alifikia kipindi akawa anashindanishwa na Ozil wa mzee Wenga.

About Dele Alli commentator has come out with so many years of poor form How can a player have 2 good seasons in his career and the 7/8 afterwards just be deemed as poor form and not him just being a bad footballer?.

@CUTISMO17 @CuriosidadesPRL Mas o Lingard sempre foi horroroso. Dele Alli sempre teve expectativas altas mas nunca jogou 1% do que se esperava..

@1dvnteduarte Si la posta que sí, no por como jugamos sino por la mala leche que tenemos y el hijo de puta de Dele Alli.

Meu Deus o Dele Alli é ruim demais, cemitério de jogadas, preguiçoso, se nasce o Brasil ia jogar só peladinha mesmo.

@TArsenalBulls7 @Everton Dele Alli has been massively overhyped. He was built up to a level that he wasn’t really at and what we’re seeing now is where he really is..

Da penita ver en lo que ha terminado Dele Alli, no creo ni que termine la temporada en Premier..

Dele Alli & Jesse Lingard have 70 England Caps between them & There’s Maddison with 1 😭😭😭.

@George_Ambangil Kaka unawajua wadada wa pale London hawana tofauti na wa Like Dele Alli ndio yaliyomkuta Jack Wilshere.

Spurs should not expect that Dele Alli payment anytime soon… #Football.

Dele Alli Photo,Dele Alli Photo by Don Shelby,Don Shelby on twitter tweets Dele Alli Photo

Bro dele alli’s fall from grace is getting worse it’s like his talent and ability was just sucked out of him..

@roodskins perhaps 16/17 esque dele alli at spurs style Colwill as a SS could be his best role, worth a go.

EURJPY ANALYSIS #MUNBHA Neymar Iwobi Unemployment Jake Paul #AlexJonesWasRight Jesse frank ocean Jota Gerrard Conte dele alli Isreal Tuchel Jenny.


@SkySportsPL Dele Alli is now one if the worst footballers ever he would struggle to get a game with Everton ladies! WTF has happened to him and how bad is lampards judgement on players to play him!.

@sicurrie He’s still learning his trade many fans have said but, for me we have a far to many week players Gordon is energetic but it’s not enough we need goal scorers, both Demari Gray and Dele Alli offer very little attack needs sorting..

Proper weird that considering McNeil was decent and dele alli was even better.

@George_Ambangil Tambo zilizidi, mpira ukapotea. Dele Alli wa miaka 2 nyuma, aliwahi kutajwa kuwa tegemeo la timu ya England, kwa ubora wake. Ila huyu hapana aisee. Kachuja mpaka kapauka!.

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