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Diana Ross wished herself a happy bday in front of a national audience. Diana Ross bday is March 26th. We Stan..

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Diana Ross Celebrates Her 75th Birthday at the Grammys With Family and a Joyful Performance - E! News.

The Grammys gave Diana Ross 6 minutes of airtime to wish herself a happy birthday last night. 44 days before her birthday..

I agree there should be music by Diana Ross everywhere . Just freaking because ..

@dennisdiclaudio And the thing is it would be so easy to do Diana Ross without darkening your you want to dress up as AA artists it’s so easy to do an homage w/out being offensive. 🤪.

deeply moved by this @guardian story about how one plucky little Worlds Largest Company overcame the odds to sell a retail product to Diana Ross.

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Dolly Parton y Miley Cyrus unieron sus voces pero rendir tributo a Diana Ross en los Grammys 2019.

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Y’all. Diana Ross’s family is SO precious cheering on her grandson. Got their phones out recording like this ain’t gonna be on national tv and online for forever. Then he said “my grandmommy” 😩😭 ps Diana is a queen y’all. 75?!?.

Diana Ross headlining her own Grammys tribute performance & turning it into a birthday party for herself a month & a half in advance of her real birthday is the kind of self-love I’m gonna choose to practice in 2019..

@THR Excuse me but there are Motown legends that are still alive who could have done a WAY better job then stevie wonder, gladys knight, diana ross (who was in the audience), boys to men. The list goes made that decision should be ashamed!.

WORLD NEWS revealed: Diana Ross film to be released with never before seen footage - watch trailer.

The fact that Diana Ross’ and the founder of Motown’s (Berry Gordon)’s daughter wasn’t here for JLO’s Motown tribute is really tickling me 🤣.

mano do céu a Diana Ross ainda ta viva Pqp muito dinossauro ela.

Diana Ross wows in Grammys performance.

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There’s something missing from this clip of Diana Ross performing, but we can’t quite put our finger on it..

Diana Ross 😍 Shit, she looks younger than me & im half her age. Wtf? Meh. I’m okaywith it. #GRAMMYs.

Cardi B now has more Grammy wins in competitive categories than Diana Ross. That seems wrong. #Grammys.

Diana Ross doing a tribute to herself at the Grammys and wishing herself happy birthday 5 weeks in advance is something I’ll be reminding you all of very regularly..

Para todas as divas do take notes bitches!!!! Ms Diana Ross!!! Ca Ra Lho!!! #GRAMMYs esse ano se superando!.

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For someone that has known who Diana Ross was since the begining, this is all she was allowed to sing??? Hello!!.

Diana Rossの歌聴いてると泣けてくる😢まだ歌えるのが凄いよな〜 あ、わたくしただのR&B好きですw.

@DesireAnne_ Oh wait sorry thought you were talking about Diana Ross omg blonde moment haha. Thank you so much!! 😍😍😍😭😭😭😭❌❌❌❌❌⭕️❤️😹.

diana ross estaba diciendo happy birthday to me, hoseok también se felicitó a si mismo en la alfombra roja, diana ross admira a hoseok, a legend.

Diana Ross wished herself a happy bday in front of a national audience. Diana Ross bday is March 26th. We Stan..

Top 2 quotes of #GRAMMYs belong to Diana Ross: “Keep your hands up, don’t get lazy!” And “Happy Birthday to MEEEE!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Diana Ross not only has undeniable star power, but this woman could take a damn photo. #GRAMMYs.

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