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Detroit has traded Jerami Grant to Portland for 2025 first-round pick via Milwaukee, sources tell ESPN..

Tremendous coup for Detroit GM Troy Weaver to land two of his top targets in this draft: Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren -- with the cost of only a future first-round pick..

The 2025 first-round pick via Milwaukee is protected Nos. 1-4, sources said. Detroit sends Grant into a $21M trade exception, and Pistons now have $43 million in salary cap space for free agency..

ESPN story on Portland acquiring Detroit F Jerami Grant on the eve of the NBA Draft:.

Updated mock draft in the wake of the Portland/Detroit trade, with movement in both the first and second round..

Ivey - 20 Cade - 20 Bey - 23 3&D - whatever Duren - 18 Bagley, Diallo, Hayes, Stewart. That is an unbelievably multifaceted young squad. Playmaking, defense, transition game, elite athleticism, feel, (some) shooting. Detroit is really cool..

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Sorry, typo on my end, Jaden’s dad is from Detroit and they gave him his country day jersey..

Up early this morning 😴 🥱to continue my interrupted journey to #Boston. Thank you to @delta for eventually squeezing me onto one of their early morning flights from #Detroit..

📸 | Médina de TANGER 🇲🇦, la capitale du détroit en 4 photos..

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today is the day the Detroit Pistons form the best young guard duo in the national basketball association.


1er jour de la summer league, 2 matchs au programme : Houston - Orlando Portland - Détroit 🤯.

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【#02】今日は落ちないでくれPCくん…【Detroit:Become Human】 @YouTubeより こちら22:00からです🥲*°.

@WhoTrynaSuck @DetroitsLegacy And Detroit is still more relevant than Sacramento wtf does tht tell u “Kenneth” 💀💀.

The year is 2025. You tune into the Wealthsimple Stanley Cup Final to watch the LA Kings take on the Detroit Red Wings. The only commercials are for seven different sports gambling sites, two different crypto brokers, Tim Hortons and the Conservative Party. Life sucks..

エペもしたいしDetroit become humanもしたいしモンハンもしたいけど、それよりやった方がいいことの方が沢山あるぅぅうう.

Detroit needs this man for the culture.

65 years ago today, Jimmy Bryan won the 1957 Detroit 100 @ Michigan State Fairgrounds. Photo not from the race..

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#しならじ 1:53〜好きな物を話す時間 Detroitと京極さんが画面に出たまま、Detroitの話をしている ふぁいとさん「主人公誰だろう」 ルースンさん「真ん中かな」 USB「全員主人公!!!」 ふぁいとさん「へぇー! wwww京極夏彦さんがwww4人目の主人公みたいな配置にwww」 USB「はーーーーーwwwww」.

Friends, colleagues, creatives & strangers: The Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship has a new Twitter page @DETArtsToday. It has updates on Detroit arts, culture, history & opportunities for funding and promos about events and people in the arts. Please follow us there!.

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I LOVE what the Detroit Pistons did in the 2022 NBA Draft! via @YouTube.

Detroit Pistons introduce Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren at Rouge Park: Live updates at 3.

We now have 6” Detroit style personal pizzas at both locations!.

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Ok but how y’all got that Detroit Shock jersey? I want a @SwinCash one 🤔.

@Detroit_Stan14 underrated asset, can use it in a trade or keep it, troy is very good at drafting outside the lottery.

Pistons to Pursue Ayton: Detroit is ‘heavily expected’ to go after the star big man when free agency begins next Thursday (The Athletic).

Love Himself waits for us in the Eucharist - Detroit Catholic.

@DETBadger @DetroitsLegacy I agree but I would much rather live in Sacramento than have to be stuck in a shit-hole like Detroit.

@NHL_Watcher If Detroit gets Kadri and Nichushkin, that speeds up the process there big time. Stevie Y, wouldn’t put it past him.

@kaylasview Except of Ivey doesn’t go at 4, he WILL go at 5. He wants to go to Indy or Detroit and Detroit is one of the two teams he had a workout with, they will take him. Indy takes Mathurin in that scenario and that’s okay too, even though everyone wants Ivey..

@TreshJason Simons taller and shot considerably better from 3 on almost 3mote 3PA per game. I take him over the young bull.

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