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Updated: November 28th, 2021 09:38 PM IST

父子家庭はじめました 第11話|渡辺電機(株) @w_Denki #note

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Denki I’m legit so proud of you, you’ve come so far and you accomplished your goal from episode 2. Keep up the great work

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Impressionado com essa luta, gostei muito. Amei a participação do Denki nessa luta, sua evolução, determinação e objetivos estão claros e honrados desde a academia ninja. Tsubaki, incrivelmente forte e tinha tudo para ganhar, mas infelizmente subestimou seu oponente. #BORUTO

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Eu nem culpo ela pensar isso pois o proprio Denki ja falou que ele não era páreo contra ela anteriormente. #BORUTO

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【マンガ】父子家庭はじめました 第11話 渡辺電機(株)さん@w_denkiが、子どもにお出かけをおねだりされ向かったのは都内のフクロウカフェでした。出費に悩みつつも、子どもの愛らしい素直な反応には逆らえずハジけてしまいます。親子の温かな日常が描かれた漫画作品です。

cuanto voy a durar diciendo q yo lo sabía mmmm lo mismo que ustedes duraron creyendo que era denki el traidor jsksjsks así q puedo estar aquí durante años gente

Making a tearful giggle, Denki leaned forward to steady the fruit on the coffee table. You asshole. Then lined up the slicer, and cut the apple. We really /do/ make a great team.

frère tout le monde le savait tout le monde l’avait compris mais bon at least denki is free from ua traitor allegations 🙏

@4thYoungMaster malaya na si Denki from sana. ayaw ko na ng KamiJirou angst 😍

@Athaikyuu2 @Izukmin o Denki não, eu choraria TANTO se fosse ele, defendo ele até se ele matar uma pessoa (acontece, todo mundo erra) 😭😭😭😭

I PRESENT YOU DENKI KAMINARI ALSO KNOWN AS THE STUN GUN HERO CHARGEBOLT🔥🔥 Real Name: Denki Kaminari Hero Name: Stun Gun Hero Chargebolt Anime: My Hero Academia Quirk: Electrification

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@shotagorou yeah then her and denki were the only ppl i cared abt its always a pattern it never leaves me

fuck hakagure or whatever her name is. denki is my real ua traitor. reject canon, embrace fanon! 😌

@sakusalvr Fr nezu, denki and aoyama were all there, they would have been so much better :/


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denki shouldnt have beaten those traitor allegations if this is what happened instead

Horikoshi, tenías el potencial de Denki villano/traidor, el de Tamaki desaparecido por trabajar con la Liga de Villanos, el de Nezu vendiendo a sus propios estudiantes, INCLUSO EL DE PRESENT MIC TRAICIONANDO AL PROPIO AIZAWA POR RECUPERAR A SU AMIGO Y me sales con Hagakure .-.

@paubakugf Así quedaron los que creyeron que denki era el traidor 🤡

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[MHA] I’m just sitting here like 🗿 but congrats Denki for finally beating the traitor allegations lmao

【5階 #柏たんちの携帯】 お家のでんき💡は月々いくら? もっとお安く!お家のでんき使いませんか💡? ビックカメラでSoftBankのおうちでんき受付中✨ お得なキャンペーンもやってます! おうちでんきの詳しい情報はこちら⬇️⬇️

@JregoryK yeah hagakure almost have no relevance to the story nor have strong connections w her classmates so denki wouldve been even better

@mariaaaan_ Ay yo igual también estaba medio segura de que era el denki pero quedamos 🤡🤡🤡

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podré ser bien mensa y medio idiota, pero jamás dude de Denki #mha335 #bnha335

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This is why I believe that eother aoyama or denki are traitors huhu

Nunca desconfíe de Denki, a él le brilla el cabello en la oscuridad, ¿Cómo desconfiar de un solecito?

@solokento yesss my top choice would have been denki or aoyama for the spice, although hagakure is probably the easiest because of her quirk its just so disappointing and underwhelming

@lesbianlxc would honestly prefer it was denki tbh like at least that would be interesting… hagakure has an ok quirk but she’s never been super relevant to the story and we know next to nothing about her so the “betrayal” doesn’t hit as hard

@blckwhips i already know some people are mad that the ua traitor isn’t denki or aoyama 😭

父子家庭はじめました 第11話|渡辺電機(株) @w_denki #note

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