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The CDC is expected to urge the public not to wear these because they have no defensive capabilities. #DENvsLAC

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Alan Cashman (TheCashmanWins.com)
Alan Cashman (TheCashmanWins.com) ()

Paul George saying the Clippers never felt like this season was win or bust is typical PG. Just talks. He makes teams softer. I’d trade him just based on his mentality. Get someone tough in there and not some poser. #DENvsLAC #PaulGeorge

Kawamasa ()

DENvsLACの後半観たけど、 LAC……って感じ…それ以外の感想が浮かばない。LAC………お疲れ様でした。

Bob Raptors
Bob Raptors ()

#Kwahi could have reached Legend status with the @Raptors did he stay: A Country behind him, assured of an NBA Final every year + Money. Just see what Raptors achieved without him this year. Instead he chose LA star status. Congrats to @Nuggets #DENvsLAC

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Valerie Maldonado 🇵🇷
Valerie Maldonado 🇵🇷 ()

Barely 5 hours of sleep. Have to go to work. But the slander in my TL gives me all the energy needed. But remember the second coming of MJ, Pandemic P and the Clippers blew a 3-1 lead to Skinny Jokic and the Nuggets. Good fucking morning! #DENvsLAC #GoSpursGo

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Bubble Jokic
Bubble Jokic ()

Paul George in a Denver Nuggets jersey cause that is what team he is playing for 😈😈😈😈 #DENvsLAC

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Sid ()

Remember the time when ESPN compared Kawhi - Playoff P duo to MJ - Pippen !! Good times #DENvsLAC #Clippers

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Tommaso Cannova
Tommaso Cannova ()

Leonard non è Lebron, non è un leader, non è un facilitatore. Con una squadra così segmentata e divisa non puoi vincere. #NBAPlayoffs #DENvsLAC

Sumon_Rabbi ()

Dame #trumptownhall Toronto Viva Mexico chenle #DENvsLAC Clips toby fox Despacito CONGRATS DREAM George Paul Cancun PG13 Tatum PG and Kawhi Joker Gulf Shores Kemba Patrick Beverly Megalovania mike malone

Raeworld (Rubén Alcaide)
Raeworld (Rubén Alcaide) ()

Yo vengo aquí a dejar esto q me llegó hace un par de semanas y me 🌋🌋🌋🌋 #NBAPlayoffs #DENvsLAC

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The Slabbing
The Slabbing ()

@JunetMohamed @ahmednasirlaw 4K streaming is all about this! Freedom 2 watch all sports, news, documentaries, movies, TVseries, for a 1-off payment! BUY it NOW KES 8,5K | 0723601554 Larry Madowo #DENvsLAC #NBATwitter Cardi B Offset Driver With A Degree Raila Junior Gareth Bale Karibu Jana William Ruto Apple

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Austin ()

Me seeing the @nuggets come back from being down 3-1 agains Kawhi Leonard’s Clippers. #NBAPlayoffs #DENvsLAC

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Krupa ()

There should never be a debate among Joel and KAT for the Best center in the league anymore. Nikola Jokić is clearly the winner. #DENvsLAC #NBAPlayoffs

Jason Smith
Jason Smith ()

Clippers can dress up all the excuses they want to. Bottom line - TO ALL OF THEM - they were up 3 games to 1. They had 15 point leads in each of the next two games and still lost. They had a 9 point lead in this game and blew it. #DENvsLAC

Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍🌈
Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍🌈 ()

The CDC is expected to urge the public not to wear these because they have no defensive capabilities. #DENvsLAC

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MIAvsLAL #NBAFinals #Titans (1-0)
MIAvsLAL #NBAFinals #Titans (1-0) ()

@LexBunny 12 more minutes for the good guys and they’re in the conference finals and the clippers are eliminated #DENvsLAC

Lance Medow
Lance Medow ()

also grabbed the defensive rebound after the block & hit all 4 of his FT attempts in the final 22 seconds of the wanted the ball & delivered but this also shows there are many different ways to contribute & impact a gm other than just scoring #DENvsLAC #NBAPlayoffs

F117Nighthawk ()

GREAT @nuggets win means we celebrate the best way! On to Game 6 🙌🏼 #MileHighBasketball #DENvsLAC

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Charles Joston
Charles Joston ()

When Charles Barkley “guarantees” anything. Aight bet. #DENvsLAC #Clippers

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LoverOfPersona 💛 #KHive Is Our VP
LoverOfPersona 💛 #KHive Is Our VP ()

Look at how the lakers handled this exact situation yesterday vs how the clippers did and tell me their undeniably better than the wish a muthafucker would #DENvsLAC

Nate Frick
Nate Frick ()

Honestly I’ve just come to expect this from the @nuggets at this point. Resilience! #DENvsLAC

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Glizzander Holyfield
Glizzander Holyfield ()

At one point, with a little over 13 minutes left, the Clippers had a chance of winning this game #DENvsLAC

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//PK\ ()

I Dont care what people think of Reggie Miller announcing; but I honestly enjoy listening to him #DENvsLAC @NBAonTNT

Eddie Brown
Eddie Brown ()

Clips are breaking them off but I swear the clips are a professional prison ball squad manneeeee. The league scared of they talk too much and they got a angry bird that loves to pick fights smh lol. Now they have help with two better win it all 🤦🏾‍♂️😂#DENvsLAC

tommy J🙄🌎☄️💕
Tommy J🙄🌎☄️💕 ()

Nuggets fans watchin their last half of the #DENvsLAC

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Sportsvent ()

The Clippers is up 56-44 at halftime. ⚪️Leonard: 14PTS 4REB 3AST ⚪️George: 13PTS 4REB 4AST 🔵Murray: 15PTS 3REB 1AST 🔵Jokic: 9PTS 5REB 1AST #DENvsLAC

Robert Craft
Robert Craft ()

The way Marcus is playing, he’s going to get into it with his brother lol #DENvsLAC

K e n c h #BLM
K e n c h #BLM ()

DENvsLAC G5、モリスの肘がミルサップの頭部へ、フラグラントのレビューがなかったのはナゾ

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Scatman ()

There has to be consequences you can just get a tech every game and get away with it #DENvsLAC

Shauntae ()

Kevin Harlan when Nuggets score. Basket for Denver When the Clippers score OMG did you see that #DENvsLAC

Martin Cheng
Martin Cheng ()


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