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Desiigner calls out EST Gee after being told EST Gee’s feature price is $75K‼️.

WATCH: Desiigner blasts EST Gee while on a toilet, calls him hot garbage and accuses Gee of charging him $75,000 for a feature.

Desiigner mad he got charged for a verse like niggas were excited to hear him on a song. That gimmick died years ago brother.

Wtf was Desiigner even gonna say on a song with EST Gee anyway ? 😭😭 Gee would’ve out rapped him on his own shit.

Ay that sounds fairly cheap since I doubt Desiigner can do swaps at this stage in his career..


do y’all remember when you fucking idiots thought desiigner would replace future lol.

EST Gee The Hardest (New) Rapper Out Right Now. And Desiigner Clearly Reached Out TO GEE TEAM Cuz He Wanted The Feature Lmao. 🧂🧂🧂🧂.

So Gee trash but Desiigner wanted a feature? Am I reading/hearing this right?.

If Desiigner ain’t got the bread for the feature he should just say that.

Clearly Desiigner has never heard his own self rap 😭😭😭.

I ain’t forget y’all really let Desiigner think he had one with that that trash ass Timmy turner song.

Desiigner know EST Gee ain’t trash he just didn’t have that 70k 😂😂😂😂😂.

Desiigner calling EST Gee trash is wild cuz when was the last time Desiinger was relevant outside of today??.

Desiigner ain’t been listenin to the music I see. Hate to see it.

riddle me this, when was the last time someone said “yo turn on that new desiigner” 🤔.

I know this two hit wonder desiigner ain’t say he better than Est Gee😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️.

Desiigner by no means is broke so y’all need to stop that shit 🤣 but being mad about somebody feature price is wild that’s their price. Your options are renegotiate, don’t pay, find another artist, or write another verse! This was pointless!.

desiigner? i had forgot all about him 😂😂😂😂 panda panda panda panda 😂😂😂.

desiigner had the biggest fall off might be worst than da baby.

@ConTheDonnn Algorithm is crazy but that’s hilarious I’d charge him 75k too if I’m est gee😭🤣 desiigner calling anyone trash is hilarious.

Mr Desiigner are you fully aware of the extent to which niggas love EST GEE.

However you feel about the $75K asking price, one thing is for sure is that EST Gee is NOT trash. I like Desiigner but he bugging for disrespecting him like that..

Desiigner calling EST Gee garbage after finding out his feature cost is insanity 😂.

@LifeOfDesiigner would never be ass big as @ESTGEE. Dead ass tho EST has better discography then desiigner this nigga only got two album desiigner has no music to really compare. This nigga EST is the hottest in the game rn if you don’t got the money don’t ask for a feature..

@StillThaGawd Lmao not sure what other songs I know besides Panda and Timmy Turner from this Nigga Desiigner so he need to relax alil.

Lmaoooooo EST Gee gon clap this Nigga @LifeOfDesiigner 😂😂😂😂 $75k is about right for how hot EST Gee is right now. Desiigner is just bitter (maybe rightfully so) And why is the second “i” in your name? I always wondered that..

Desiigner Photo,Desiigner Photo by DuffJuice,DuffJuice on twitter tweets Desiigner Photo

New York artist Desiigner calls CMG rapper EST Gee trash after he tried to charge him $75 for a feature. Desiigner also banned EST Gee from working with any other New York artists..

Desiigner Photo,Desiigner Photo by StreetsSaluteHipHop,StreetsSaluteHipHop on twitter tweets Desiigner Photo

This reeks of desperation. This the most I’ve heard of desiigner in a grip. You easily coulda kept that shit pushing..

Now desiigner know damn wellll😂😂😂😂😂Panda panda panda ain een poppin no mo EST is up😭.

#Desiigner Calls #EstGee Trash After He Tried To Charge Him $75k For A Feature 💭 thoughts.

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