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Trump is literally BEGGING DeSantis for his support. Trump is looking super weak and feckless. Then no one shows up for his BIG PROTEST..

I am told by my Republican friends that Trump is gone and I’m obviously obsessed if I pay any attention to him. They also tell me that if I criticize Ron DeSantis, I’m only helping to re-elect Trump..

Re: Trump vs DeSantis You’re all a bunch of idiots for allowing the left to divide you, for investing so much emotion, and for crying in public and showing your hand. *drops mic *send tweet.

@ScottMGreer What are your ideal political outcomes lol? Trump or DeSantis you get the same results..

@johncardillo Trump is now on TS accusing DeSantis of sleeping with A MAN. I guess they have someone ready to come out and accuse him of sexual assault and then there are those 19yr olds that were at a party that he was is going nuclear..

@MarinaMedvin Trump won a large portion of Obama voters. DeSantis - or any establishment Republcian - is not going to get crowd..

Really? This is a state issue, correct? If Trump is in Florida, doesn’t DeSantis have to approve Trump being extradited out of his state on these ridiculous charges? Can’t he make them prove the legitimacy to extradite one of his citizens? Especially a former President?.

@krassenstein DeSantis is right. How much you and your brother getting paid to post comments all day?.

I made this video this morning and sadly, what DeSantis did as FL Governor in response to Trumps indictment is even worse than I imagined. I hope more people are waking up to who Ron really is. A swamp backed pacifier for maga folk who don’t take time to do any real research!.

@emeriticus @MysteryGrove No one except extreme insiders know what you’re referencing. Everyone can see that you and the deSantis grifter gang are the only ones engaging in 24/7 attacks.

@robsmithonline What is ISN’T talking about today is notable; his former hero’s accusing his new hero of tiptoeing thru the tulips. Imagine if @robsmithonline had the balls to call out the GOP’s homophobia? Or an ounce of foresight to know that DeSantis is obviously coming for gay folks too? 2/2.

@ktniles61 DeSantis is a rhino in his heart, not a warrior. May as well elect a democrat as elect him..

@PapiTrumpo We must unite! DeSantis denouced Bragg and Soros called it a manufactured Trump 2024 DeSantis 2028.

@SteveDeaceShow Pretty sorry we’re now expecting every politician who wants any chance at a Republican nomination to bend over and make comments about all of Trump’s woes. DeSantis has nothing to do with any of it, and can’t stop it from happening. Extradition isn’t at play if you turn yself in..

@TheAtlantic Beautiful piece on Zelensky’s response to DeSantis! Let’s help keep Ukraine a free democracy & we need not fight Russia & Chia who seek to conquer & divide Asia. Our freedom will depend upon freedom for Ukraine!.

@DC_Draino I have never trusted ivy league schooled #DeSantis. Probably Skull & Bones..

@BCPTexas @KurtSchlichter That’s odd coach , we all train differently , some do fartlek’s and some to hill training. You are a dedicated conservative you’ll vote for Trump if he is the nominee, as I will for Desantis if he nuts up and beats Trump..

@jp262 With this double talk by DeSantis, he just put himself between the Devil & the deep blue sea. The miscalculating fool..

@AllaPoedie @POTUS 100% d’accord! Et ce serait une très mauvaise nouvelle pour la Putin du Kremlin, même si DeSantis est également une raclure de taupe russe..

Glad to know that DeSantis doesn’t think that the transformation of the Jeffersonian Republic into a Stalinist dictatorship is something that most Americans, especially GOP primary voters, care about.

@AdamKinzinger Yes, the question is when will DeSantis recognize that his embrace of trumpism as a political strategy will ultimately lead him to the same level of weirdness and creepiness?.

@mitchellvii Trump did not call DeSantis a pedophile or gay. Recommend you learn how to read..

@CNNPolitics No he didn’t DeSantis is a Deep State snake a Lincoln Project Op. He will easily let a citizen of his state be railroaded by a rogue prosecutor from another state. He is corrupt to the bone brought and paid for by the Global Order..

@BrianHJacobson @EricTrump A zinger I’d like to hear from DeSantis at the debates is “I’m offering voters a choice: do you want to stand with winning and making America great again, or do you want to stand with Trump?”.

@BWiseVoteTrump @IRAtheGhostARI I think that having an unstoppable duo in the White House would be worth the sacrifice the state of Florida could make. If Trump found (and promoted) one DeSantis he can find another..

@MattWalshBlog Authoritarian bozo is mad that Desantis is following indisputable US law.

@realTuckFrumper Trouble is there are plenty of others in power that they can switch their allegiance DeSantis who is truly evil..

@Lawrence @atrupar DeSantis: “Look,I don’t know what goes into paying shady spook flight operations to lie to and kidnap immigrants and fly them to blue states.”.

@Breaking911 Trump Just Casually Suggested Ron DeSantis Is a Closeted Gay and that is why he hate gays and Social Media is Going INSANE.

DeSantis Photo,DeSantis Photo by emelson salazar,emelson salazar on twitter tweets DeSantis Photo

@ruralnewton @JesseKellyDC One thing that hasn’t changed is DeSantis. Jeb and Paul Ryan backed neocon who’s apparently duped a lot of people.

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