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TJayのNXD、NXDTへの熱い気持ちが聞けました。Nexus Derbyのリリースは遅れますが、成功させるための強力なメンバーを揃えました。FEEDのローンチパッドをBitgetで開催。アンバサダーには青汁王子こと、三崎優太さんが就任。TokyoMongzHillsClubとのコラボレーション。今後の展開が楽しみすぎる。.

🗣️ It just seems to be the team that I can put a few goals away! Caitlin Foord 🤝 the north London derby!.

ASM Rugby
ASM Rugby

ᴜɴ ᴅᴇʀʙʏ ᴇᴛ çᴀ ʀᴇᴘᴀʀᴛ ! 🟡🔵 Efficaces en défense et appliqués dans les zones de marque, les Clermontois n’ont pas laissé la moindre chance aux Corréziens plus que jamais menacés. ✍️ Le compte rendu ⤵️.

Derby Photo,Derby Photo by ASM Rugby,ASM Rugby on twitter tweets Derby Photo

📺 PŘED DERBY | Rivalita, emoce a boj, který v nás probouzí to nejlepší. Podívejte se, co pro sparťanky znamená utkání proti Slavii ⚔️ #acsparta ➡️ 🎟️.

Dunfermline avenge their only league loss this season by winning 3-1 at Montrose. A double for Craig Wighton. 11 points clear at the top and a local derby next week as Kelty Hearts come to town.

Derby Photo,Derby Photo by Fife Football,Fife Football on twitter tweets Derby Photo

Here’s your plans for the Unrequited Derby tonight: If you’re in Nashville the @inclinecincy is meeting at Smokin’ Thighs starting at 2pm CT and marching at 5:45pm CT! If you’re in Cincy we will be watching at @MollysCovington with scarves for purchase and pickup! #AllForCincy.


Duas curiosidades no estilo sai zica sobre nosso próximo jogo: - Será nossa segunda ida de final em Barueri; a outra foi o 2x0 Coritiba na CB12 - Será nossa 12ª partida lá contra um clube paulista; até hoje estamos invictos (7V incluindo um Derby/4E incluindo um Choque-Rei)..

@brfootball lol 😂.. The North London Derby is just a battle of the mids .. unless one can post a picture holding the champions league trophy, North London will forever remain colorless in my books ...

Derby Photo,Derby Photo by Kabbi ™,Kabbi ™ on twitter tweets Derby Photo

@ArmitageAndi I am increasingly of the belief that local councillors should have zero involvement in active travel plans in any way and it should be left to the engineers and professionals who far understand the benefits rather than Barry from West Derby who wants to drive fast to McDonalds..

5-2 v Burton ✅ 3-0 v Lincoln ✅ 2-0 v Derby ✅ Since losing 3-0 to Cheltenham, Peterborough have won three games in a row. 💪 They’ve actually won nine of their last 14 league games and they’re now just one point off the play-off places. 👀 #PUFC #EFL.

Derby Photo,Derby Photo by Not The Top 20 Pod,Not The Top 20 Pod on twitter tweets Derby Photo

Brilliant !! The son of the legend that is Mind Your Biscuits takes the UAE Derby! So pleased for @horsesummers.

para quem quiser já um pequeno aquecimento para o derby de amanhã, El Clásico da Liga F @FCBfemeni 🆚 @realmadridfem.

@R_J_M_11 @dcfcofficial Need a lot of that when supporting Derby, stuff of nightmares..

Op #NonLeagueDay won @Angerlovooruit - overtuigend de derby tegen @SC_DOESBURG met 4-1. Bij de 2-1 van Doesburg sloeg de vlam ff in de pan, maar bij de 3-1, werd het weer een gezapig potje..

Derby Photo,Derby Photo by GroundhopperDTC,GroundhopperDTC on twitter tweets Derby Photo

Meu pai sempre ficava put0 quando tinha derby e o marcelinho carioca iria pra cobrança de uma falta.

@SPNnation74 I love watching Japan racing, won’t be surprised if they get a Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup winner this year or next year, Northern Farm a huge breeder in Japan and Arrow Stud Farm in Japan where Chrome is standing they are my favorite farms in Japan.

Best thing about today was giving the mascot rabbit some stick before the game. Worst thing about today was watching said rabbit wave his fucking carrots around when they scored 🤣🤣 Derby doing a Derby, never change ! #dcfc #dcfcfans.

I can cry on command but only if I think about Fiona the Hippo or Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby.

3 liga angielska, Peterborough - Derby 2-0, niezły mecz i bardzo fajny zamiennik dla elitarnych rozgrywek. Teraz zobaczymy jak Turcy poradzą sobie w Erewaniu..

凱旋門賞もこれくらい日本馬が出走すれば勝てるんだろうなー いや、ウシュバテソーロは強かったけど.

@jeffbyrnes96 @SPNnation74 Hopefully we get a couple of them. Todays LA Derby day. Sneaky good races.

@MarcIles Looked like Derby and Barnsley were way ahead of us a few weeks ago. The fact that Derby have played their games in hand and are still below us is pretty incredible.

It’s Pinewood Derby Day for Cub Scout Pack 425. Andrew’s car is primed!.

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Dieptriest dat een duel tussen DOVO en GVVV niet eens normaal kan gaan. Kan je ein-de-lijk als Veenendaal laten zien hoe mooi de derby kan zijn, verpesten een paar hersenloze het voor de rest..


@dcfcofficial Absolutely embarrassing fuck off Derby ruin my weekend 9 times out of 10. 🤌🏻🤌🏻.

Excellent second half resurgence from Posh. Credit Fergie for the tactical change. One point off the play-offs, things just got a whole lot more uncomfortable for Derby and Bolton #pufc.

@GabSutton @EFL Watched Peterborough beat Derby on the TV, the Rams have lost all their momentum..

Table 10 in The Standing Order Derby , 3 of us don’t leave anyone out 😋 do your damage my friends 🤣👏🏻.

@Roberta07love Per me è stata solo una gran confusione: tanti rischi, molti errori, un incidente abbastanza pesante, classifica a eliminazione più che altro; ovviamente rispetto la tua opinione, ma bisogna far tornare avvincenti le gare vere ( meno aerodinamica) non fare un demolition derby.

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